The New World

by Monsoon117

Original Adventure Mystery Grimdark LitRPG Magic Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Daniel Hillside lived in his average town with an average life. Some days were worse than others, but one thing every day had was boredom. No thrill, no excitement, no fear, each day just coasted by. That is until the Schema initialized. Status screens turned life into a game. Hordes of monsters turned it into a nightmare.

Most everyone goes through a tutorial to show them the changes. Most everyone besides Daniel. He was spelunking with his friend Michael. Now he's trapped in the BloodHollow Caves where bats crunch through stone like burnt paper. A fresh new hell had started. Instead of hiding from it, Daniel embraced his new life. 

In his eyes, you fear the monsters or become what the monsters fear.

Inspired by Legend of Randidly Ghosthound. It's an awesome read, and you should definitley check it out.

Schedule: 15,000 words(50 pages) a week, or five chapters. Working towards a daily schedule though.

Artwork by Emerson Tung. I got his permission to use the image.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 The New World ago
2 One Lone Creature ago
3 Hitting My Stride ago
4 Break Them ago
5 Becoming a Bat Murderer ago
6 Baldag-Ruhl, of Many ago
7 The Sentinel of Monolith ago
8 Living Mana ago
9 Schema ago
10 The Lord of Worms ago
11 Tears in Time ago
12 Forged in Ebon ago
13 Spoils of War ago
14 Deceit ago
15 The Might of Magic ago
16 Torix Worm, of Darkhill ago
17 Eater of Monsters ago
18 Evolution of Armor ago
19 Althea ago
20 Dungeon Delver ago
21 Rise ago
22 Etorhma, Eater of Worlds ago
23 Finding the Formula ago
24 Fighting the Unknown ago
25 Kessiah Crow ago
26 A Boundless Storm ago
27 The Old and the New ago
28 How Far I've Come ago
29 A Pound of Flesh ago
30 Taking Off the Shackles ago
31 Runic Warrior ago
32 Plans May Crumble ago
33 Infestation ago
34 Beneath Your Skin ago
35 Letting Go ago
36 Manifestation ago
37 War of Worlds ago
38 Overseer ago
39 The Steel Legion ago
40 Yawm's Domain ago
41 Closing the Gap ago
The Story So Far: First Edition ago
42 A leap of Faith ago
43 The Rest of Humanity ago
44 The Might of a Follower ago
45 Adaptation ago
46 Fighting Evil ago
47 Gaining Tools ago
48 Unleashed ago
49 Reaping Rewards ago
50 Pieces of the Puzzle ago
51 Monsters of the Deep ago
52 True Intentions ago
53 Making Progress ago
54 How to End a Legend ago
55 The Might of Progress ago
56 Guardians of Yawm ago
57 Mountains of Madness ago
58 What You Believe ago
59 Creation ago
60 Blood Arts ago
61 Final Frontier ago
62 Not Alone ago
63 Makings of a Class ago
64 Final Call to Action ago
65 Preparation ago
66 Teaching the Master ago
67 Those Left ago
68 Tasting Deception ago
69 Chaos ago
70 Order ago
71 Another World ago
72 Last Night ago
73 What Lies Beyond ago
74 Corrupted Ruin ago
75 Who Goes There ago
76 To Make Clean ago
77 Groundwork ago
78 Not As It Seems ago
79 Might ago
80 What Follows ago
81 Rift Keeper ago
82 An Overseer's Insight ago
83 Clash ago
84 Finalizing Details ago
85 Grimoire ago
86 The Final Piece ago
87 Escape ago
88 Hide and Seek ago
89 An Unexpected Trap ago
90 The Coming Tide ago
91 The Final Rift ago
92 Dimensional Cipher ago
93 Hectic ago
94 In the Flesh(Part 1) ago
94 In the Flesh(part 2) ago
95 Atlas Dropped the Sky ago

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  • Overall Score

Similar, but sufficient different and very addictive to read.

The author does do not hide fact that Randidy Ghosthound inspired this stories, but he makes another approach to the challenges and mc character and skill development. That is why the story despite the similarities, I read with pleasure. Therefore, I believe that the harm is to ignore this story because it uses a similar idea, and according to this line of thinking most fantasy after Tolkien is useless because of similarity.  Just the fact itself, that mc here is more specialised build than randidly because in this world hard to have universal skills and stats. And I really like the aspect that protagonist by his skill and determination is more and more like a monster from human point od view. I have great hopes that author can balance possibly loss of typical humanity with sensible grey morality, but time will show. 

Just the fact itself, that mc here is more specialised build than Randidly because in this world hard to have universal skills and stats. And I really like the aspect that protagonist by his skill and determination is more and more like a monster. I have great hopes that author can balance the possibly loss of typical humanity with sensible grey morality, but this time will show. 

I write a more review as will be more chapters, but now I can say that I can't wait, this beginning I read with pleasure. The main protagonist so far does not disappoint. And 8 chapter caused adding the last two fragment of this review because ending half shows that this story has so much more potential with mc and another humans interactions.


Chapter 11 and  12 give us answers why and how mc survive,  very good plot twist.  If every time new chapter become that good or even better I never end writing this review. I really want to wait for more chapters before I add more my opinion, but is hard to resist when this story turns out better than I expected.

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If you are a fan of LitRPG, its a must-read!

Great stuff, some similarity to Randidly Ghosthound, but its mostly just the system "perks", and character is spawed into a dungeon instead of tutorial zone.

The MC is well fleshed out,pretty badass, keeps it real, swears like an drunk sailor when situation goes though, but mainly, unlike most of RR stories, the MC feels desparation, fear, and sometimes doesnt know what to do in certain situation. This is what I really enjoy about the story, MC feels like he could be a real person who was just transported from Earth to some random world, I am absolutely sick of  when in some stories MC's imeadiately addapt, talk and act in the normative way of a society on another world in which they have been for few days only.

Story is good, follows the right path at the right pace, enviroments and conditions change often enough to keep you interested, plus some plot twists (not all that difficult to predict, but at least you may predict it few paragraphs before, not like some stories where you can tell whats gonna happen 3 chapters ahead).

Writing is colourful and describtive, while not overly so, preventing the story from being pain to read, because author wants to describe every crack in the wall, so big plus points for that. Some minor gramatical mistakes, but nothing that would ruin your reading experience, I am just a bit of Grammar Nazi. Can be easily fixed if author gets an editor or PR.

Over all, really good story, definetely on the pincale of LitRPG and i am sure after few more chapters, the story will be somewhere on the first page of top ranking stories of RR.


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Started with a bang, but peters out to a fizzle

First off, I absolutely loved the premise - apocalypse occurs, and dungeons are born, with characters struggling to survive. Sure, it's been done before, but what matters is not the premise, but the execution. However, what stops me from giving this a full 10/10 is the fact the MC seems to be about the only character that matters and there's a lack of world building. Let's take the world for one. Sure, cataclysm occurs. Dungeons spawn, people get superpowers. And what happens next to the World? Nobody cares. As a matter of fact, the MC casually parties with a coupla folks, gets out and says "Heyy, I'm from yo town too, let's hang out and chill, mmkay?". Just imagine. There are monsters and tentacled horrors going about and our MC suddenly loses his humanity, sense of empathy and literally goes "Must get stronk!". 

Alright. moving onto the characters. For most of the story (at least around chapter 35 or so), the MC seems to have the emotive range of a doorknob and whatever determination he possesses in one internal monologue seems to all but vanish in the next. We're given a narrative deus ex machina in an initial chapter on why he found power in his hands, but the fact that he casually meets with walking armageddons who somehow end up looking at him favorably is just jarring. Let's face it, say you're a world-ending horror that literally enslaves and makes other creatures go insane by your very existence, then if an ant were to cross your road you'd be all like "step, step step, squish ant casually". Instead all such entities seem to support the MC for some reason that's not explained very clearly. And despite the utter zeal with which the MC is trying to become strong, all that the readers can see is the MC being subtly manipulated by all the teacher like characters around him. We see a chapter where the MC is pretty angry at this fact, but it seems to vanish the next moment and only to have all the elder like figures make a show of authority to the MC. 

The author had earlier mentioned about how a certain other character kept shitting on the MC of another novel, but honestly, I see the MC's character traits regressing slowly here as well. What's unexplained is how the protagonist suddenly rediscovers his humanity and sense of empathy the moment he loses his childhood friends. It felt forced and arbitrary. I feel it might have been better to simply say he was devoid of his human emotions and evolved etc, as it flows better with the plot. 

Of course, all this isn't to just shit on this novel. I like this novel and want the author to at least retroactively address some of the plot holes. I liked the leveling system, but characters acting much younger than their ages is off putting and the MC having no real motive of his own and instead of following his Master like an obedient slave is not the most inviting of settings. I mean, it doesn't matter if the MC is powerful or not, but whether he can truly carve a path of his own. The reason he's called the "Main Character" is for a reason. However, the overall ambience of a war against eldritch entities with a perk based leveling system is done very well and I can't praise the author enough for that. There is also an attempt at humanizing the antagonist and painting the World in shades of grey instead of a black and white and this is spectacular for a novel. Thanks for the work, author!

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I'm not going to lie, I thought it would be bad and I was only reading it because I was bored,(Avoiding work) yet suprisingly it's pretty damn entertaining and god do I want more.


Long story short, give me more- I mean it's a really good read and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone as despite what the author says, it's a typical apocalypse litRPG which has actually been fleshed out and has amazing potential.

It'l likely be one of those stories I read keep on reading even if I don't enjoy it just because the already so developed I will not want to forget them - cutting myself off before I write an essay, read it.

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I check for new chaps daily!

i love this story to the point where I check for new chaps daily!

although I will probably forget I even wrote this review...

so if the story turns for the worse or something it's not my fault... maybe....

As of chapter 9 though I recommend you read it...

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This story, I had high expectations for. 

It surpassed every expectation miles ahead, it is inspired by Randidy ghosthound... Kinda he thinks out things in terms of stats, realism and over all he just delivers it far better than the author of Randidy Ghosthound. Literally the only thing I can think of that is like that story is the fact that he gets trapped in a dungeon ( which he again delivers that 100x better ) and the paths.

Which he once again delivers even better. AND HES ONLY AT CHAPTER 12. I cannot even imagine how amazing this story will be when he reaches chapter 100, I mean I've caught up on that other story and this review isn't meant to bash the author of the other book, this book is just such a huge surprise to me, it's unique, the main character has actual development and doesn't just go ah I kill you oh well time to move on.

No. he struggles, and doesn't have bs plot armor, everything so far has made sense. This is one of those novels that delivers an overpowered protagonist well. It's genius.

And the authors a really nice guy who you can tell devotes all his time to his readers and his book, anytime I would tell him about some mistakes in his book or have some critism he'd fix it within 1 minute of when I said it, literally I'd just refresh the page and boom it's fixed. It's insane to me that someone can be this talented and this devoted.

Please if you haven't read it, give it a try, it deserves it.

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  • Character Score

Great Potential with a few issues.

Spoiler-Free Review  (as of ch. 22): 

The story takes alot of inspiration from Legend of Randidly Ghosthound (almsot identical initally), but diverges with its own unique elements soon enough. The system itself (backstory and mechanics), are all interesting and more fleshed out than most other apocalypse LitRPG stories on this site.

On the writing itself, the style is both enjoyable and easy to read. The fight scenes are emotive, and character interactions flow well. There is no real story as of yet, but the worldbuilding is good enough so far to lay a solid foundation. No issues with the grammar.

Overall score rated on how much I personally enjoy the story.

Some issues:

At the moment, levels seem to matter less in this story due to how strong the protagonist is. On the other hand, levels are seen to go very, very high.

The protagonist's character is fleshed out, but actually seems to regress (slightly) as more chapters come out. This may end up being a plot point, but minus stars for becoming kind of one dimensional. This is compounded by the fact that the protagonist's motivations are lacking and he does not seem to have any goal in mind beyond getting stronger for the sake of getting stronger. Hopefully this will solve itself when the plot moves along.

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  • Character Score

don't bother reading this, it terrible.... it's crap compared to  "Randidly Ghosthound"

Character: the character's not so bad.... mostly, but the way the writer just kept up handing out free power ups to Daniel killed the story.

The System: the writer made a mockery of The System, the character's no-where near balanced... the mana, stamina, and health regen make no sense, especially when the main character's at such a  low level, Daniel has a bullshit amount of resistance against the mobs, the character might as well been hacking..... 

The Character lacks a heart.... especially against peaceful creatures... eg the golem.  

Finally no level 12- 17 character should be able to beat a level 70 mob in a dungeon with crappy gear.... no little to no experience in hunting that specific mob.



  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story really warms up around chapter 4-5. I'm reviewing this at chapter 11, and I gotta say I'm pumped for the next chapter. The story uses some of the concepts in Randidly Ghosthound at first, but they 'feel' different in practice. 

The story has other stuff besides just standard lit-rpg flare too. The characters are pretty good, especially the mc and villians. I was genuinely surprised by how deep some of the enemy's backstories were. It's rare to see someone elaborate on enemies period. This story does a good job of it. It doesn't need long flashbacks for it either.

The world is also bigger than I thought it would be at first. It starts in this cave, but after chapter 8 or so, the world expands quite a bit. There's thought put into how things work together, that's for sure.

The style is simple and easy to read, but it does have some cool lines every now and again.

For some constructive criticism, the author could probably do something to simplify the math for the system a bit, as it's getting a bit unwieldly. There are a few grammar errors as well, nothing even close to major though.

Summing it all up, I really enjoyed the story so far. I hope the author finishes it down the line.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Awesome story, With a lot of TLC and thought put in

Awesome story loved reading it and only slightly flipped my desk when I caught up.

Reason for 5 stars when I didn't rate all of the ratings so? Because the story is awesome and the bits below are my interpretation/opinion. I honestly wouldn't change anything atm as it feels like a winning formula. 

The stat details (not table) are a pain to read so I skipped those but otherwise enjoyed the style and flow of the writing. It has a good pace and keeps the reader engaged throughout.

For a theme that has been done so many times, I think this is my favourite. There isn't much 'story' at the moment, but what has been done is clever, clearly thought out and most importantly entertaining. I have never really liked the 'grind style' beginning but I found myself interested even having to think about the choices the MC makes (in relation to perks).

I was surprised the double life span thing didn't appeal to him (he ignored that bit) but at the same time, it fitted the MC perfectly. He just didn't care about that.


Only a few mistakes but doesn't ruin the story. If anything good quality.


The only reason for a low score here is that the MC feels a little... 2d, not that it's a problem in any way but I get the feeling that his interactions with others (when it gets to that) are going to seem wrong/inconstant, especially if they are weaker/need him for whatever reason. (Anything to survive seems his motto at the moment and his missing friend was literally a single sentence before he got on with it (Love it, just I have seen so many stories fall over when they want the MC to 'play nice' with others).

Thanks for the awesome story Author! It has successfully distracted me from writing my own/working and I hope it will do in the future.

P.S this is one of the few stories I would willingly donate to. *hint!* ;)