Though I was told to go to my quarters, it was still quite a bit of time until night. 

I thought of going to Lord Frezan, but I was in truth tired, in my room, I began to practice the Force. 

Once more, I found myself unable to hold anything that weight more than a medium sized rock. 

But, when I closed my eyes, I felt as I could still see.

The Force had once again enhanced my physical prowess, this was likely due to the shyracks. 

As I was bored, I continued to investigate my room, to my boredom, there was nothing that I didn't find before. 

Also, I wondered another thing, when I played SWTOR as the Inquisitor and Warrior, there was never any rooms, they simply finished all their training miraculously in a single day. 

But here, it took far longer, weeks, perhaps even months it would take. 

I felt like leaving my room, but I chose not to, I simply tried to sleep, about an hour later and still awake. 

The sun had yet to fall, I left the room and decided to go and visit Frezan, once again it was a hunch. 

On the way, I saw a cave, I could hear voices from it, I looked at it and saw a quite obvious trap. 

They were likely using the voices as bait as trying to trap someone, it likely wasn't me, so I simply continued. 

Though murder among acolytes was banned, strife and spreading deceit was an encouraged Sith trait, more importantly, acolytes always had someone to blame...

Beasts? Crazy denizens? There were plenty of both.

Eventually, I made it to the Tower and got up there quickly, seeing the sitting Lord Frezan, I knelt and announced my presence, "Master, I have arrived". 

Lord Frezan was more of a Master than Inquisitor Vern was, I don't know why, but though Lord Frezan was dead and probably as cold as ice, he seemed much more approachable and "warmer". 

Lord Frezan spoke, "A powerful Sith Lord is watching you...... One capable of challenging a Darth in the prowess of the Force itself...."

I was surprised and worried, Why would a Sith Lord be watching over me? 

It obviously wasn't my Grandfather, he wasn't that powerful enough.... I worried that it was an enemy of my Grandfather.

But most surprising was, that this Sith Lord was capable of challenging a Darth in the prowess of the Force.... 

This was likely a figure that could take on armies or cut people as easily as cutting weeds. 

To become a Sith Lord, one would need to become a Master, before that, they would become an Inquisitor or Warrior. 

From Inquisitor or Warrior to Sith Lord, the requirement was only prowess in the Force, or more specifically Power!

I remember reading that there were many Sith Lords capable of challenging Dark Lords of the Sith, however, they simply lacked the resources and forces to do so. 

In a one versus one, a Sith Lord might defeat a Dark Lord, but in a Kaggath, the Dark Lord would likely win. 

Did my Grandfather antagonise such a figure?

I truly was worried, Lord Frezan spoke some comforting words, but I was still afraid. 

"Don't worry, if you hide here, no one will find you. Like the Valley of the Dark Lords, this tower is quite sacred to a few of my still alive friends". 

However, what Lord Frezan spoke made me realize something that made me lost most of my worries, "If that Sith Lord wanted you dead, you would've been dead by now, he wouldn't send you here to me, weaker Sith might, but the stronger Sith all have their own ways to deal with you...."

I wondered something and then remembered, Inquisitor Vern sent me to Lord Frezan, the next time I see him, I would definitely ask the question, why he would. 

Though it was also possible, that Inquisitor Vern didn't know of Lord Frezan's death as he smiled instead of being unsurprised, I still had to know the truth.

I looked outside and noticed that Lord Frezan was silent, I spoke, "Master, I will leave now". 

Lord Frezan spoke, "Go now, but be careful, though that Sith likely doesn't wish to kill you right now, he could at any moment". 

I left the tower, and as I did, I felt a slight cold, it was getting near dark, so I decided to start moving quickly, 

I began to use the Force to create a tiny barrier around me, but it did virtually nothing. 

Tutaminis! Why don't you work for absorbing the cold as well?

Though it was a Jedi Technique, I mean come on, I wasn't hateful like the Sith, I was peaceful like the Jedi!

Becoming even colder, I began to use the Force to accelerate myself, I got back when it was virtually midnight. 

As I came back, I saw Inquisitor Vern leaving his office, I could've followed him, but wouldn't that raise a flag of some sort?

A death flag was what I worried about. 

So, I being a good citizen of the Empire, didn't stalk or follow him, I simply went to my room. 

The Next Morning

Well, a lot of things happening in that one single day. 

But, didn't the Sith Inquisitor and Warrior both do their entire trial in a single day? 

I definitely feel a bit small compared to them. 

As I get out of bed and walk through the Academy, I see a ship entering the Academy. 

This was the date that usually acolytes would arrive on the Academy. 

Obviously, I being a Sith Hopeful am different, of course. 

I wondered if Ffon received the same treatment, then maybe he wouldn't have died.

Seeing the acolytes arriving, I saw their expressions of despair, though some looked more confident, they still walked in fear. 

If they were lucky, they might be favoured by the Overseer, perhaps a Sith Master might take on one of them, and in the rarest case, a Sith Lord would take on one of them.

I moved on, though I didn't see who the Overseer was, they were likely the same as Overseer Rarhun, a Sith with a talent for teaching, though some were Sith Masters and even rarer Sith Lords, the majority of them would always be Sith that found themselves unable to become a Sith Lord. 

I went to the training room, but as I did, some eyes were set on me, they looked at me with fear and I could see the guard, smiling at me. 

I wondered if what happened yesterday had any effect....





A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Kaggath: Ancient Sith rite, rarely done, but it involved two Sith fighting each other with all their forces, and the winner has the ability to destroy everything the loser has built up.

Ffon: Sith Pureblood that got rekt by Sith Inquisitor played character

Also, all title are gender neutral, like Lord Zash, who is a female.


Also, Sith Master is having an Apprentice that is Sith. 

If you have an Acolyte or Sith Hopeful as an Apprentice, you don't count as being a Sith Master.

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