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Force = The actual Force

force = Newton's Laws (namely the Second Law) 

This one is a bit less energetic, but the next one won't be!

Lacking energy, next one will have more!

As I was in the training room, those around me moved away. 

I simply tried punching the training dummy in front of me.

I did this for quite a while, and it was an awkward silence that everyone simply watched me. 

Eventually, I started to go quicker to see how far I could go. 

This took an obvious great strain on my body, but I felt it was necessary to train my body, as my prowess in the Force would probably be heavily limited. 

Well, unless I did what the Inquisitor did, I could get a Voss Mystic to get my mind calmed and get my body specially enhanced by rakatan technology, but there was no way, that it would be possible for me right now. 

Eventually, I decided to do the last hit on the training dummy's head, I concentrated all the Force I could onto my right hand, and even before I hit the training dummy's head, it was being pushed back by the Force. 

When my hand's force was added to the Force on the head, the head just.....

It came flying off.....

Whilst, this was impressive, I did of course not do it within a single punch, it was adrenaline and the continued assault on the head, also, if I was fighting a Jedi, they could simply use a lightsaber to cut off my head.

I turned around, and all those acolytes started to subconsciously move back, whilst this was bad for my reputation. 

It was in truth good!

I didn't want to be known as sadistic, but it would probably help....

Seeing their fear, I grabbed the baton on my back, and I thought to myself. 

"I'm sorry old friend, I'll repair you later....."

I squeezed it with my left hand and suddenly it broke, I did so whilst looking at an acolyte that seemed to be one of the ones that just arrived, giving fear to the acolytes would in honesty help them. 

They might become overconfident, but because of me now, they would be more careful and cherish their lives more!

I didn't drop the baton, rather I put it back on my back and moved on, all the acolytes around me moved and when I looked, they ran away. 

I smiled and then saw that it was near ten, I began to run to Inquisitor Vern's office.

Though my hands were sore, namely the right hand which I used to punch the training dummy's head, the baton, on the other hand, was squeezed by my other hand. (<--- Terrible Pun)

The Sith Academy here was quite big but nowhere big enough to support all the Sith. 

Though in SWTOR, there was only one Sith Academy which was this one, there was currently one on Dromund Kaas, which was quite strange. 

Not wanting to be late, I began to run even quicker, I guess I was too focused on training, I didn't even notice the time. 

Unfortunately, as I was running, I came to bump into someone, I really shouldn't have....

I just raised a death flag, by what I did....

As I was running, I just so happened to bump into a female Sith Lord......

Next to her were, where I think, two Sith warriors, they both carried lightsabers....

Immediately as I did, I apologized, "My apologies, my Lady.... I didn't see you there!". 

Kneeling down, I was, in fear. 

I heard one of the Sith warriors speaking, "How dare you! This is Lady Vaysera, a Sith Lord!". 

However, Lady Vaysera, spoke, "Hmmm, don't worry, you must be Zavan's Grandson.... I've heard much of your progress at the Academy..."

Still kneeling, I was in great fear, though I was a Sith Hopeful, a Sith Lord could simply kill me, and who would speak up for me?

My Grandfather might harbour some vengeance, but he wouldn't act it out. 

As if I could feel for some reason, she was smiling, she then spoke, "Go off now...."

I was surprised, very few Sith were as friendly as that, perhaps she was trying to play a Lord Zash on me?

I ran off, but as I did, I noticed the Sith Warrior that didn't speak, look at me with eyes that wished to kill. 

As soon as I made it to Inquisitor Vern's room, I entered without knocking, I saw the very same acolyte and Inquisitor Vern looking at him in delight.

He would just use Force lightning on him and acolyte would cry in pain, I simply watched, and waited. 

Inquisitor Vern seemed to into it, that I didn't want to interrupt him, but at the same time, I saw how the acolyte suffered. 

I then spoke, "Master, I have arrived"

Inquisitor Vern jumped a bit, and he even shot a bit of lightning towards me. 

I put my hands up to block it, though my robe was damaged, my hands were virtually fine, except for a bit of stinging pain.

Inquisitor Vern smiled and replied, "Good reflexes...."

Seeing the crying acolyte, I spoke, "Overseer Rarhun still is annoyed by the simple matter?". 

Inquisitor Vern, hearing this, replied, "In truth, Overseer Rarhun is angry right now."

Hearing this, I asked, "Why?". 

Inquisitor Vern was silent and said, "In truth, I myself don't know why". 

The unfortunate acolyte must have done a simple mistake, while Overseer Rarhun was angry.

I guess that was his way of getting rid of anger, to make another more unfortunate.

But, I couldn't do anything, I wasn't Sith yet, so my words had no weight. 

I asked Inquisitor Vern what I should do, "Master, as your Apprentice, are there any important tasks?". 

Though Inquisitor Vern indeed said that he would die within the year, if he took me as an Apprentice, it wasn't like he could refuse, but he wasn't really my actual Master anyway.

Inquisitor Vern looked at me with a thinking face and replied, "Not yet there- Wait, there is one task, I require for you to do". 

Hearing this, I slightly lamented and hoped that there wouldn't be anything to do, "What is it?". 

Replying back, what he said, made me feel dreadful. 

"There is a mutant tuk'ata which has grown to a great size, within the now deceased Lord Yerzan's Tomb, I was asked to take care of it, but I myself am busy at work, however, you should be more than capable of doing such."

Thinking to myself, I thought, WHY! A giant tuk'ata? There's no way, I can deal with that.....

But knowing, I couldn't decline it, I simply replied, "As, you command". 

Inquisitor Vern then replied, "Bring back proof of its defeat, by sundown."

Hearing, this I cried. 

Do you think Tukata are easy to kill? 

Maybe for you? But, I don't have a lightsaber to fling around.

As I was leaving, I heard Inquisitor Vern speak to me, "Don't worry, though this is a giant Tuk'ata, it should be heavily weakened, and I can assure you, its scales should be no stronger than your own baton"


I suppose word goes fast, but how did he even hear about it?

I didn't have time to think about it, I simply left the room, and I started to run, though not to Lord Yerzan's Tomb, but rather the Tower, I needed to ask Lord Frezan, if there was any "cheat" way to kill the Tuk'ata. 

If the Sith Inquisitor from SWTOR, can kill Darth Skotia with a cyber neutralizer, maybe there was some sort of special, Tuk'ata poison?

I then began to walk to the Tower, and as I did, I felt that someone was following me.....





A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

SWTOR: Star Wars the Old Republic, Game.

Play a Lord Zash


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