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Movie spoilers, but most people, watched the movies anyway.

The large tall tower, looked as if it would fall at any moment. 

I truly worried about the Empire's state of buildings here at Korriban, back then when I was at Dromund Kaas, the buildings and facilities were far beyond anything I saw in my old life. 

This tower, however, seemed as if it was made in the middle ages, and somehow still existed to now. 

Also, I still have yet to know what exact time period I am in, despite all the propaganda of the great Dark Council and famous Darth's, none of the names were familiar to me. 

There was no Zash, Thanaton, Baras or any other figure, I could think of. 

But, I was someone like most, that researched more on the Jedi, so perhaps, if I ever get news that isn't propaganda, I might properly figure out which time period I'm in. 

As I walked closer to the tower, I felt myself subconsciously going slower, I wasn't sure if this was the Force or just my fear, but I kept on moving. 

Where the door, would normally be, there was none such. 

It was just an empty door-sized hole, so I went through it. 

At this time, I heard an echoing voice, it was quiet, and though I heard it once, it was if I couldn't forget it. 

"Who goes there? Inquisitor? Warrior?". 

Then, all of a sudden, I could see something, I couldn't before. 

There were now two doors, one on the top said, Inquisitor and the other said, Warrior. 

I felt, that I should go to Inquisitor, that was after all, what I was studying and training for, however, though my prowess in controlling the Force was quite high, my actual potential of the Force was quite low. 

I remember that Luke Skywalker could move a small ship with the Force, as you could also in the Force Unleashed games, but I simply wasn't like that. 

I could barely lift up a small rock right now using the Force if I wanted to choke an adult, any adult, even one without training, I wouldn't be able to do so. 

Maybe a teenager, but I wouldn't be able to lift them up or really kill them easily, if it wasn't for my Grandfather, I wouldn't be getting the Sith Hopeful treatment. 

However, my physical prowess, on the other hand, was unquestionable, so I made a choice. 

I decided to go to the warrior door. 

There was a robot, it wasn't on, but when I took a step forward, it was shrouded by a faint purple glow, and then it just jumped up.

It held a baton like me, it ran towards me, but I easily dodged it, but I didn't realize the other hand of the robot that almost struck me. 

Fortunately, the other hand was empty, but still, a robot's hand was stronger than a normal human's hand. 

I moved back as quickly as I could, it then went towards me, but it jumped quite strangely, it twisted at the same time, and tried to strike me. 

I dodged again, though this time, I was much closer to being struck, I myself then tried to strike it, but it dodged with ease. 

This went on for a good ten minutes, I was exhausted, but the robot was perfectly fine, then I decided to try something. 

The robot was virtually bare, it seemed like an exoskeleton, that was barely armoured. 

I imagined that this was either an extremely old Droid or one that went through many battles. 

I put my right hand forward, and I attempted to use the force. 

Seeing I was, the robot moved even quicker, or at least I thought, I felt as if the robot was right in front of me, but looking, it was a metre or two away. 

I tried to manipulate the core of the robot, and I swear the robot smiled for some reason, I learned some basic knowledge of robots, and I knew that the robot was actually dismantling its own core. 

Seeing that, I began to move the tiny wires within the robot, I don't think it noticed, so it continued to dismantle its own core, though if it did so, after a minute or so, it would automatically shut down. the thing is, I'm not sure if I can last for more than a minute.

This sounded good, right? But, the thing is, I'm not sure if I can last for a minute, much more, a minute or two. 

Concentrating all my efforts, I started to try to control all the wires, I realized, that though they were wires, they were still quite powerful compared to my old's life.

But, I tried even harder. 

I got this, I got this, I kept on telling that to myself. 

I also had to be careful to do it without bringing much notice, as the robot, still thought I was trying to move its core, or I was trying to self-destruct it. 

That was a viable option, but I felt this robot was different....

When I saw the faint purple glow, it reminded me of a certain Sith Lord.....

Then, the robot had finally dismantled its own core, but nothing happened, it simply watched me. 

At that moment, I then pulled on all the wires violently, suddenly the robot knew what happened, and it tried to move, but I stopped it from doing so. 

I then moved the wires to collapse the robot, by straining the wires enough, I was able to sever the connection it had, it was similar to a person having a broken hand. 

They had it, but they couldn't use it. 

The robot was in the same position, but then all of a sudden, the purple faint glow disappeared, and it collapsed on the floor, but just in case, I disconnected all the wires. 

I then saw another door, I opened it. 

I saw a staircase, every step I took, I was given visions, there would continuously be an old man, asking if I wanted the power to change the World. 

But I simply ignored it, going through enough telemarketing scams in my past life, I gained an innate resistance and continued to the top. 

Opening the door at the top, I saw a faint blue figure, it was sitting down, at that moment, my suspicions were cleared.





A note from MajesticPurpleMartin



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TomatoPotato @TomatoPotato ago

Haven't played SWTOR in ages. Geez, doesn't this trigger some old memories? BTW you probably should change it to a 'SWTOR Fanfic' instead of 'Star Wars' because they're essentially two completely different stories. Good work so far.

Jazehiah @Jazehiah ago

Hang on. Is the robot doing the dismantling, or is Fred? You may want to check those bits.


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    Robot was. 

    Fred was trying to self-destruct the Core, but then remembered/realized that the Robot was actually under the control of a Force Ghost, therefore, doing anything to the Core would be virtually useless. 

    So he opted to control the wires instead. 

    Lord Frezan was controlling the Robot, but he didn't feel it when the wires were being moved as it wasn't a body, but rather the shell of a droid.

    He didn't feel pain or sensation when using the Robot body, but he could notice when it moved, but not when subtle movements such as the wires did so, that is why Fred was careful when moving the wires and only moved it violently when he felt he had reached the best control he could. 

    As for why Lord Frezan didn't move, I'll explain that in a later chapter.


    Also, I might as well explain some other stuff since you commented.

    Not sure if you played as the Inquisitor in SWTOR, but during a Hoth mission, you meet Horak-Mul that took possession of the shell of a droid, through that, he is able to converse with you, despite being far away. 

    I use that as justification that Lord Frezan as a Force Ghost is likewise capable, albeit to a lesser extent. 



      Jazehiah @Jazehiah ago

      Thank you for clearing that up.  What I'm getting at, is that it's not "self destruction" or destroying its "own" core, because the robot is not hurting itself. The robot is being destroyed by Fred.

      It's important to make that distinction because you cannot self destruct someone else. 


      MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

      Well, it was a robot. 

      Bah, I'm terrible at explaining. 

      Fred destroying the Robot's Core, but as it isn't functional, it isn't self-destruction, which Fred noticed as the Force Ghost (Lord Frezan) was controlling it when he remembered/realized what the faint purple glow meant. 

      He is destroying/controlling the robot through its wire, as destroying the Core which would normally the object to keep the robot together is useless, as Lord Frezan, is the one keeping it apart through his Force Ghost. 

      He assumes that by destroying the core it wouldn't last a minute or two after but then realizes that it reminds him of Horak-Mul's possession of the Ghost, that doing so is useless. 

      The robot is hurting itself because of the same reason that Lord Frezan didn't move. (As said, before, I'll make a later chapter on it)

      Sorry, I just didn't explain it correctly in the Chapter. 


      I could change the chapter, but I don't want to. 

      Future readers can just see this conversation we had! Very Happy