Metaworld Chronicles

by Wutosama

Original Adventure Contemporary Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic Reincarnation School Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Gwen Song awoke in a new world where all that she was familiar with had disappeared and she must begin from zero. A 21st-century tale of an Earth ruled instead by magic, where humanity lives in enclaves shielded from magical beasts and otherworldly beings. Follow Gwen as she struggles to once again rebuild her life in the new world, a tale of companionship, adventure, and Spellcraft! Grow with Gwen as she grows from high school to university, and finally onto the real world, discovering the secrets of a real-life world made unreal by magic and Mages. 

Inspired by the spell system of classic Dungeon and Dragons, but set in the Modern World.   

Cover note:: Photo accredited to Mylène Jampanoï, source unknown. Contact me if you wish it removed.  

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Some Things Begin, Something Ends ago
Chapter 2 - Awakening ago
Chapter 3 - Uncertainty ago
Chapter 4 - Familia ago
Chapter 5 - The Longest Day ago
Chapter 6 - It takes Three to Tango   ago
Chapter 7 - Moving Day  ago
Chapter 8 - The Good / Bad News ago
Chapter 9 - A Team   ago
Chapter 10 - A Moment of Truth    ago
Chapter 11- A Dark Pact ago
Chapter 12  - Instructions and Instructors ago
Chapter 13 - The Calm ago
Interlude 1 - The Rising Storm  ago
Chapter 14 - Oedipus Wrecks ago
Chapter 15 - The House of Huang ago
Chapter 16 - A New Leaf ago
Chapter 17 - First Blood ago
Interlude 2 - The Looming Cloud ago
Chapter 18 - What Great Beast ago
Chapter 19 - The Woods have Wolves ago
Chapter 20 - Riding Hood ago
Chapter 21 - Breath ago
Chapter 22 - The Snake, the Lady and the Maiden Fair  ago
Chapter 23 - Candles ago
Chapter 24 - Follow the Red Rabbit
Chapter 25 - First Impressions are Important ago
Chapter 26 - Secrets ago
Chapter 27 - Full Fathom Five ago
Chapter 28 - A Long Way Down ago
Chapter 29 - Sweet Hearts and Sweet Meats ago
Chapter 30 - Two Dogs on a Hearth ago
 Chapter 31 - Some Things Never Change ago
Chapter 32 - Coming Home ago
Chapter 33 - An Old Man's Favours ago
Chapter 34 - Apples from the Tree ago
Chapter 35 - The Grind ago
Chapter 36 - Here be Monsters ago
Chapter 37 - Of Monsters and Gwen ago
Chapter 38 - A False Start ago
Chapter 39 - The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep ago
Chapter 40 - Miles to Go Before She Sleeps ago
Chapter 41 - Sleeping Beauty ago
Chapter 42 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar ago
Chapter 43 - Crossroads ago
Chapter 44 -  Scar Tissues ago
Chapter 45 - Skeletons ago
Chapter 46 - A Slice of Paradise ago
Chapter 47 - He who Hunts Monsters ago
Character Summaries ago
Chapter 48 - Cruel to be Kind ago
Chapter 49 - Fortune's Fool ago
Chapter 50 - Close Encounters ago
Chapter 51  - Full Pelt ago
Chapter 52 - Great Expectations ago
Chapter 53 - Premonitions ago
Chapter 54 - No Harm in Trying ago
Chapter 55 Poor Boys and Rich Girls ago
Chapter 56 - A Curious Encounter ago
Chapter 57 - Show and Tell ago
Chapter 58 - Reunions ago
Chapter 59 - One Thousand and One Nights ago
Chapter 60 - Valkyries ago
Chapter 61 - True Lies ago
Chapter 62 - First World Problems ago
Chapter 63 - An Old Bird Dreaming ago
Chapter 64 - Into the Wild ago
Chapter 65 - A Favour for a Favour ago
Chapter 66 - Shortcomings ago
Chapter 67 - The Migloo Ghost ago
Chapter 68 - Dark Tidings ago
Chapter 69 - Until Dawn ago
Chapter 70 - House of the Rising Huang ago
Chapter 71 - Til the Fat Lady Sings ago
Chapter 72 - Sharing is Caring ago
Chapter 73 - So Long, and Sanks for the Fush ago
Chapter 74 - All work and No Lunch ago
Chapter 75 - Days of Our Lives ago
Chapter 76 - A Crooked Deal ago
Character and Magic Summary 2 ago
Chapter 76.5 - Interlude 3 - Dark Waters ago
Chapter 77 - Anticipations ago
Chapter 78 - A Rose and its Thorns ago
Chapter 79 - The Greater the Expectation ago
Chapter 80 - The Harder the Fall ago
Chapter 81 - A Sight for Sore Eyes ago
Chapter 82 - When the Levy Breaks ago
Chapter 83 - An Unfortunate Encounter ago
Chapter 84 - Broken Chains ago
Chapter 85 - Wave Break ago
Chapter 86 - The Devil's Advocate ago
Chapter 87 - True Lies ago
Chapter 88 - The Widening Gyre ago
Chapter 89 - The Falcon cannot hear the Falconer ago
Chapter 90 - The Worst are Full of Passion ago
Chapter 91 - Reeling Shadows of Desert Birds ago
Chapter 92 - The Darkness drops Again ago
Chapter 93 - Spiritus Mundi ago
Chapter 94 - When Time is Short ago

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  • Overall Score

Very interesting start and a very good continuation.

I  first reviewed this when there were 9 chapters out, now there are many more and while I think one or two of the chapters are a bit confusing, overall this story is of exceptionally high quality.

The language used is noticably better that most of the things I've read on this site and I hope that it continues to be updated.

If you like an urban setting for your fantasy, with an interesting magic system, you should definitely give it a go. I would recommend everyone to at least try it, to see if it fits your tastes or not.

Bookmarked and Favourited.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

An interesting discovery that should soon be trending.

The styling is very good, the writing is understandable and you really enjoy reading it.
The grammar is almost perfect, a typo here and there in the last chapter, a few odd words in a sentence but the author fixes this errors so it's a plus.
The pacing is ok, no confusion arises from reading and advances at an ok paces, thankfully there are no 400 pages chapter just for the lore and world building.

Now the story is a bit bland, yeah the mc soul was sent to another plane/world/realm very similar to earth however there are few places that really cause any inconveniances to the mc (plot says that has access to the body owner memories however the "personality" in charge is the one from earth and there are plenty similitudes in both) and they are all the same kind of problem, "i don't know about X", answered by the "do you live under a rock? well it's like this". This is a good method for the author to skip the world building and show important things only when they matter however it feels like it could be used for more.
There are few confrontations (except last few chapters, and no cliffhangers (again except chapter 24), so there is little pressure in the MC and the reader.
This is by no means bad, just simply, that it's a bit more bland  because MC life is more quiet and calm even when the story had said that there could be trouble nothing happened (mc was object of jelousy on the school but there were no incidents, mother is a controlling bitch however impacted very little in the plot of the novel which, arguably, there where few reasons for her to do so).
There are several foreshadows that were not used yet so that could change, however the foreshadows mostly looked like they expanded the backstory instead of changing the world.

The characters are well written and logical, however they are a bit stereotypical (the childhood friend/rival, the best friend with almost opposite personality, the calm, quiet  and reclusive friend). The father is a big question mark, the brother is just explained as being a younger brother with particular show of personality. The rest feels like they are specifically there to be useful to the mc and not because they need/want her for something (none of the seniors pointed out why they stayed with juniors, the other teams are there but are not named, etc)

All in all, a very good novel that (I hope) continues and grows to the potential that it has. It's an almost relaxed reading and very interesting. I'm also wondering how will the author balance the magical power of the humans, seeing as a person with less than a year of experience is blowing a lot of stuff up, how is the older generation of geniuses doing in terms of power (there are no comparison, the teacher killed only one little guy by selecting what to target and the tryed to blow a mythical class snake and failed).

TL;DR: Great novel, good base and future to explore, an easy and "soft" read. Please keep going author-san.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Gwen the MC is thrown into a magical society with its own rules and obstacles.
Mages have thereby a dominant postion while Non Mages have only limited influence.

The world building creates many options for future content but focuses so far only on mages. The visible main plot line has grown a lot more exciting with the first interlude. The introduction of side characters is solid.

The editing lacks in parts but i am sure the author will fix the minor mistakes.

LitRPG - the magic System is loosely based on RPG magic Systems but there are no pop-ups and the "magic rules" are not strict in areas like mana consumption.
Male Lead -  No male lead so far.

Reincarnation - the reincarnation plays only a minor role but allows the MC a more mature personality with more willpower.

  • Overall Score

 Loving it so far. Honest criticism, the chapter on her family situation felt a little long winded and confusing (too much tell, too little show), but everything else has been great. Hopefully poor Gwen can catch a break soon :) 

Will definitely follow this.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Well worth the time and effort.

An outstanding story, well worth favorite status. A bit week on the plot line but seriously well worth the time and effort to read. The MC is a bit lacking but looks to be developing right nicely. Def looking forward to reading future installments. To be honest wish it was on amazon in a whole form so I could just read it all at once.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A great twist on common D&D spells that U know by heart. Is the first thing that grabbed me to the story, after that I stayed for everything else. 

The Grammar is very well done, quirks in names and nouns when the point of view is that character are used, which I was interesting. Very nice descriptive writing style. Everything is easily understandable and laid out well, making it a treat to read.


The story is great but has some hit or miss moments, missed opportunity, here and there. While this does give it a more realistic feel to it than just a story written to please the reader. While the story is kinda hit and miss, the characters are very well done and believable. Every character is fleshed out and has an obvious identity. For instance, while Yue and Alesia are extremely similar almost identical character types they are obviously different people. This remains to be the same for every main character and even temporary side character or villain. 

This is currently my favorite story here on Royal Road and I enjoy reading every single chapter. Which is currently being released on a regular basis, by the way. If you enjoy a good story, well-done characters, and a solid fantasy world. give it a read.

  • Overall Score

I had a Spanish test this morning, and yet I stayed up until 5:00 a.m. reading your book it was so good.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Recommend with some mild meta story issues

So overall enjoy this story immensely. it is light-hearted with some serious elements mixed in throughout the story. However, I feel that there are some superfluous chapters and paragraphs throughout the story.


There has been mention of things such as the shadow council as well as other nefarious organizations. With what I assume to be the intent of foreshadowing, sadly these efforts seem wasted this early into the story as the author is still fleshing out his world. The biggest problem I have with is foreshadowing is that it could have been better-spent world building or building the meta evil of the story, they as far as I can tell seem to be a specific antagonist which are not very well explained or explicitly mentioned in follow up chapters.

The MC is good, not great though, her inner turmoil and actions that are affected are not addressed as much as I would have thought with her being the outcome of a merger of two timelines. Beyond that, she is an enjoyable and funny character for me to read.

Lastly the grammar and overall level of writing in this piece of fiction are superb. While there are some questionable sentences and paragraphs they are for all intents and purposes usually grammatically correct which is a very nice departure from a lot of fictions posted on RL.

TLDR: Some pointless foreshadowing with a lack of world-building, MC has a problem that hasn't been addressed adequately but otherwise an enjoyable MC, Is written well.

Definitely, recommend 9/10 



Iori Angel
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

It's been a longtime since I read something complex like this, the author know how to write something interesting. The magic system is well thought out, the reincarnation trope would have been better if it was explained better but its still believable. The story might gain new tags, the more chapter it will get. We might have LGBT romance, and trauma in it. Gwen and her friends feel so real the more I discover about them. I hope it continue like this.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Let's start this review with a statement: I'm disappointed with author's decision on where this story brought.

Metaworld Chronicle is about a arguably successful lady suddenly, and without warning, spirited away and be put inside her teenage body living in an alternate world. She again must face her dysfunctional family life and her general lack of money. She should be fine, because her determination in facing difficulty is well honed. But there's a little problem, the world she's transported is a magical one. A place where talent starkly divide one prospect in life, and she has very little of it. Cool. A mature character determined to re-attain a measure of success where that exact thing is unheard of with what she has.

But along the way, author gave this MC a rare talent. Suddenly, she's no longer an underdog. Her challenge became trivial. And in next several chapters, she became among the priviledged and her money problem gradually vanish without much doing of her own. And author keep adding more and more valuable talent. Her struggle I am so looking forward reading, now no longer exist. Yeah, author, your fiction goes straight into mediocrity.


Alright, now that the biggest gripe out of the way, let me point out weakness that can be addressed with a bit of rewrite here and there.

First about mature!Gwen occupying teenage!Gwen's body: she's anxious about being found out. But as a reader, I don't see any bad consequence she would suffer even if she get found out. Do you plan to chalk her anxiety into a needless worry, or do you have big unveiling much later? If you do have such unveiling, I would suggest to move it forward or move back the passage that shows her worry. Your writing to paint her anxiety was impactful, but long gap between that flag raising with the unveiling will degrade the overal effectiveness.

Second is, tangentially, about the world intolerance toward necromancy. I find it cool that with certain necromancy apparatus, the soul of the passing is called back and forced to suffer unimaginable pain. I have a feeling that you plan to have void magic to be unsavorily prejudiced later on. Revisit Henry's advice on keeping it reined, or Surya's panic upon seeing it manifested into a companion spirit, or who-his-name blind hatred triggered by past tragedy, or Debora's great surprise: big drama is in store! However, having it planed to be shown to the world during interhigh or having Gwen train magic school gained through Caliban paint a contrasting picture. Will void become a dark and foreboding magic in par with necromancy, or simply another powerful kind of magic, I don't know anymore. Your direction with this particular bit left me ambivalent.

I think that's all. I hope my criticism is constructive enough to help you improve your story as well as your craft. Thank you for writing.