Primal Instinct



Chapter 3 - Kindred Souls

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One Eye watched as Seth continued to stab Ironhead's neck over and over again. The blood fountain continued to spurt in the air covering the cell ground with hot blood, Ironhead rammed his back against the wall like a mad beast in hopes of survival.

Instead, the only thing he heard was the steady breaths of a predator down his neck, he even heard a few stifled maddened chuckles here and there.

Suddenly, Ironhead no longer struggled as he fell on his knees. The prison went eerily quiet, the sound of his head hitting the floor seemed to echo throughout the prison.

Seth suddenly backed away from the corpse of Ironhead, his eyes locked onto the bloody scene with a face full of fear and horror as if he had no part to play in it and witnessed the most horrible scene.

Were it not for the letter-opener in his hand soaked in blood and his body covered in bloody goo, one would immediately believe that he was a victim.


His scream echoed through the hallowed halls, but none of the prisoners laughed or said anything this time. They just stared at him, the scene was truly a horrific ordeal. One Eye wanted to say something but decided to watch instead.

Seth got down on the ground holding his head, the scenes flittered across his mind and he could clearly remember what he had done.

'I...killed him?'

Seth asked himself in confusion before he could even absorb the information a sudden voice entered his mind.

"Do you want revenge?"

The voice gave off a feeling of darkness and cold, there was a slight whispering feeling that made one's spine dance. Although it whispered, it felt as though it covered the entire prison with this ghostly feeling.

"Who's there! Who are you!"

Seth shouted loudly as he brandished his bloody letter-opener, his eyes moving around the cell in fear.

Seth noticed that none of the prisoners reacted to the voice and was instead looking at him.

"Show yourself!"

He managed to ask the question again, but there was only silence. Seth had begun thinking that Ironhead's ghost had begun haunting him, he would twitch and would look side to side all over the cell in fear,

The prisoners seeing Seth talking to himself, had come to the conclusion that the latter was truly mentally ill.

One Eye shook his head and went back to minding his business, he stepped into the shadows of his dark cell and no longer bothered.

'I won't get a single piece of information from that kid'

Was the conclusion that he had arrived to.


The sun had gone down, the moon had risen and a fair amount of hours passed. Yet this did nothing for the ten-year-old Seth if anything, his state of mind had only gotten worse.

His back against the wall, he stared at Ironhead's corpse as it was bathed in the moonlight.

A tree which stood outside his cell window would sway with the breeze, the shadows of its branches resembled wicked arms of demons.

Now and then it would appear to reach through the cell window and dance over the corpse as if trying to resurrect it.

Seth's teeth would chatter and his spine felt cold, certain fragments of memories from when he killed Ironhead would resurface now and again keeping him awake and rejecting his natural need for sleep.

"I c-can remember the smell of iron...the w-way the blood felt as it dripped down my fingers...the screams h-he made...the gurgling noises...I r-remember the way his throat felt when I crushed it with my hands.... I laughed...I was happy when I got to taste his blood"

Seth mumbled quietly to himself, dark circles appeared under his eyes and slowly the innocent look in his eyes changed to a numb and unfeeling visage.

His pupils slowly receded and got smaller and smaller until they could not be seen. Instead, his eyes looked unfocused on anything; yet he was clearly able to see the blood on his hands.

"Do you want revenge..?"

The ancient and dark voice once more asked him.

"Who are you?"

Seth asked the shadowy figure, this time he was no longer afraid or was too deranged to care.

A dark shadow suddenly appeared in the cell that Seth was in, he seemed to have just walked out of the shadows. Seth looked at its face and their eyes met.

Aside from his shadowy appearance, it's face was an exact replica of Seth's.

"Although not exactly...I am you"

The two stared at each other for quite some time, Seth just stared at this shadow; his hand holding the letter-opener slightly trembled.

There was a slight mental change that took place in this moment.

"You want to kill me...I understand"

The shadow relayed.

"Was it you that controlled me back in the Princess' room?"

Seth asked this question but he already knew the answer.

"Yes and no..."

"Someone summoned my soul and controlled it for a brief moment"

The shadow spoke and for a brief moment, an intense hatred displayed on its originally emotionless expression.

"Summoned? Did you not say you were part of me?"

Seth found these two things contradictory and asked this question as he gazed at the shadow with a bit of scrutiny. The shadow didn't seem phased and it began an explanation.

"That's why I said yes and no...To be more precise, this current appearance is exactly the same as when I was younger. I lived my entire life...and I died. I should be dead and not here."

"Somehow my soul was summoned to this world in your body. How do I know this is a different world? I've seen all of your memories...where I come from, there is no such thing as Spiritual Energy and we use something called "Mana" which does not even exist here"

"Also, your vast knowledge learned through the Magic books you've read helped me reach quite a few conclusions very quickly."

"The first time I was summoned was in that little girl's chamber...and controlled against my will"

Speaking up to here, the shadow flickered and distorted. Seth could feel the temperature in the room drop, for a split second the walls in the prison cells seemed like if they had begun to bleed as countless arms stretched out from the prison cell floor.

This illusion only lasted a brief moment, but it was enough for the shadow to express its feelings to Seth.

"So whoever summoned you, made me lose everything..."

Seth understood what the shadow meant and finished its thoughts.

"Wait...then if you were someone else entirely, how are we the same?"

Seth asked as he didn't understand how any of this was related.

"I'm not entirely sure either since it's the first time something like this has happened to me, but I have a theory. Spiritual Energy and Mana are just two different sources of energy, the methods to apply them might change but the fundamental law behind Magic will never change"

"Magic in both of our worlds require three things to work.

1) An energy source

2) A set command

3) A method of output"

"So now that we've understood this, then the rest becomes easier. I just need to compare the spell used to one in my own homeworld"


Suddenly Seth felt woozy and a bit dizzy, he shook his head a few times and then tried to refocus. He threw a weird look at the shadow and suddenly asked--

" your name Morgan?"

The shadow visibly quivered before speaking calmly...

"...Yes. So it's begun..."

"What's happening?"

Seth asked muddled in confusion.

"You are gaining my memories...and we are merging, the more contact you and I have; the stronger we will merge. This is your choice, I've already lived my entire life and I'm already dead. I can disappear and you can reclaim this body entirely"

"I'm not going to lie to you...I had thoughts of possessing this body and seeking revenge on whoever summoned me...Alas, I've lived too long and even my emotions are tired. I'd much rather let go of it all..."

"The only reason I appeared to you now, is because you reminded me of myself. Not in appearance only, but the pain you have felt of losing everything is something I understand...I also had a part to play in this"

"As long as you will it, I can disappear and no longer return"

Morgan said plainly.

"Nah I'll pass, I've grown accustomed to you. I've already lost everything so far...cant afford to lose myself either...besides you still owe me for rent"

Seth at this point was already quite insane and truly did not mind the company. In fact, he enjoyed talking to Morgan because he knew for a fact that the two had a connection of sorts despite the fact there was absolutely no basis for this belief.

"I don't think that saying is supposed to be used in that context...and I think you already did lose yourself...Look"

Morgan said out bluntly as he pointed to a silhouette next to Seth

Sitting next to Seth, Ironhead's corpse was leaned with his back against the wall, his severed head sat in his lap and above his body were words written in blood.

The words were "Goodbye cruel world, I no longer wish to be a part of this evil planet. Now I commit suicide"

Seth turned to look at what Morgan was pointing at before saying seriously.

"Dad said anyone that commits suicide is a coward, Hmph, anyway, don't change the subject continue what you were saying just now"

Seth pointed out as he was a bit curious about the magic in Morgan's world. The former spent a lot of time researching his condition of not being able to produce Spiritual Energy in hopes of finding a cure.

"I wasn't changing the subject...I liked you better when you were shy and sniveling"

Morgan became visibly annoyed, this was partly due to Seth's personality change and also because they would become the same person eventually if his theory was correct.

"Haha...Stop it with the compliments! Those aren't going to get you anywhere..hehe..Go on and finish what you were saying, hehe"

Seth further hurried him while blushing

'He really did go off the deep end...'

Morgan would sigh if he possessed a physical body, but also couldn't say anything since he was the reason for Seth losing his mind early on.

Probably, if he did say something back then Seth would find the perfect counter so he did not even try.

"Where I'm from it's called Necromancy, and it is considered Taboo Magic. Beginner Necromancy is useless garbage, at most you can reanimate a soulless corpse or raise an army of dead soldiers"

"As cool as that sounds, a well-seasoned mage of any school of magic can easily handle great numbers of enemy soldiers. Slow-moving reanimated corpses are much slower and would be even worse of a match up against these mages"

"However, if that were the extent of Necromancy then even though it would still remain taboo, no one wouldwerecare about it"

"Taboo Magic is taboo for a reason but before I get into that, I'll explain why some Magic is taboo"

"Magic is separated into two categories. Life Magic and Death Magic, or natural and unnatural magic"

"Life Magic consists of the elements natural to the world, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. These are the fields that are considered natural and tangible magic and the magic we ought to practice. It is the type of magic"

"In our homeworld, it is a fact that everything that exists in our world is made of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. This includes us, humans as well and this is how we are able to draw power from these entities. We are at birth, naturally aligned to these elements and this is a known fact"

Morgan then continued-

"Now on to the other side of the coin, Death Magic"

"Death Magic deals with the unnatural, the vile and the cursed powers. It draws upon energies humans have no affinity with, energies that are foreign to the world we live in and can summon things from across dimensions"

"For example, Corpse Magic, Celestial Magic, and Summoning Magic"

"It's not that the process of death is evil, but when one tries to manipulate that natural process; that is when the problem begins to occur."

"Also, humans were never born with any affinity or affiliation with death. We are walking proof of life, and we stand on the opposite spectrum"

"There was once a Necromancer who had succeeded in imbuing a dead soul into a living body while the host soul was still active. Very much similar to our case"

"Keep in mind, this was no renowned researcher or Mage but a random nobody that just happened to get lucky...Well I shouldn't call him lucky at all"

"Do you know what happened? It consumed the host soul, consumed the Necromancer and became so powerful it was classed as an apocalyptic event in my homeworld"

"For example, if he had summoned you in my body, at most I'd have a headache but we are compatible and can cohabitate. Neither one of us would consume the other because of this compatibility"

Seth nodded his head and agreed.

"That Necromancer, however, had very bad luck. Being a necromancer is like playing the lottery, you never know what kind of soul you are going to be calling upon and it's very likely that you can summon some malevolent thing from a world far away or even from another dimension"

"Most Necromancers die a horrid death by their own experiments, but humans will never stop the research of that type of magic so long as human beings crave power."

"There will always be humans arrogant enough to think they can manipulate death and gain control of its secrets."

"Not only Corpse Magic, Necromancy, but others as well. I won't go too much into them but Celestial Magic is one of the more harmless taboos, users try to shape their bodies into something that isn't human, but at most you might have to put up with a half-man-half-beast type of creature."

"There have been accounts of mages that have succeeded and became quite the terrifying beasts, some that reached mythological levels and legendary heights, alas none of them were able to retain their humanity or sanity. Thus it became taboo"

"...Summoning Magic speaks for itself, people can summon a random powerful living beast from a random planet or dimension. This Taboo magic is different, and for a few times the people have tried to have it legalized"

"There were programs being put in place to study more about Summoning Magic since the beings that have been summoned in the past were all capable of being killed.

"Some were harder than others to be killed, some weren't even combat-related and could be called pets. A large amount of these was actually tamed on their summon date and posed no threat to its master"

"So who managed to kill the thing in your world in the end?" Seth asked the thing he was curious about most.

Morgan looked out the window before he replied to Seth.

'I swear...nothing gets passed this kid anymore'

"Well...I wouldn't go so far as to say I killed it but I did get rid of it..."

A particular group of memories continued to stream into Seth's head before he gazed at Morgan and grinned.

"Liar...You just made it someone else's problem Haha"

"Ahem...I merely sent it back where it came from...Always keep in mind that the chances of your homeworld possessing a remedy for something out of its natural environment will always weigh higher on the negative scale of things"

"After all, if we had a solution half of our population wouldn't have died...Hell..I wouldn't have died"

The shadowy Morgan coughed and changed the subject immediately. Having his dirty trash aired in a new world pulled a few of his strings.

"Back to the main point, the spell that summoned me attempted to do three things-

1) Destroy the host soul, which is you.

2) Bind the empty body with a spell

3) Summon me into the shell

4)Bind me to the empty shell

I've analyzed the spell countless times based on what I know and from the books you've read...I can make an educated guess as to why you and I are connected.

1) The host soul, you, was not destroyed.

2) My soul wasn't bound to this body but instead, I became bound to your soul.

3) The connection to whoever summoned me became destroyed after his initial commands, his/her ability was insufficient and unable to control two souls. Especially ones that resonate with each other and produce a stronger effect.

This makes it very clear that several abnormalities appeared within the spell itself. The caster lost control of his spell shortly afterward"

Morgan explained even further.

"So what we know, is this-

1) Our souls are on the same frequency.

2) We are innately compatible in ways even I don't understand.

3) The strengths of our both souls combined was too much to for the spell and its caster to handle.

4) The current phenomenon we are experiencing, a merging of both souls. Since souls cannot merge with others, that can only mean one thing. That we are without a doubt the same person, who existed in two different planes. It is also highly possible, that we existed in two different time frames as well.

Seth nodded, his previous self would not have been able to understand every word of what Morgan had said despite his intelligence, however for some reason he understood every word Morgan said as if it were his own thoughts.

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