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Describing a painting to a blind man (part 2)

A note from VannVann

Part two, enoy it guys ^^ Some of my personalety slipped in but... it does not break the story (maybe)

Suddenly, the world - like glass - cracked.

A suprise on the level of a mountain suddenly starting to float, make a 180 degree turn, turn into icecream, from the crater sprouts a cornet that the icecream mass falls into and then a sudden meteor starts crashing from the sky, turn into a cherry and gently land on top...


Small one could not belive. That old man, that bag of bones smiled?! Blasphemy! A long time passed, both sat still. Ah, is that a tumbleweed? The realety would have stayed frozen for much longer if the boy didn't have to breathe (he forgot). With difficult coughing he started gasping for air frantically.

" Change. It changed. "

But the old man did not react. His expression same as always. Noticing that the miracle passed, with an "ahem" the boy made a hand movement towards the paintings. One of them came forward, stopping bofero the bench. The little brat opened his mouth from which came a serious, emotional voice. His face which was that of a rascall was now embracing emotions which could only be seen on the face of a man who saw the end and begging of the world. With an attitude unrecognizable from mearly moments ago he started describing.

" On this first one the emotions are mixed. One half of it filled with dark grey. Dark grey - fear, uncertanty. The fear of the unkown, uncertanty of the future. It wraps below a cream white ball in the shape of the tentacles. Cream white - purety, begining. Its a begining of something new, something pure. Above the ball is orange. Orange - love, warmth. It represents a guiding hand that will shape the ball into something much greater. It wraps around it in the shape of two hands: one large, one petit. "

To this explanation the listner coudn't help but to touch his left hand, gently caressing it. 

" Yet, in these hands exist thin ribbons. In the larger hand resides a dark blue ribbon. Dark blue - sorrow, guilt. It represents sadness over natural helplessness of man. The inability to change the outcome. As for the petit one, its ribbon is black. Black - hatred, rancor. Bitterness, resentfulness; this ribbon passes through the finger and burrows into the little ball. It wishes for nothing more than its disappearance. "

Hearing this his hands stopped moving. Complex emotions bearly visible on his expression. Litlle pale didn't notice anything, he was absorbed in his explanation. He paused for a moment a made a gesture with his hand to which the painting slid away and in its place slid from above a now one. Inhale, exhale.

" This one as well has mixed emotions. Ah, these painting are a set which tells one story "

For a moment he lookead at his listner who stayed frozen with his hands atop one another. Seeing that a change occured he continued.

" It's split into six parts. On one side is the orange large hand, next to it is a now smi-human shaped ball. The hand is placed on the dwarfs shoulder. Inside the hand the dark blue ribbons are now thicker, they reach into the humanoid. Yet, as soon as they reach into it they turn orange. Half of the humanling on this hands side is well shaped, with no cracks and inside grows a yellow square. Yellow - joy, happiness. In contrast to that on the other side with the petit hand things are looking rather grim. The warmth is dim, the hands colour is much darker now. There is no contact between the hand and the humanling, yet the black ribbons extend and penatrate it from afar. They are still unable to change to colour, only darken it, corrupt. This half of the body is much more cracked, with uneven appearance; small black squares littered across it. Below dark grey tentacles reach towards the innocent anomaly. On the brith side they are bearly noticable. On the darker side their lenght is significantly longer. On their tips is dark green. Dark green - disgust, loathing. It appers that they are still far from mixing, but who knows when they will slip through the cracks and install themselves permanetly. And last but not least, the areas of the painting that are not filled with coulour, the background -white background. Hmm.. white. It could mean purety. Innocence due to ignorance. As well as just that, ignorance. Unknown that does not bring fear, but does not awaken anything else. "

After describing the backgound the ghost with body paused to catch a breath. Similar as compleating a marathon his breathing was frantic, albeit quiet. The heart for which most people wouldn't guess was beating was running it very own marathon. The muscles loosend and terrible fatigue took over the body, contributing to the already ghastly look. Through out the entire session the old man didn't move. Yet now in the moment of rest his still hand started slowly clenching. A few moments after that he finally opened his mouth.

" Why did the big hand, despite thick dark blue ribbon, ferce itself to change it inside the golem? "

" I don't think its forcing itself. Its doing it for the little one, so the yellow grows bigger "

The answer was instantaneous, fallowed by the same, cheery voice. 

" Nonsense. The dark blue will only grow bigger and bigger. The big hand will in the end compleatly lose its orange. "

To this the little rascall chuckled.

" True, the dark blue will spread, but it will not take over everything. The orange will remain with the same warmth as before. And parts of the dark blue will have yellow squares here and there. "

The old man did not say anything else. Seeing this, now revived narrator made a gesture with his hand. The already present painting fell apart into million pieces and in its place faded in a third one.


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