A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

This is based off a bit on my Inquisitor Character I made on SWTOR. Chose virtually only light side choices. 

Also, since this is in third person, I will literally create stuff out of the blue and presume you understand, as it's easier for me.




Alright, there's no turning back from here. (13/11/17)

For Korriban and Balmorra, I was inflicted with memories of Xianxia and Wuxia novel writing, so, you'll see things reminiscent of it, "Cough, Cough, Sith Hopeful". 

Still wish I could change, that, but I can't.

I be back soon.

Nine O Clock in the Morning, well not exactly that time, but that's when I usually woke up in my past life. 

I woke up feeling physically unstoppable, well that's just comparison. 

In my old life, I was quite fit, but right now, I probably reached the epitome of fitness for a thirteen-year-old. 

Even without using the Force, I could probably easily beat up some of the Acolytes and Initiates here. 

With the Force, I'd probably be among the top, but against someone that passed the Sith Trials. 

I'm nothing but a bug....

Inquisitors are capable of force lightning, and warriors can choke people using the force, I can't come anywhere close to that, if I wasn't crushed like a bug, what would I be crushed like?

About an Hour Late

Well, after an hour, since I've been awake, I've been weighing my choices and ideas. 

In all honesty, I didn't want to help someone torture another person.

I had morals, a code to follow by, call me weak if you want to, but it makes me who I am. 

With a heavy heart, I walked towards the office of Inquisitor Vern, I employed the most evil and mean face I could.

Thankfully, due to the genes of my Grandfather, I was able to generate a pretty good one, the Acolytes and Initiates that saw me, seemed to move back in fear. 

The Imperial Footmen gave their salutes and the some of the Officers would do so as well, though not as formally and much more casually. 

As I entered the room, I saw a man wearing a purple armour of some sort, but it looked quite similar to what an Inquisitor of SWTOR wore, so I guessed it was him. 

He was a bit rounded, well, a bit fat I guess, not too fat though, he didn't seem to obese, just yet.

He looked at my face and then saw my robe and said, "Ah, you must be Lord Zavan's Grandson, Overseer Rarhun, told me of your arrival."

I simply nodded and walked closer, as I did, Inquisitor Vern picked a baton from a shelf.

It was glowing with energy, I saw some other Initiatives and Acolytes carrying this as well, but most were seemingly hiding it, for one reason or another, as I noticed. 

He then threw it at me, I was able to easily catch it, and I did so only using two fingers to impress him, sure enough, it did indeed impress him. 

"Impressive even for a Sith Hopeful". 

I then used the force to push myself forward, within the time period of a second, I was holding the baton to his neck, 

I was a bit nervous when I did this, but the Inquisitor then moved his hand to where the baton was and instantly crushed it. 

He then laughed and said a few things, "Hohoho, (Not Santa) very impressive, if it was a lightsaber, perhaps, I might've been dead by now". 

He then looked to the shattered baton and said, "Oh, look what I have done.... No worries, I will get you a replacement immediately"

He got another one out of the shelf, and he threw it even quicker, I caught this one, again with two fingers. 

For a second, I felt as if the entire room become dreadful, it was as if he was able to kill me, but then it quickly disappeared. 

This was, without doubt, the power of the Force, but weren't only those big shots like Jadus capable of doing so?

I don't want to brag, but this was an Inquisitor, not a Sith Lord. 

Of course, I was however still standing, and the Inquisitor was quite surprised and the pressure disappeared. 

He then spoke once more, and said, "I fear that if I truly do take you as an Apprentice, then I will certainly be slain by you in a single year". 

I replied then in the wisest and most Sith way I knew how to, say a quote I knew from the books, movies and games. 

"Choose someone as a successor, and you will inevitably be succeeded". 

This was a quote I copied from Sidious, but the Overseer obviously being born thousands of years before, hearing this, jumped and said, "In all truth, you have surprised me, but what you have just said, surprises me most, you remind me of a certain someone...."

A smile came on his face, I was like, wait who do I remind you of....

He then continued on, "In a certain temple, there is a mighty prophet called Frezan, go visit him and ask for some guidance, though my status means nothing, your words will hold great weight to a man like him". 

Wait, though the words said might be different, doesn't this mighty prophet named Frezan, sound like a guy I had to visit as an Acolyte when I played SWTOR?

What is this? 

Coincidence or Conspiracy??

Also, what is this, sending me off? 

You just don't want to take care of me, if I am lucky, he'll be like Spindrall, that old guy from SWTOR. 

He trained Acolytes and Initiates that failed their trials since I'm sure that I could easily defeat the ones that have yet to fail their disciples, they should pose no challenge right?

Well, at least I hope so. 

I then left the room, with the baton on my back, I started to walk, it looked similar to the SWTOR game version, but there were some minor differences. 

First thing, where were all the taxis? (SWTOR Reference)

You expect me to walk!

As I was, walking, I saw a man in a black sort of armour, he was an Inspector, he looked to the Acolytes and Initiates and rudely demanded to see if they were a traitor or fraud by scanning them. 

If they weren't a traitor or fraud, they would be an acolyte or initiate that was kicked out of their trials, the only location for those people would be in caves, and not in Frezan's cave, which quite surprised me. 

But Frezan didn't even live in a cave, he actually lived in a tall tower, or so the rumours said. 

After the Inspector looked to an Acolyte he looked to me and said, loudly, "Stop, in the name of the Emperor". 

I stopped and looked at the Inspector weirdly, he then asked if he could scan me, I obviously agreed and he said farewelled me. 

Obviously, as a Sith Hopeful, I was treated much better than those Acolytes and Initiates, as for Inquisitors? The Inspector didn't dare to touch them, as only Sith could judge other Sith, and the Inspector like me was akin to a Sith Hopeful. 

Eventually, I made it to where Frezan's residence was, a large tall tower, it looked as if it would collapse at any moment, looking outside, I felt fear and really didn't want to go in such a place that looked as if it should've fallen down by now. 





A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Jadus: Darth Jadus, Dark Council Member of SWTOR (Not in this, just referenced)

Frezan = Spindrall

SWTOR Taxis, a travel system, where you don't have to walk as much as you would normally do. 

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