"No need for ceremonies, this old man doesn't care about such traditions". 

I was kneeling, but then I stood up and saw the face of Lord Frezan. 

He smiled and then pointed far away, it was a large cavern, it could barely be seen with sight, "See, the Cave of Lord Meldn, located within that cave, should be a group of shyracks, go and kill them, once you do so, you will find them protecting a damaged hilt, go and retrieve it."

Wasn't this a quest/mission? 

Damaged hilt? Was it worth me fighting some shyracks for a damaged hilt? 

I knew of shyracks, apparently, they were easy to kill, the real trouble was that they fought in numbers, I worried though, that there might be a lot of them or even worse, a Tuk'ata hiding there. 

I slowly left the tower, and as I did, I started to walk to the Cave of Lord Meldn, honestly, at the same time, I was thinking. 

Why are there so many caves that haven't been explored yet?

I'm pretty sure this is the time period after the Sacking of Coruscant and after its respective treaty if not extremely close, as Korriban is under Sith control, but, where's Darth Malgus?

He should be the face of Empire Propaganda....

I think this is an alternate Galaxy of Star Wars.

Well, that's just a theory, and as I was thinking this before I knew it, I made it to the Cave of Lord Meldn, with me and my trusty baton, entering the cave. 

In the cave, I saw the skeletons of acolytes, they were disgusting, but I felt the urge to vomit when I saw a decomposing body, it looked like the acolyte died at least within a day or two ago, but I continued on deeper.

As I came closer, I saw the shyracks, they were in the air, I hoped to just get one of the group and kill it when it's by itself, but I could also choose to try and just run to get the hilt. 

But, I was afraid that Lord Frezan, would know, so I decided to try and trick them, using the Force, I picked up a small pebble and threw it. 

There were about twelve shyracks, though there were, there was also some skeletons of shyracks on the ground, which lead me to believe, that someone actually brought shyracks here instead of them being more than just twelve. 

About three shyracks went to the pebble, well not for the pebble, but for the sound it made. 

I threw another pebble and another, well no, it was the same pebble....

As I got the shyracks, just near the entrance of the cave, I jumped and struck a shyrack, instantly killing it, the other two shyrack almost screamed, but I jumped immediately and struck another one, though this one survived, they both tried to attack instead of screaming. 

The wounded one bit my arm, which hurt a bit, the other one sped towards me and tried to bite me the same, I made it bite the baton, and thank God, that baton sure is durable.  

I then quickly pulled out the baton and struck the shyrack, the wounded one took this chance took bite me harder, but thankfully, I pulled it off quickly as I hit with my baton.  

Three dead, nine more to go....


I have to say, it wasn't easy. 

I right now had torn clothes, but thankfully, there were moved awkwardly and clumsy, also did I mention they didn't have eyes?

I was able to repeat it with the same way I did for the first time, but I made only two shyracks follow me, after killing them both. 

I made a slight mistake, I aggroed/pissed about seven of them at one time....

The upper part of the black robe is virtually gone, replaced with the sight of a thirteen-year-old's muscles. 

I once again have to thank my Grandfather, if it wasn't for the training, I received due to him, I likely would've only had a body comparable to the acolytes. 

I still, however, received some minor wounds, a few slashes or wounds, after all, everyone would eventually suffer wounds and scars. 

Though the same thing, can't be said for my baton, it looked as if it's been smashed against a brick wall, though it's not that it can't be repaired, it would take some time. 

Even Darth Malgus was forced to don a respirator mask after the Defeat of Alderaan. 

Honestly though, with the face, I inherited from my Grandfather, and the wounds on my body, they only served to help my credibility as a Sith Hopeful. 

As for why I say, Grandfather instead of Mother or Father? 

I never really met or seen both of them, life was simply training and more training. 

One day, I hope I will though since they aren't Sith, they're probably more approachable than my Grandfather. 

But right now, I was walking towards a table, there was a hilt, sure enough, it was damaged. 

It didn't look like any hilt, that I've ever seen before, Sentinel, Vanquisher, Vindicator, these three were types of hilts, and there were more. 

But out of all of them that I knew, this one looked different, maybe it was because it was damaged, I didn't know, but I went back to the tower, to complete the quest. 

As I walked back, I lamented the lack of a taxi system and how this felt like a quest, but I didn't want to say anything to anyone else. 

While I was on the staircase, I had thoughts of creating my own Lightsaber, but even if I did somehow, I probably wouldn't be very proficient with it, or that I feared that a Sith might find me and simply take it. 

Only Sith and Jedi could wield lightsabers, apprentices and padawans were the minimal ranks that were present, I wasn't either of the two. 

Though I served as Inquisitor Vern's Apprentice, he wasn't a Sith Master, but only the lowest Sith. 

But even the lowest Sith had to be addressed as "Lord" by those that weren't. 

Bringing back, the damaged hilt, as soon as I entered, I kneeled in front of the sitting Lord Frezan. 

He then spoke in an echoing voice, which to be honest, sounded warm for some reason. 

"Good.... Leave it here for now"

Dropping it, I was going to say something, but Lord Frezan continued, "Go to your Academy and say that this old bag of bones wasn't here, say that I've passed on..."

I nodded my head and was going to speak, but once again, Lord Frezan continued, however this time, his voice was full of fury, "But be careful, whoever sent you here..... Wants you dead! Watch out for that person...."

I thanked him for his advice, and I quickly left. 

As I was walking back, I remembered how bare the upper part of my body was and how my baton was virtually destroyed, from just "visiting the tower and seeing that nobody was there". 

I stopped for a second.....






A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Sacking of Coruscant: Sith sack Coruscant

Coruscant: Capital Planet of Jedi, virtually. 

Treaty of Coruscant: Sith and Jedi sign treaty, right after Sith sack Coruscant.

Spoiler: Spoiler



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