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Clints penthouse office was at the very top of the -Rose- enterprise building. One of the biggest buildings in the city of Los Angeles. It's hight was just over two hundred floors, and was still under construction. While Clint was daydreaming about all the sick and twisted things he was going to do with his new little toy, Martin had to go to the lowest floor of the building located hundreds of feet underground. The reason for the last couple floors being so far underground was because Clint had many secrets that needed to be guarded very well, other wise he would be out of business for various heinous reasons.

Martin was mumbling crudely to himself, clearly annoyed with Clint and his little 'experiments'.
Upon reaching the bottom floor of the massive building, an odd voice that sounded oddly like many other voices overlaping, spoke through a small speaker right above the elevator door. "Please state the reason for being here" the voice said in a monotonous tone. "Clint asked me to put the cripple in a fucking pod, didn't he tell you I was coming?" His already annoyed expression got even more hideous and was now filled with ridicule. "The master is very busy with his work" the voice replied with a matter of fact tone.

'If only', Martin thought while rolling his eyes. The reinforced elevator doors opened with a strange hissing noise revealing a big air tight room. Scientist's and a couple of other oddly dressed people were either working on machinery or mixing dangerous looking chemicals. In the farthest corner of the room a small capsule was pre-opened and ready to be used. The small kid that Martin was sent here to deal with, was lying on a table to the right of the pod, seemingly dead and unmoving. Scars, stitches, and many other incisions lined the boys center body and back.

The scientist in charge of repairing the kid's body approached Martin with a very worried look on his face. Martin could tell that there was definetely gonna be some bad news. "Ah um.. well, we tried to fix the paralysis caused by one of the bullets being lodged into the central part of the boys spine, but we only seemed to make it worse.
Martins facial expression looked like it could kill a man, and everyone who saw the look on his face knew that Martin was in a very foul mood.

"Clint will not be happy with this... and so won't your wife." Martin said as he slowly reached his hand inside of his gray suit, and pulled out a gun that closely resembled a .308 revolver with a shortened barrel. Before the scientist could cry out for help, he was shot twice in the chest and than one last time in the forehead. Martin put the gun away and then spit on the face of the dead scientist, clearly not in the mood for bullshit.

Brain matter littered the floor, and some of it found its way into the VR pod, however Martin didn't notice. The only thing martin had to do now was put the kid into the VR pod, and fill it with a small vat of DNA scanning Liquid. Martin took some DNA liquid off a nearby shelf, and then dumped it into the pod. He half heartedly picked up the kid and tossed him in, not careing if the boy's body suffered from anymore damage.

'As soon as the little shit is done being body scanned, I can leave this sorry excuse for a lab, and hopefully Clint won't get too pissed off about his little toy being perminately perylized.' Martin thought as he turned away from the boys half submerged body. Martin started to walk away, clearly distracted by a his thoughts and the start of another major headache. Unfortunately he did not notice the kids leg hit a small container labeled hydrochloric acid, or all of its contents spilling out, and landing on top of the other dangerously labeled containers.

A note from Quantomwiki

The kid doesn't go by Jayden anymore do to his amnesia, and becuase i have a better name for him once he is in the VR world. Or rather, he will give himself one?

-This should be the third and finall chapter of this week, but don't get your hopes down becuase i could very well decide that i want to post another one tommorow... MAYBE!



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