What was that? The creativity of aliens, the creation of local residents, the experiment of some crazy compatriot who unexpectedly found a bucket of paint and a device to draw perfectly smooth lines? In any case, there was nothing useful for me. However, maybe could I use it? Overwhelmed by the unexpected idea, I ran to a piece of asphalt and tried to "look inside" it - nothing happened. It was a pity, everything could turn out so well - I already saw myself as a master in otherworldly technologies, who was able to create artifacts. Already without any hope, I tore off a piece of unusual grass; wide leaf, blue specks along the edges - I had not seen such a plant before, however, it grew in huge quantities near the road, which was going nowhere.


Azure Holly


Alchemical ingredient, which can give an opportunity to increase strength for a short time


Maximum properties are manifested in the powder state, it can be used in the form of pills, tinctures or inhalation


It was hard to believe that I finally found what I was looking for. Gently stuffing the leaf of the plant in my pocket, I thought about the opening perspectives - of course, I didn't know how soon I would be able to achieve the result, but the new possibilities looked very interesting.

"Vasya!" Olga's voice sounded suddenly abrupt and powerful. "Now we are going back, and you will tell everyone that you take me and Dasha under your protection!"

It sounded like an order, and, apparently, the girl didn't even doubt that I would fulfill it. Our dark-haired archer stood and looked with some malevolent interest: so she was aware of what was happening. Maybe it was worth playing along and waiting, how would it all end? It was not an option, there was my holly, which could not be left, and it turned out that I would have to deal with this problem right now.

"Why did you decide that I would do this?" They both turned pale at the same time. I thought it was necessary to pressure them. "Do you think I don't know what you have already done, that I will allow you to involve me in your children's games too?"

It seemed that it turned out to be quite vague and threatening. Fortunately, I had a universal way to find out whether they believed or not - it was only necessary to wait for my points of deception.

"I have nothing to do with it," Dasha began to blame her friend. "It is Olga who tried to subjugate Petrovich, and he goes off his head. I joined after the coup and immediately offered to tell you everything."


Deception +100


Everything became more interesting and interesting. Did everyone have mental abilities, and why was I still not knowing about it? However, it seemed, soon it would be possible to repair this injustice. First, it was necessary to get from these two the maximum information about what they had done in the camp - I gave Olga a hard stare.

"I didn't want to subjugate Petrovich," the business lady could not stand it. "I just used the skill on him when he tried to climb into my cave at night. He left and had to forget everything, but instead, he killed everyone next day. There is no my fault in these deaths. He and his whole gang have begun to look at us like that... If no one will defend us, I fear that everything will end very badly for us. So we decided to ask you. Forgive me for using my ability, but you can't imagine what it's like to be a girl in such a situation. I was just scared!"


Deception +100


She practically screamed the last phrase. It turned out very emotionally. Female screams and tears - it was an absolute weapon to control the opposite sex. If I looked at the facts, the picture didn't look very nice. It turned out that the accidental or conscious reason for the recent massacre was Olga - it could be told for sure. Then there were only my guesses, but I was thinking that the girl decided to take advantage of the power suddenly fallen into her hands, so only men began to go on hunting, increasing levels and other public events. To be honest, I thought that Petrovich got himself a small harem, but it turned out everything was completely different. Recently, something had changed: either people bought artifacts from merchants, or simply increased their levels, and the impact began to weaken. Olga panicked and decided to get her claws into me: first, there were casual encounters and short conversations that didn't bring results, and then she decided that if there was more time, then maybe everything would turn out. So, the idea was born with a hike in the forest.

What did I have to do with them? As one would expect from any person who got into this world, there were no nice and fluffy girls. However, the decision about my future actions was pretty obvious: if one recalled the pieces of Petrovich's phrases at our departure from the camp, he was ready to leave these two for me. In this case, it was necessary to use them to the full extent.

"Well, I'm not interested in your tearful story." In principle, the picture of the near future had become fairly transparent. "However, I'm ready to guarantee you protection, as long as you stay on this base. For this little favor, you, Olga, will tell me how subjection is working, plus you both will regularly carry out my assignments."

At first, the faces of the girls flashed relief but it was immediately replaced by doubts.

"Dasha, go away," the businesswoman decided first. She got rid of her friend, so she didn't want to share her secret with her. The athlete, having waited for my nod, moved away, and I was ready to listen attentively.

Oddly to say, everything turned out to be very simple. If before that I thought that Olga had been helped by someone, after that I was ready to believe that she had guessed everything herself. It was even insulting: I could have guessed it myself. Mental control was activated when you chose your target with your eyes, transferring points of endurance to it. It worked in much the same way as with attacks, combos or defense, but only this time the points were invested not in yourself, but in another person. Of course, it was not without its difficulties: most of the points went nowhere during the transfer of parameters, and, at best, only ten percent achieved the goal. It became clear why such an impact didn't take place on me: with such a level of loss, it was necessary to have an endurance of not less than one hundred to break through my ten magic protection. Yeah, as my "God" said, there was no magic for people in this world - but resistance to this thing had helped me for the umpteenth time.

Olga stood and bit her lips: it was evident that she was not yet sure of her decision. But she had no choice. At the current level of development, this ability could not protect her, and given that the business lady could not keep her secret, now she had to agree to any price. Otherwise, they would take everything by force, for free. I thought that after her own trial before getting here she had no illusions about the chivalrous qualities of any one of the local inhabitants. Given what was at stake, if she had decided to play in secrets, I would not have stopped at anything. The only question was why were they so sure that I could protect them? Was it really because they also considered me a disciple of Bald, or did the attitude of Petrovich and the merchants affected them, or was there something else that I didn't know yet. This question had to be considered. However, I was going to do all this later.

Having spent twenty stamina, I tried a new ability and at the same time tried to inspire the girls with a sincere desire not to betray me. It seemed to have happened, but the absence of any logs, concerning this ability, made me tense. On the other hand, this knowledge would come in handy in the future.

"Dasha, come back." Making sure that everyone listened to me carefully, I told them what else they had to do for me. To be honest, it seemed that they were waiting for tasks of a horizontal nature, instead, I showed them azure holly and set the norm: not less than a hundred a day from Olga and one and a half from Dasha. Our business lady should have received a small bonus for sharing information with me. Their expectations could have been thought of - but not at this moment, first, I wanted to be confident in my ability to survive until the next day, everything else could be done later.

It was necessary to say, I confidently moved in this direction. It was not in vain that I was going all the time with incomplete characteristics. Ronald involuntary hinted me, but I stubbornly followed his piece of advice - the time to restore the one spent point of endurance decreased from ten to nine minutes and fifty seconds. It was not too much, but it was clear what could be achieved.

Being pleased with myself, I stuffed holly into my pockets and, leaving the girls to pick up the remains, went to the swamp. Since the day had started so well, it would be nice to succeed in one more thing. Description, which said that the leaves need to be processed into powder, a book about Urfin Dzhyus, which was read in the childhood, and a piece of asphalt, similar to steel in its smoothness - all this made me think.

Clambering into the swamp, away from possible observers, I found a sunny place and placed a decent piece of asphalt on it. Of course, it was possible to do everything next to the girls, but like Olga, I didn't want to share my secrets without some kind of incentive. I put the leaves, and it remained just to wait a bit.

I сould not just wait, having a rest: first I had to make edges of my solar stove so that the leaves would not be blown away by the wind, then I cut them into parts to speed up the process to be in time before darkness. At the very end, I even pressed them with a stone, trying to turn it into the smallest dust. In the end, I did it: the name "Azure holly" was first changed to "A piece of a leaf of azure holly", and then to "Powder of azure holly." It was not a drop of experience, not a point of deception, however, I was still smiling: it turned out that when you were creating something with your own hands, it caused, even more, emotions than after destroying. Having a powder, I had to decide what to do with it further, except for the name, nothing else in the description had changed. What was written in the manual? Pills, tincture and inhalation - well, I was going to try to do it.

The system had taken into consideration the pill when I wrapped a pile of powder in a plant leaf that looked like a plantain and wrapped it with sedge on all sides.


Herbal holly Pill


It increases strength by 20 for 5 minutes


I was thinking about the tincture a bit longer due to the absence of any tare, but in the end, after winkling out the mid part of the thick stalk of reeds, I got something like a flask where I mixed the powder with the marsh water.


Dirty holly Tincture


It increases strength by 20 for 1 minute


The time of action was less, but I also spent ten times more powder on the same pill. I was wondering if it were possible to mix effects of pills and tinctures, eating and drinking some portions at once? However, this idea was quickly disproved by the harsh reality. It was a pity: if it were good to gain twenty strength at this moment, then at higher levels, there would be practically no benefit from such buff.

What else was left? Inhalation? It was necessary to try and it was time to come back to the base. Such a word was used for all sorts of sprays against the common cold - it meant that I needed to invent something like that. Honestly, I had no idea how to turn my tincture into a gaseous state and put it in a sealed container under pressure. So I tried to make it work easier. Digging into the growing plants next to me, I found something like a water lily with an empty stem inside. One end of my nature-created tube was dropped into a new portion of the tincture, the other into the nose. It was necessary only to inhale sharply.

The first time I choked with water, and nothing happened. The second time, I didn't know whether my invention really worked or the combat system of this world came to the aid, but I succeeded.


You inhaled the Holly tincture


Strength is increased by 20 for 2 seconds


At first, I squeezed my lips in frustration: it was possible to breathe for one hour from one bamboo flask, however, what could be done in two seconds? Suddenly, I seemed to be thunderstruck with the new idea. Going deep into the marshes, I began to search for the enemy for the experiment.


Small kappa, lvl. 12


It was exactly what I was looking for. Having rushed forward, I dodged the first incantation that had been cast on me in the form of a dark funnel, I blocked the second spell, it failed to break through my magical defense, and then we had to solve our problem with the melee fight. Even considering my increased strength and pretty good scythe, it turned out to deal only twenty damage, all the rest was decreased by protection. However, I had a new trick. Inhale - the strength was grown by plus twenty, I put all the new characteristics into one attack - a blow. Sixty damage, it was three times more. The effect of amplification had already ended, and I could repeat all over again. Inhale, amplification, impact. Inhale, amplification, impact. The tube in the nostril was a little unusual, and the "bulb" with the solution behind the belt was constantly threatening to fall out, but the opportunity to strengthen each attack was worth the efforts.

What if I found herbs, which could increase stamina, agility or intelligence... Against the will, a fantastic picture flashed out in my head: I was in a heavy armor with multicolored flasks on my back, hoses and tubes were stretched to my mouth and nose.

It was time to end playing with this kappa.

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