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I sat down, in the hot desert-like landscape of Korriban. 

Taking a moment, the first thing I did was to fix my baton. 

I used the Force to carefully mould it together, though it wasn't fully repaired, it was close enough. 

As for my robe, I tried to stitch it using the force....

I mean my control was pretty good! 

After a minute or so, I really stretched the robe, but then I remembered my bed cloth was made black, perhaps I could use that to stitch....

Wearing the extremely stretched robe, I extremely carefully made it a bit looser, if I made a single mistake, I feared it would collapse the robe. 

I then began to walk back, as I walked, nobody seemed to notice anything. 

Eventually, I made it to Inquisitor Vern's office. 

As I was about to enter, I immediately heard screams...

Hearing them, I took a step back and went toward my room. 

There, looking at my bed cloth and robe, I swear, they're made of the same material!

I began to stitch some of the bed cloth with the robe and in no time, the robe was fixed, but the bed cloth was no only half of what it was. I then decided to look in my room for anything else. 

Curious, I looked through the cabinets in my room, in one of them, I felt as if God was mocking me, there wasn't one robe, there were several!

Looking through all the other cabinets, I saw no more bed sheets, I was in despair. 

Taking off the robe I currently had, I put on one of the several, then, I started to stitch my old robe with the bed sheets, wondering how the other Sith Hopeful had lived. 

I imagined they too likely to had to resort to such measures, though without my skill in stitching, they likely would've had much less success.

Then, I walked towards, Inquisitor Vern's office, there was no screaming, but then I opened the door, and immediately heard screaming....

I attempted to show my toughest face and I boldly went in, I saw a young teenager, he was strapped to the restraining machine and had an extremely frightened expression.

Reminding me of a scene from the Inquisitor's playthrough with Inquisitor Zyn, it was likely that this young teenager had done a serious, though silent crime, or was somehow connected to it. 

If it wasn't silent, then this teenager would've been dead now, if it wasn't serious, he would simply be sent to the tombs for a near-impossible mission. 

These overseers were those sort of people, to Sith Hopefuls, they gave preferential treatment and to those that came from slavery and rarely being aliens, they would be sent to hard missions for even the slightest disagreement, that in truth, only Sith Hopefuls would be capable of completing. 

Inquisitor Vern didn't seem to notice me, I slowly went behind him and asked, "Inquisitor Vern, I have returned...."

Immediately he replied, "What did you find at the Tower? What did Frezan say?". 

Turns out he did notice me.... He probably just didn't say anything.

I kneeled and replied, "My apologies for the failure.... Inquisitor, Frezan wasn't there, I believe he has since passed away...."

Inquisitor Vern smiled and replied, "No worries, Apprentice, show this poor excuse of an Acolyte some pain". 

I asked, "What crime has he done?". 

Inquisitor Vern gave off a small laugh and replied sternly, "Some questions, are better to have their answers, not known"

I didn't know what to do, but anything if I replied once more in dissent, I feared he might get angry.

I turned to the acolyte and asked a question, "How do you wish to be tortured? Through the machine or myself?". 

Before the acolyte could speak, I casually added another line and moved in slightly closer, "I can assure you, I do not forgive as easily as a machine simply stops". 

I said that in hope, that he would choose the machine, just in case, as I saw his lips moving, I began to move my hand in the stance that one would Force choke or Force lightning. 

He then started to cry a bit and shout, "STOP! The machine!"

As if he had terrible memories of a Force choke or Force lightning, he begged for me to stop.

I was going to, but I noticed Inquisitor Vern smiling behind me, so I had to continue....

I smiled, though it wasn't real of course, I wasn't sadistic! I was a peace loving average joe....

"Are you sure about that? The machine is far more powerful than the electric I can produce...."

He then still shouting replied, "THE MACHINE!". 

I gave off a bit of an evil laugh, but like all evil laughs, it was terribly generic. 


Then continuing I said, "Take in that despair....."

I then began to very gently choke the teenager, it wasn't that I was limiting myself, I literally couldn't choke harder than this without breaking a sweat. 

The teenager then began to scream, but they died out and he stopped struggling. 

Looking at him, Inquisitor Vern had a great big smile, I then said, "Scum, fainted before I even began"

Inquisitor Vern then agreed and sneered while looking at the acolyte and said, "You've done well Apprentice, such cruelty is necessary for the Sith, things such as compassion and peace only serve as weakness". 

I took this moment to gain some favour from him and said, "Compassion by the Jedi, is false, they are nothing more than hypocrites that use their doctrine to control the masses."

Inquisitor Vern was stunned and he asked, "How so?". 

I quickly replied before it was out of my mind, "They show compassion to those they pity, as like us, they see them beneath them, as soon as we are gone, who knows if the Jedi become like us?". 

Inquisitor Vern gave off a quick laugh and asked, "Is there anything else?". 

I replied, "The first Dark Lord of the Sith was a fallen Jedi wasn't he?". 

Inquisitor Vern laughed even more and began to look jovial, give him a red suit, a long white beard and short white hair and he might even look like Santa. 

Looking to the acolyte, Inquisitor Vern then decided to answer my question, "This acolyte is a hybrid child from a normal Imperial Family, he hasn't really committed a crime, he simply annoyed Overseer Rarhun". 

I sighed and lamented, I wonder what this acolyte did to simply annoy Overseer Rarhun since he came from a normal Imperial Family and not a background of slavery. 

Though he was a hybrid, Overseer Rarhun, wasn't one to discriminate on the basis of race, if he did so, then he might attract negative attention, even so, that would be very little. 

I asked Inquisitor Vern, "Simply annoyed? Overseer Rarhun wouldn't act against someone out of just that. Even if he is a hybrid, Overseer Rarhun wouldn't do that."

Inquisitor Vern then replied, "Don't worry, go to your quarters now, see me tomorrow at ten in the morning". 

I took a step out of the office, and as I did, I saw several acolytes running away, I wondered if they were eavesdropping, if they were and they heard me, I worried....

They might think of me as sadistic or something....

But, I knew that rumours of me would definitely spread out after today.

What I didn't know was............



It was near to midnight, Inquisitor Vern was kneeling, in front of him was a figure shrouded in a dark cloth, beneath of which was armour. 

The figure shrouded in the dark cloth was, without doubt, a Sith Lord, his very presence was death incarnate. 

He laughed and scorned, "Vern, how is Zavan's Grandson?". 

Inquisitor Vern didn't dare to look up, he simply replied, "Master.... He has the qualities of a powerful Sith...."

The Sith Lord then spoke, "Good, you didn't lie....... I was going to wait for a bit, but.... It is preferable to my plans if he becomes an Inquisitor quicker."

Inquisitor Vern then asked, "Master.... You don't mean?". 

The Sith Lord smiled and said, "Vern, the politics of the Empire are large and strange, I took you on as an Apprentice as your Father was an old friend..... Go now, help him become an Inquisitor as soon as possible..."

As Inquisitor Vern left, the Sith Lord looked up and spoke, "Zavan......






A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

NOTE: The bed sheets of Sith Hopeful and their robes are made of the same material. (<-- From non-existent website)

First Dark Lord of the Sith: Ajunta Pall, and no, I'm not talking about the species. 

Also, I don't know how the Star Wars time daily works, so I just used ours.

I researched it and found out that there were different versions, namely a Coruscant version having 368 days, but that's not the same as the Korriban cycle, however, the hours and minutes seemed to be the same, only length of weeks, months and years had changed.

Also, this is in the Treaty of Coruscant Epoch.

Also, that acolyte will be seen again.  (Return of the side character)

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Fleig1992 @Fleig1992 ago

Thanks for the chapter. Reading this is making me want to play SWTOR again.

TomatoPotato @TomatoPotato ago

Is he going to be an Assassin or Sorcerer? And is he going to be as strong relative to the actual character or even stronger?


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    Well, judging by the criteria that one needs to be a Sorcerer, it seems very unlikely for our Protagonist Fred.

    As being a Sorcerer requires probably the most potential (Midi-Chlorians) than any other Class, which Fred here simply lacks.

    As for Assassin, that seems to be a much more suitable Class, as it requires much less using the Force, though still to a relatively high degree. 

    I don't want him fitting a specific class, but if I had to, it would probably be Assasin. (As that is somehow a tank class)

    Though it's going to be more of a mix of Assasin and either Juggernaut or Maurader. (He'll either have a double bladed light sabre or dual light sabres)

    As for his relative strength, I'm presuming when you mean actual character you're talking about the SWTOR Inquisitor. 

    He'll probably be weaker, as the SWTOR Inquisitor is quite OP if you consider Darth Skotia (though he was weakened) and Lord Paladius (who actually weakened the Inquisitor, but still lost)

    As I've said before, his main weakness is his lack of the Force, but this will be countered by his control of the Force and his physical Prowess.