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I then heard the voice again, though I was at the top of the tower, the room was still big, but not enough to cause an echo. 

Yet the voice did just that, it was an echoing voice that was quiet and unforgettable. 

"Visiting, this old man? Seeing the look on your face, you are not surprised?"

I was indeed not surprised, Horak-Mul was one likewise that could do so, so why couldn't this guy do it as well?

I simply replied, "I am surprised, after all, how many can cheat life and death?". 

I tried to flatter him, but the voice replied in anger, "Bah, this old man, simply refuses to let go...."

Refusing to let go? If it was that simple, then wouldn't everyone be in a sense, be able to cheat life and death? If Palpatine was here, wouldn't he be choking on his words right now?

But, I suppose it was harder than one thought, it would take incredible resilience and willpower, they were people, Jedi or Sith that couldn't bear to pass on, but rather feeling unaccomplished enough, their spirit stayed in the earthly realm. 

I was going to talk, but the voice then asked a question, "Acolyte, this old man, has been stuck here for a hundred years, only those that harbour ill-intent towards you would send you here."

I was speechless, did Inquisitor Vern want me dead already? No.... It was likely, the Master of Inquisitor Vern that had a feud with my Grandfather. 

I then asked a question myself in curiosity, "Who trapped you here?". 

The faint blue figure then stood up and looked outside of the tower, the voice then replied, "My own disciple, he was hungry for power, but he was without patience knowledge."

I simply tried to appear wise and said another Sidious quote, "Choose someone hungrier and you will be devoured". 

The faint blue figure turned out, it revealed an old man, there were several scars on his face, he was also not human, he was a Sith Pureblood. 

Normally, Sith Pureblood's are ones with red skin colours, but today, I can say I saw a blue Sith Pureblood!

The voice then laughed and said, "I, Lord Frezan, have never heard something so true, since I murdered my own Master"

The voice, no....

Lord Frezan, was likely someone killed his own Master to become a Sith Lord, only when Sith had an incredibly powerful Master compared to themselves, would they not kill their own Master to become a Sith Lord or Master themselves. 

Lord Frezan, looked towards me and asked a question, "Acol- No, youngling what is your name?". 

I took a moment to reply and said, "It is.... Frederick"

Honestly, my actual name is Shaange, it was strange, but most of the people I knew called me Lord Zavan's Grandson, after all, his mere mention of his name, carried far greater worth than my own. 

I gave him the name of past life, as I found it more convenient and to remember myself by, but Lord Frezan, thought otherwise, "A strange name......"

"You don't look like you've lied, but it doesn't seem you've told the truth either...."

Well, Lord Frezan, you're right, Frederick is my real name, but at the same time it isn't, but it's not like you're ever going to know that. 

I was though surprised he was able to figure out, I didn't tell the truth, then I tried to change the subject and asked a question, "Lord Frezan, what stops you from leaving this place and passing on?". 

I swear, I saw the blue Lord Frezan, turn red in anger, he shouted out and it felt as if I was going to be defenestrated again, though this time out of a tower. 

"My apprentice! The one that trapped me here! He didn't even kill me, he left me here to die after I was betrayed by him". 

I was confused and subconsciously asked a question, "He didn't kill you?". 

I felt a bit weird after noticing that I asked a question, subconsciously, but Lord Frezan simply replied, "That fool, he's simply incapable, do you know why he was able to trap me? He had help from Darth Norgiov, if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't be capable of doing anything against me."

My curiosity couldn't be sated, and seeing that Lord Frezan felt like answering questions, I continued, "Who is Darth Norgiov?". 

He looked at me and then replied, "A Dark Lord of the Sith, but the weakest without a doubt, he feared me, but couldn't kill me, so he offered my own disciple a position as a Sith Lord and to become his own disciple, if he helped him strike me down!"

"Then who is this disciple?" I was always interested in these stories and books about Star Wars where the characters would have disciples betraying them, though more broadly I was interested in everything about Star Wars.

 Lord Frezan replied, "His name is, Travpatr."

I took a deep breath, honestly, for a second, I thought he was going to say, my Grandfather, I don't know why, but it was just a hunch. 

"Though he has probably changed his name, since becoming a Sith Lord, one thing that he wouldn't, is the scar on his face, he got by being blasted from a blaster at point blank range. It is the source of his rage, though it is untempered and it makes him weak and strong"

Hearing this, I froze, didn't this sound like my Grandfather, I kept a straight face, and then said something that made me thankful, I told him my old name. 

"In truth, you look like him, but your name is too different, I remember when he had a son, he was utterly disappointed it wasn't a Force-sensitive child, and he vowed to call all his future Force Sensitive children, the names of his household, Frederick, by all means, is none of which". 

"But youngling, I can see you are likely without a Master if they made you come here, let this Old man help you, and in return, you help me?". 

I was frozen, I didn't know what to say, he would without a doubt, teach me the ways of the evil Sith, but I had morals and ideas, but I needed power.......

So, here it goes, "I accept..........."


 (He needs power to survive and also because he's slightly worried about Inquisitor Vern)




A note from MajesticPurpleMartin


When it says, "If Palpatine was here, wouldn't he be choking on his words right now? 

"To cheat death is a power only one has achieved, but, if we work together, I know we can discover the secret." -Palpatine/Sidious

Get rekt Palpatine -Virtually all those Jedi and even Sith that became a Force Ghost and also Emperor Valkorion

Emperor Valkorion is a SWTOR Character

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