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Ok, today is the 3/11/17, Australian time. 7/11/17 made it bold. 

I am going to say this. 

I screwed up the Korriban Planetary Arc. 

There is a lot of things, I should've have done, that I didn't. 

And a lot of things, I did do, that I shouldn't have done. "Cough, Cough, Sith Hopeful". 

It sounded like a good idea at the time!

Just felt like warning you, how bad this Arc is.....



I remember the life before this one, I was defenestrated, but not without fatally wounding the one that did so. 

Well, he hurt my Sister, so, I guess it was justified?

But, here I am now. 

Just born, I can see a young girl next to me and an elderly man in front of me. 

I wonder who this old man is, his face is horribly deformed and he reeks of death.....


Five Years of Age

Well, about five years have passed, turns out the old man was my Grandfather. 

Also, this is a pretty strange world......

I've found myself.....

In the Univer- No....

Galaxy of Star Wars....

My Grandfather is the Sith Lord Zavan, a Marauder known for slaying several Jedi and slaying thousands of innocents by his own two hands.

Apparently, his face is deformed as he was hit straight on by a blaster. 

But you gotta admit, that's insanely impressive if you consider the Jedi of Order 66 that died so easily by the Clone Troopers. 

Though his face is horribly deformed, I've seen far worse in my previous life, especially from those movies....

Also, it turns out that the young girl was my Sister, it was quite obvious, but I didn't both to figure it out. 

My Sister had a great number of Midi-Chlorians, however, I have a bare minimum...

Of course, they didn't measure it through a blood sample, rather, during my birth and my Sisters as twins, he sensed us both as a movement of the force. 

My movement was much weaker than my Sisters, she can currently use the force to lift up a small rock, I can't even lift up more than a pebble. 


Ten Years of Age

My force powers have manifested quite nicely, though even now, I can't lift up a small rock with my Force powers. 

She, however......

Can lift up a large rock! How unfair is that? 

God if you're listening, why would you do this?

Though I lacked a "cheat skill".

I've read the books, played the games and watched the movies. 

I know how the Sith work. 

From my studies, apparently, this is around the Era of the Old Republic. 

The Dark Council still exists, and it's not two Sith against the entire Republic. 

It's thousands of Sith, against thousands of Jedi's......


Thirteen Years of Age

At the Eleventh Year, I realized I shouldn't be continuing to increase my Force prowess, rather I decided to try and control it better. 

By investing a year of my time, I found out, I could actually use the Force to enhance my physical prowess, even against Swordsmen of great skill, I could simply use the Force to enhance my body to defeat them. 

Daily life was so-so, propaganda and more propaganda, I was at Dromund Kaas, the Great Capital of the Empire. 

If I peeked out, seeing a Sith Lord, Moff or another important official wouldn't be rare. 

When I asked my guards and trainers about the war, they always claimed the Empire was winning, but it was quite obvious that they were lying, and I expected for there to be a stalemate between the Empire and Republic. 

At Twelve, I could proficiently use the Force, jumping a metre high or running ten metres a second, as long as I used the Force wasn't impossible. 

But it would put a strain on me, perhaps, if I got older, it would have less of a strain, but for now, I would have to wait. 

And well, until thirteen, I pretty much did the same thing.....

There was no games, no reality television, videos, it was all propaganda.....

Thankfully, I've already been "brainwashed" by the Culture of my old life, otherwise, I'd be like most of the other drones that live here. 

Then at thirteen, I was told I need to go to the Sith Academy, I didn't try to escape, as only a fool would try to escape....

Putting on my black robe, this symbolized my status as a Sith Hopeful, not like a Sith Acolyte or Initiate, I actually had the potential of becoming a Sith, and most Sith Hopeful become such. 

If I did become a Sith, I would live a quiet life, I wouldn't oppress, no I wouldn't even suppress anyone. 

I just wanted to survive.....


Arrival at the Academy

Here I was, at the Academy, my black robe made the nearby Imperial Footmen salute me, the officers, however, walked past with their hand slightly down. 

Just before I left the Ship which I took to get to the Academy, which was on Korriban, for some strange reason, even though their's one on Dromund Kaas. 

I had a meal, and it felt as if it was a prisoner's last request....

The first steps I took, I felt as if I moved off a moving train and inertia took its effect on me. 

I gasped for air a bit, but then I saw a face. 

Below the face was a body, of course. 

This was Overseer Rarhun, wearing a dark red armour with silver shoulder guards, he reminded of a certain Overseer called Harkun. 

Overseer Rarhun was once a young Initiate that completed his Sith Trials, he then became a Sith Warrior, as he wasn't able to become a Sith Guardian or Marauder, he couldn't become a Sith Lord. 

So here he is now, a Sith Overseer watching over the young Initiates and Acolytes....

He wasn't a fan of those that came from slavery, he detested them harshly, as for aliens, he didn't discriminate against them, but if there was a human, that would always be his first choice. 

He looked to be with a smiling face and said, "Well, if it isn't Lord Zavan's Grandson, I'm Overseer Rarhun, I hope you enjoy your stay here, you will act as Inquisitor Vern's Apprentice"

An Inquisitor's Apprentice? That was a pretty high position for someone that just arrived....

But I was, after all, a direct descendant of a Sith Lord, so it was likely that Overseer Rarhun pulled a few strings to make it so, in order to garner favour. 

I replied, "My thanks, Overseer Rarhun, I hope to serve Inquisitor Vern to the best of my abilities". 

I gulped in some air, I remembered playing SWTOR, and there was an Inquisitor that tortured people....

Also, Overseer Rarhun like Inquisitor Vern was an Inquisitor, but his Overseer title superseded the Inquisitor Title. 

I heard of those called Sith Sorcerers and heard that they were mighty Sith Lords that could cause even Jedi to lose their faith or succumb to madness. 

Hopefully, my time with Inquisitor Vern will be an ok time...




A note from MajesticPurpleMartin


SWTOR, a game based on the Old Republic, in which this Fan fiction has its era within.

Harkun, Sith Overseer from SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Playline. 

Dromund Kaas: Capital of the Sith Empire

Korriban: Main training place of New Sith Recruits



Hierarchy (Ascending Order) (Don't forget, this is the Old Republic Era, more than just the Rule of Two Sith.

Sith Initiate/Acolyte

Sith Hopeful

Sith Warrior/Inquisitor

Sith Marauder/Juggernaut/Sorceror/Assasin

Sith Lord

Dark Lord of the Sith

Dark Council




Both I and my Sister have a great number of "Midi-Chlorians".  

Changed to, (My Sister had a great number of Midi-Chlorians, however, I have a bare minimum...)

Date changed, 19/11/17 7:12 pm AUSTRALIAN


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Fleig1992 @Fleig1992 ago

Good first chapter. Hope to see more.

Jazehiah @Jazehiah ago

As a player of SWTOR, I'd say you're off to a good start. Be careful not to make too many callbacks to the game - they make great easter eggs, but can alienate people unfamiliar with the series. Pretend the readers have never been exposed to Star Wars. If you had never seen The Phantom Menace, would you know what The Force, or Midiclorians are? The other, option is using footnotes. Just a thought. 


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    Thanks, but, I'll probably as you suggested, use footnotes. 

    Also, this originally was going to be a SWTOR Fanfiction, but I chose not to make it solely based on just SWTOR, but this is still influenced by SWTOR, though I will try to deviate and try to cross the sides you couldn't in SWTOR.


PreviouslyAnon23 @PreviouslyAnon23 ago

If you search "Legacy of Darkness" on this site, there's another star wars fan fiction that's really REALLY good on here. You can have a look and see what's what.

Tason @Tason ago

Highly interesting.


Thank you for the chapter and the story spin.

qtru @qtru ago

He wasn't a fan of those that came from slavery, he detested them harshly, as for aliens, he didn't discriminate against them, but if there was a human, that would always be his first choice.


Isn't this the very definition of discriminating?


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    Yep, you're right.

    But, that's why I wrote "but" as I tried to imply that humans (non-slavery background) were an exception.

    As for the reason for discrimination for those from backgrounds of slavery and why aliens weren't discriminated against, is somewhat self-explanatory. (It'll be explained later, anyway)