Chronicles of Phartassia: My Teacher, Fox

by Lock

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Female Lead Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead School Life Strong Lead

Nine Tailed Demon Fox, officially seven hundred years old. Her master, Sage of Souls suddenly dies leaving her a mission to find him a successor.

As dead must be respected, she did as told. She searched the entire world, traveled between continents, but in avail. Just as she was about to give up, she found a baby inside the fire.

She silently took him and raised him as her disciple, son and lifelong friend.

That's how their story began, their path into the future and their fate.

Chronicles of Phartassia: The First Story

I'm Lock and this is my first work ever. I admit the work is lacking in many things (grammar, wording etc.) but I can't help it as I am not native English speaker and I simply do not have time to study English until it is perfected. I will do my best to write well (without obvious mistakes) and since it is my first work I intend to finish it properly (though I cannot promise).

Schedule is changed, I'll write one chapter in two weeks

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