Lia's POV;


Boring! Arlong is so weak in comparison to his younger days. This fight is so boring! No high-level skills, no real thrill. Admirably he is stronger than anyone bar Luffy in the East Blue. Smoker is not really strong, only a logia fruit user. Those tend to become drunk on their power and don't think they could get hit anymore.


Yet I don't think Smoker would fall into depression, once he does find out that there is someone who can hit him.


Anyway, Luffy was beating Arlong. Not badly but he did. The trick with his teeth was cool, but only marginally useful. No, reach and slow to close and open again. Shooting them, however, would be a good idea. I might ask for a few teeth, they should be excellent piercing projectiles.


“Lara, I want a few of his teeth”, I demanded, Lara is sure to give me some. She is such a nice person. It is so nice of God that I was born as her sister, this way we did not have to search for each other.


“Sure”, she agreed instantly and vanished with a Soru. A second later she was back. With four pairs of teeth. The one Luffy has had in his mouth, the two Arlong has had in his hands and the one directly from Arlong's mouth.


“Here”, she said and gave me the four pairs. How nice of her, but she could have cleaned them, there is spittle all over them.


“Thanks”, I said with a nod and began to break the teeth out of the whole fang like thing.

There were some angry shouts from someone but an explosion of stone stopped them.


“Who are you?”, asked Zoro from the side. He kept looking at Lara with this strange look. And Sanji wouldn't stop staring at my and Lara's ass.


“I'm Lara and this is Lia, we came here to say hello to Arlong and find a ship”, answered Lara in her usual easy to misunderstand way. It had the common effect and both tensed, while Ussop began to tremble in fear.


“Don't play tricks on them Lara”, I chided. Lara grinned at their confused looks so I sighed and explained. “We may have known Arlong years ago, but he was different then. We wanted to say hello, yet he is now such a bastard that we decided to take him out, even if this other guy is doing that now. Who are you?”


“Oh, that's good then. I'm Zoro, love struck here is Sanji, our shitty cook. The long nose is Ussop and the guy that fights Arlong is Luffy, our captain. We're the Straw Hat Pirates and here to get our navigator, Nami”, explained Zoro with a flick of his finger to each person.


“Shut up moss head. Don't listen to him, my lady. I'm sure I could show you that I am an excellent cook, maybe a dinner at night?”, butted Sanji in. He tried to grab my hands but got a hit to the head from Lara that put him into the ground.


“SHE TOOK SANJI OUT WITH A SINGLE HIT!”, screamed Ussop in horror. For me, it looked more like Sanji allowed the slow hit and was even smiling. Strange guy.


“I'm already together with my sister”, I rejected and gave Lara a deep kiss as prove. The guy was not even able to say anything, he just flew away by a nose bleed. He crashed into the wall and started to mumble about twin sister goddesses that were kissing. Also about seeing heaven and dying without regret.


“As I said, ignore the shitty cook. What have you done to the stone block Luffy found himself stuck, by the way? Thanks for that, could have turned ugly”, continued Zoro as if nothing happened. He merely downed the raised eyebrow. Good guy, I like him.


“And the attack with the pebbles”, chimed Ussop in, somewhat less afraid now that he knows we wanted to take Arlong down.


“My sister ate the Atsuryoku-Atsuryoku no Mi, she is a pressure long-ear-human and I ate the Shindou-Shindou no Mi. I can control vibrations. I added vibrations to the stone and it became brittle”, explained Lara and they stared at us with wide eyes.


“What's a long-ear-human?”, asked Nojiko, who came over to us. Nami was starring at Luffy. How he fought Arlong, a happy yet worried smile on her face.


“That would be people like us. We have long ears, a better sense of balance, can hear better and are more flexible”, I explained. She nodded slowly, trying to understand what this means.


“So like the fishmen?”, asked Ussop from the side. Nojiko flinched at the comparison.


“Eh, similar. We are as hunted as them and even fetch a higher price”, said Lara with a shrug. They stared at her as if she said something unbelievable.


“Price? Hunted?”, asked Zoro with a growl.


“Sure, there are slaves on the Grand Line and fishmen, especially mermaids, are a highly sought out commodity. We are rarer and as such more worth”, explained Lara without a care. She knew that they would not speak about this to someone else. These guys were too nice to betray someone for money.

“Slavery is illegal in the world”, hissed Nojiko.


“Tell that the World Government. I could tell you more at a later time. But for now, it seems as if Luffy is finishing with Arlong”, said Lara and pointed at the mansion. Luffy's foot was high in the air and then came down with a loud crash. A pain filled scream and a series of crashes followed his attack. Then the whole Arlong Park came crashing down.


The people run away in fright of getting crushed. And then silence, the dust settled and they started to wonder who had won. The winner showed himself on the top of the destroyed mansion and it was not someone fishy.


Luffy stood unbeaten and with blood all over him, but he stood without shaking. “NAMI! You are my crew mate GOT IT?!”, he shouted down from his position.


I glanced at Nami, she was crying and nodded. Another glance at Lara showed me that she was grinning. “Why so happy?”, I asked.


“This means party and a party must have chicken barbecue”, she said with a laugh and skipped over to the destroyed mansion. Where Nami gave Luffy his hat back.


“You do have chicken on this island do you?”, I asked with a glance at Nojiko.


“Eh, yes”, she said, not really understanding why this was so important.


“Thank god, a pouting Lara would be hell. We still have to paint the ship and her help is needed. I'm not going to do it alone”, I ranted and followed Lara. She was speaking with Luffy, the former smiling the later grinning like a loon.


“Let me introduce my lovely sister Lia. She is my better half”, said Lara when I reached them.


“Hi Lara, you're cool, wanna join my crew?”, asked the rubber boy.


“Nah, we want to have our own crew. I'm the captain by the way. We're gonna be the Kage Pirates”, rejected Lara for me. I only nodded in support. Maybe Arlong was still alive? I could get some more teeth from him.


“Oh, okay. That makes us rivals then”, said Luffy now, not bothering with the refusal. I left them and jumped into the rubble. Arlong was in the middle of it, out cold but still alive. Good. I kneeled down and grabbed his teeth, with a strong jerk they came out and a new pair grew in place.


“Heh, thanks for the gift”, I said with a grin and began to take out row of teeth after row of teeth. He grunted in pain after each jerk, but that wasn't my concern.






Lara's POV;


“Where's your sister?”, asked Nojiko. We were in the middle of preparing the feast for the party.


Hmm, she's right. Lia isn't here and preparing food for me. That's a problem. I searched out with my Haki and found her still in Arlong Park. Her mood was fairly good too.


“Arlong Park”, I said with some wonder. Nojiko mimicked me and we both decided to look what she was doing. We reached it without any big problems, some villagers were thanking me for helping with the liberation of Arlong, but other than that we managed to reach the remains of Arlong Park fairly quickly.


“Lia?”, I shouted. She was somewhere here, inside the rubble.


“Up here, Arlong was helping me, but I think I broke him”, replied Lia from the place where Luffy buried Arlong. Nojiko and I climbed the mountain of rubble and looked into the hole. There, in the middle, was a giant pile of teeth. The really faint presence of Arlong and the happy presence of Lia inside the pile.


“Did you harvest Arlong's teeth?”, I asked in mild amusement. Nojiko stared incredulously down at the big pile. Not yet being able to think that such a thing was possible.


“Yes, but he hasn't regrown any in the last five minutes”, she said sadly. The pile would give her at least a few thousand teeth. Was she doing this since we won?


“He's still alive?”, asked Nojiko in fear. She was pale and shaking.


“Of course he is, he was once a Grand Line veteran with some skill. But it seems as if Lia gave him the finishing blow”, I answered. Nojiko shook her head to get clearer thoughts and then climbed down. I followed and saw how she stood over the bloody and mostly dead body of Arlong.


“He's still alive, wanna kill him yourself?”, I asked and gave her a knife. She took it without a word and kneeled down next to him.


“This is for Bellemere”, she said hatefully and plunged the knife down into his heart. Arlong died with a weak gurgle and with him the Fish Men Pirates. She pulled the knife back out and began to cry. Tears of relieve that it's truly over. Sorrow for the loss of her mother and happiness for having survived this horror of hers. 


“So what are you gonna do now?”, I asked once she has calmed down somewhat.


“What do you mean?”, she asked while looking up at me.


“Your sister is going with the Straw Hats, leaving you behind. What do you want to do?”, I asked again.


“I.. don't know, I think I will just take care of the oranges”, she said with a slight frown and a stare in the distance.


“Do you really want that? Would you not like to travel the sea? You can come with us, we too need a navigator”, I offered, while holding my hand out to her.


“I'm not sure”, she said weakly, “I'm not as good as my sister. I only know things from her and never truly learned it”, she added.


“Not a problem, you can learn and we have found a book that can teach you. Think about it, all the adventures, the islands and animals you will see, the different people, the vast and open ocean”. I spoke with a wide grin, this life will be one big adventure.


“Would you really take me with you? You are way stronger than me”, she said in another weak attempt to not go. Putting sticks in her own way.


“We can teach you, you look like you would do good with a gun”, offered Lia.


“Let me think about it for a night”, relented Nojiko finally. I nodded and helped her up.


“Finish here Lia and then come back, you need to grill me some chicken”, I said to Lia and then walked back with Nojiko. The party was now in full swing and Luffy was eating lots of meat. Luckily not yet the chicken.


Lia came a moment later and began to grill the chicken next to Sanji. The blond cook was intrigued by the way Lia cooked and tested some of it. He instantly gushed about its deliciousness and began to trade recipes with her. This time with way less creepiness than what he showed earlier.


This, of course, led to Luffy noticing that there was someone else who was cooking and that this person cooked meat. He was instantly at her grill, almost drooling on the meat on it.


“Hands off, the first piece is for me”, I said and pushed him aside. Lia gave me the meat with a smile and I opened my mouth to take a bite out of the godly food. Yet someone grabbed it and tried to take it away.


I reacted on instinct and hit the offender with a Haki enhanced punch in the face. Luffy, the thief, flew away in a pained scream and landed a few feet away. Now without disturbance, I bit down and moaned in pleasure by its tastiness.


“That hurt! Why did it hurt?”, asked an offended Luffy. He got a second hit from Sanji for the attempt of stealing the food of a beautiful lady.


“That's the Fist of Chicken, it hits everyone who tries to steal the chicken of someone else”, I explained and more than one called me out on my bullshit.


“Really? Okay, sorry then”, apologised Luffy, this time a few cried out in disbelieve for him in believing me. I nodded sagely and gave him a new piece that Lia just finished. As long as there is enough I am willing to share with someone truly devoted to chicken, even if it's more to meat than chicken. 


“But chicken is also the food of gods and shout be given to all”, I said to him. He took the meat reverently and ate it in one go. He then began to cry tears of joy, like he should.


“Sanji, I want to eat more of this, make me more”, he whined a moment later when he finished with his piece.


“I don't know how Luffy. Lia-chwuan must give me her receipt”, explained Sanji. He looked at Lia with a lusty expression, so I pounded him into the ground. Thinking is okay, but no looking or touching in a lustful way. Lia is mine!


“I might be willing to give it to you if you give me some of yours. Let's say an exchange rate of twenty to one?”, suggested Lia with a sweet smile. This time someone shouted that this was unfair, but Sanji instantly agreed and wrote down a list of recipes.


With that done I took a stack of chicken and sat down on the side. It didn't take them long and both Yosaku and Johnny were coming over to me.


“Sister Lara? We've heard that you search for a crew with Sister Lia”, said Yosaku, he was the one with a green coat and a bald head. Johnny, had black hair, a tattoo on the left cheek and wore sunglasses even at night.


“Yup”, I answered and put another piece of chicken in my mouth, damn this is good. I have to reward Lia for it.


“We want to ask you to take us in and train us”, shouted both simultaneously while falling on their knees in a pleading position.


“Why not ask Zoro? You look as if you know him better”, I asked in return.


“Zoro has a dream, he can't look over us forever. We too want to be strong but not depending on him. We've seen how strong you are and wish to learn”, said Johnny while Yosaku nodded frantically.


“Hmm, training will be hard and there is no out of this. You two will become pirates”, I warned, yet both were determined.


“We know and accept that we don't want to stay weak. We want to help like you and Luffy did”, said Yosaku now, this time it was Johnny's turn to nod frantically.


“Okay, our ship will be the marine ship that docked this evening. You can bring your things on board, take a cabin of your choice. But not the captain's cabin, that's mine and Lia's”, I agreed and both thanked me with teary eyes before running off to Zoro.








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