A note from bludvein

Abou that 4 hour sleep I mentioned yesterday... Well, it came back to bite and I ended up sleeping way too long in the other direction. Almost 12 hours in fact.

There was no point in dealing with this mob since Morrow was leaving anyway, but if he didn't give them a more firm punishment they wouldn't appreciate how merciful he had been before. He set the paper bucket down on his boat before jumping back on the shore. He didn't bother to pull the trident as he scooped down  and pushed on the tide with a yell.

"[Breaking Waves]!"

Like a scaled up version of shoving water against someone in the pool, water exploded onto the beach where the bounty hunters were gathered in a 5 meter tall wave. There were shouts and curses as it picked them up and continued it's unabated march before slamming into the line of stone buildings.

Ouch, that must have hurt.

Ignoring the subtle crunching sound that could still be heard over the waves, he hopped back on the boat to pull up the anchor before getting back to his meal.

Ah, my delicious ramen.

Little Garden was not a common choice for a destination along the Grand Line, so Morrow had been unable to obtain a permanent pointer for it. If one existed, they were few and not for sale in the common channels. That made the next leg of his journey quite tricky, and he'd had to constantly consult his maps to make sure he was going in the right direction.

Still, if he was reading things right his Log Pose had finally settled on the line for Little Garden. That left him some room to finally relax, or at least relax as much as you can in a crazy sea like this one. While he could leave fish to watch for storms for him, the random snow left him constantly shoveling the deck and trying to keep the sails dry so they don't freeze and rip. He only had so much extra canvas...

Morrow tried to view it as an interesting training experience rather than just tedious, and it was indeed a workout. Morrow wasn't sure what the logic of it all was, but his strength that had almost stalled before had increased a small trace in the 2 weeks since entering the Grand Line.

No wonder there are so many strong here when just living at sea is such a workout. I'd always wondered how Luffy could possibly get stronger when he never trained at all, so I guess that answers the question.

"It's about time to go fishing again as well. What do you think Yoshi?"

He had unintentionally laughed at his current companion's name when they met, but the large green sea serpent didn't get the joke. He had obviously never heard of Nintendo and it's characters.

["Ok boss. I passed a school of yummy tuna on the way here. Can you cook them for me if I catch some?"]

"Sure, though I don't know why you like cooked fish so much. Shouldn't that taste kind of bad for you?"

["It's a matter of repetiveness boss. I still have taste, so eating the same things for years was boring. Shall we get going?"]


Most marine creatures had very short attention spans and were not very good long-term company, but Yoshi seemed awfully smarter than he should have been. He seemed content follow and watch for him in exchange for cooking, and Morrow had to admit it made the trip much less boring.

Regardless, Little Garden was now in sight and he felt it was time to say something.

"Ok Yoshi, I'm going up on land and I might be there for a while. Do you want to follow or go back to doing your thing?"

["Land doesn't agree with me too much, boss. If you don't mind I'd prefer to wait and do my own hunting. I'll find you when you're done."]

"Ok, that sounds nice. I might be a while so I'll come to visit if you're still around."

Now to find me some giants.

He was wading through the jungle looking for Dorry or Brogy when a thought struck him.

I forgot, but should I be worried about disease?

Morrow had never been sick in his life since being a fishman, but it was a very real worry. He did use some bug repellant, but it might not work on something like ancient mosquitos. It would be unlikely he could get help if he ended up with something like 5-day-disease, and his immune system worked significantly different enough that human medicines probably wouldn't work on him anyway...

Screw it. I just have to trust in my body and One Piece logic. Most insects wouldn't even get through my skin anyway.




A note from bludvein

I wanted to show my protagonist isn't a good bird, but was that maybe too much?

I also added brackets to marine animal speech to denote it's just an approximation. They aren't really physically speaking obviously.

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Arwyn @Arwyn ago


vulcan @vulcan ago

Thanks for the chapter 

DaRip74 @DaRip74 ago

Be interesting.  Also since he is a fishman, will he get a permanent sea companion?  Also when will he get a companion.  Will it be a cook(3rd), doctor(1st), sniper (artilerist 5th), shipwright (carpenter 2nd), navigator (3rd) swordsmen (5th).  I also ranked them in necesity.  Also doc and compenter are the most imortant due to him being not a complete idiot on sailing.  

Also since he reincarnated, what are the chances that there are others like him in grand line.  Maybe a reincarnated doc just out of collage about to due his tenure or is half way through tenure.

Another idia is a person wolf zoan fruit.  Cool varients would be white tiger, liger.  Also you can get around the one fruit rule by saying that guy had the grey wolf zoan fruit.(srry im partial to werewolfs). 

toomuchtime @toomuchtime ago

I don´t know if he will be able to take a sea king to sky island, one of the best arcs of the series

Thanks for the chapter and hope you sleeping what is right doesn´t bother your work or school

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Maybe gigantes syndrome to make him way buffer lol.

But please don't let the entire so far end up being a fever dream or something lie that >;.;<