He was running from green skinned men with crude axes in their hands, his expression was panicked and against his chest he clutched a large egg. He was running but the green skinned men were closing in on him, he looked back with fear and panic clear in his face.

His back sprouted large leathery wings and he took a large leap forward, the wings flapped hard and he fluttered upward a few feet.

A hand axe sailed through the air and cut into the right wing, he crashed into the ground and rolled forward. Getting up with a grimace of pain he looked back to see the eight green skinned men closing in on him. He knelt down and picked up the hand axe, as the wings shrunk into his back he put the large egg on the ground.

I could sense what he felt, all the fear and uncertainty. But most of all I could feel his resolve. I heard it as if I thought the words myself.

I am SO not getting killed by orcs, fuck that! If they want to start something so bad I’ll show them how I end things…




He was banging his head lightly against a wall repeatedly.

“Why. Isn’t. This. Working…”

All around him were twisted corpses of monsters and strange brownish puddles. He turned away from the wall and walked into the middle of the dark room and sat at the lone table.

“Ok, Come on Owen, think… Mad scientists make this look so easy in movies…”

Rubbing his hands together he looked down at the wooden table with an unnerving focus. Time passed and he simply stayed in that position, soon something began to appear on the table. It grew slowly, then faster, then it practically doubled in size every second. He looked at the wriggling mass of brown and grey, it sprouted four limbs and he smiled. As the blob grew legs and brown fur his smile turned to a grin. As a wolf like head sprouted from the small furry body he began to laugh with joy.

Then the wolf creature collapsed on its side and began to kick feebly before it stopped moving entirely.


He slammed his fists on the wooden table and swept the new corpse onto the floor where it began to bubble and melt…




He looked over the line of people standing in front of him. There were humans standing beside elves and beastkin, a fact he found ironic for some reason.

“All of you are here for one reason…”

He glanced at the man standing beside him and made a gesture, the man nodded and moved forward with a large curved sword in his hands.

“You had the fortune of being enslaved to a man who was stupid enough to have crossed me. Whether that fortune will prove to be good or bad will depend on your next words…”

He walked towards the first man in the line, a beastkin with cat ears.

“Do you pledge your life and loyalty to the Night Company? Do you swear to follow me, and proclaim Evo to be your one and only master from this moment on?”

The cat eared man looked at him with undisguised hate.

“My daughter… I watched you and your people slaughter her. It wasn’t her idea to fight, she never wanted to fight!”

The cat man looked down.

“But you don’t care about that do you… You don’t care that she was ordered to fight against her will, and you don’t care about who she was… You people just saw someone swinging a blade at you. So tell me, what do you think my answer will be?”

He looked at the cat eared man and let out a sigh.

“I’m guessing you want me and my people dead, I can respect that.”

He gave the man with the sword a nod.

“Amar, make it quick…”

The sword swung and a cat eared head danced in the air. He moved down the line…




He looked down and sighed, there were three large men armed with cudgels glaring at him and the large scythe in his hand was entirely an intimidation tool. He didn’t know how to wield a scythe as an effective weapon and even if he did he doubted he had the strength to pull it off.

His plan was to not kill anyone, but the idea of broken bones and being sold as a slave didn’t appeal much to him. If he tried to use the scythe he would probably end up killing someone or getting himself hurt, if he made a move for his knife the men would take action.

He started chuckling good naturedly as he turned to face the red haired woman in a night dress and cover.

“Well, this is awkward…”

He rubbed at the back of his head while wearing a sheepish smile on his face.

“You see, I had this whole plan…”

The scythe left his hands in almost the same moment the hand that held it found the handle of his knife, as he pulled the knife from its sheath his other hand pulled up his hood. The scythe was flying toward the closest man who stepped to the side to avoid the weapon, the man stepped right into the arc of the swinging knife.

As a hand and cudgel flew in the air to the sound of screaming he moved towards the man to his right. Thrusting his knife forward he ducked under a wild swing that was aimed for his head. As he felt the knife slide home into the man’s shoulder he twisted it before yanking it back out.

Dropping to the floor he stabbed into the man’s foot and picked up the cudgel the man dropped when he stabbed the man’s shoulder. Throwing the cudgel towards the remaining man who was rushing him he rolled back pulling his knife free again.

As the charging man brushed aside the flying cudgel with his own, he left himself open to the knife that was now flying towards his face. As the knife flew by his head the man seemed confused before his face began to warp into pain. He was tackled to the floor before he had even noticed half of his ear was missing.

Punching the man before rising up and kicking the head of the man missing a hand he walked towards his knife which had embedded itself into the wall.

“…I was gonna get in, scare you a bit, and get the information I needed without anyone getting hurt. Sadly that plan has gone to shit now, but looking on the bright side of things…”

He pulled his knife from the wall with a quick yank.

“I have had this hankering to kill a slaver ever since earlier…”




I felt my eyes shoot open only to find myself in a dark room. For a moment I panicked not knowing where I was, but then my recollection of yesterday sunk in. That’s right… I don’t live in the library anymore…

I pulled the blanket I was forced into taking to the side and glanced up at the bed. It was empty.


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