I have a minor predicament.

I seem to not know what to write in the next chapter.

Reccomend something to me in the comments. (Totally not made to get more comments.)

I usually think of a few major events in sequence, start writing the first major event, then go off track and write something completely different.

I don't have any major events planned.

Below is for the minimum character requirement.


Why did they do this to me?

What did I do to them?

It's not fair.


My life...

My life was lost just for letting it out inside.


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firestarter @firestarter ago

How about doing something with the hammer? We haven't had a full chapter of him in a while.

Un pwasson volant @Un pwasson volant ago

Mmmh, I don't know, maybe something about traveling ? Oh, but our MC hammer can't really see, no ?

Well, uh, what do you want, be a comedian, IMPROVISE