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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content
A boy is born through sacrilege.
A priest for a father.
A succubus for a mother.
The devil wanted a son, and, using his evil trickery, was able to obtain one while simultaneously spitting in God's face.
Follow the path of a teen once loved by everyone who is now hated.
What makes him so different isn't just the horns that sprout from his head, but the powers the devil has bestowed upon him.
Will he use them to slaughter the followers of God? Those who so easily turned their backs on him? Will he accept his heir to the dark throne?
Or, will he use his powers to fight his serpent of a father and all his minions?

**I release a brand new chapter weekly!**
***This is a Dark Fantasy revolving around traditional religion. No ideas expressed in this book reflect the author's views or beliefs.***
****Read more from Stevie Collier at www.StevieCollier.com ****
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Lord Of Mild Interest
  • Overall Score

Im only 3 chapters in... cause theres only 3 chapters but those 3 chapters are done very well and makes me want more. For those worried about "Hmm am I about to have some religion shoved down my throat?" dont worry about it. I was worried about that too before I realised that tthe MC isnt just a "Hey gods cool" but a legitamate priest which makes it really interesting when he starts turning into a demon and have god abandon him :) this also leaves a cool chance in the future for him to question his ethics. SO yeah good stuff read it bye.

  • Overall Score

Religious rhetoric isn't my thing, but this is *good*

Early review: 5 chapters

I honestly didn't expect to like this very much going into the 1st chapter. But it isn't some angsty reincarnaction fic, or a series where the main character proclaims to be religious or righteous but turns around and acts completely contrary to it. 

The main character is most definitely pious, and very confused about his initial situation.  Some wierd things happen and before he gets the chance to put his head in order, he's suddenly on the run with no one to turn to. 

There's no prologue, and it really isn't necessary. It only took 2 chapters for the author to build the main character's personality in my mind, through his thoughts and actions.  A lot of this is thanks to the word choice; this author's style is very consistent, especially with the narration.

The initial setup for the conflict shows a lot of promise. I'm looking forward to this series lasting a while. 

4.5 stars for now because no one trusts a 5 star review, especially not an early 5 star review. 

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A setting that functions as a European dark fantasy. Characters with actions that make sense, and a conflicted hybrid that keeps accidently blowing people up. Sign me the hell up.

Lord Vile
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A good story that deserves more attention

Style: The writing style is better than most of the other novels on this site, it is less of a play by play of the events, and more descriptive, it moves slightly further beyond, and this makes it refreshing to read, while still being an accurate, concise read

Story: The story revolves around a world where the humans are fighting against demonic forces, but instead of being a typical swords and magic world, the mythology leans more towards a biblical view of the Almighty's priests fighting Satan's legions. It is medieval, with some alchemical science mixed in

Grammer: There is nothing wrong with the grammer, there is good variation in the writing, and few mistakes to be found, all in all, a very solidly story

Characters: The characters in this story are very well written, there are no surperflous plot devices of characters that drop in, and drop out once they are used, the characters make reasonably decisions based on their situations and stay true to their character, the protagonist, a preist boy is a devout follower of the almighty, and as the events in the story progress, he stays pious, not abandoning his entire backstory like so many others are prone to doing. 

Summary: This is a very solid piece of writing, no major flaws to be found, yhe setting and characters are its best points, and the pacing is neither too fast or too slow