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Yah, plot progressing. 

Also, don't forget to read post-chapter note. 

As I made it to outside the Tower, I heard the voice of Lord Frezan. 

"My apprentice, there is someone following you!". 

I stopped, and I shouted out, "Who follows me!?". 

I did that to try and scare whoever was, but I knew that it was unlikely. 

Suddenly, I could see the very same Sith Warrior that looked at me with the intent to kill. 

He seemed to be calm and he looked at me with malicious intent and said loudly, "Did you notice me now? Or were you waiting?". 

I didn't reply, I simply looked at him, and asked, "Why did you follow me?". 

The Sith Warrior laughed a bit and said, "I have to admit, you're quite impressive for a Sith Hopeful, many have seen you as the most prospective!". 

I replied in the evilest voice I could, "You have yet to answer my question!". 

The Sith Warrior frowned and said, "Though it's not necessary, I have an excuse to kill on this Planet as you offended Lady Vaysera"

Looking at how he wished to kill, I remained calm and replied, "An excuse? Is this on your grounds, or your Master's?". 

The Sith Warrior hearing that smiled, and replied, "You don't need to know."

He drew his lightsaber, seeing that I prayed to God and thought, "Please help me, God...."

Though it wasn't God that helped me, I heard the voice of Lord Frezan, "My Apprentice.... Do not worry.... I will amplify your Force power, but the rest is up to you...."

Suddenly, I felt invigorated with energy!

The Sith Warrior ran towards me carrying his lightsaber, about a metre or two, he suddenly leapt, I wanted to test out how much power Lord Frezan could amplify mine by, so I put my hand forward and force pushed....

He flew a lot!

Five or so metres, by my count. 

He then tried once more, this time, I enhanced my body and let him come. 

As he leapt again, I dodged to where he hit the ground, using that moment, I was able to disarm him and I actually took his lightsaber!

I looked at it for a good second or so, but then the Sith Warrior seeing himself defeated, he actually threw a grenade on the floor!

Well, the Sith were sly and cunning, I should've expected that, but as he threw the grenade, I had to dodge it, he used that opportunity to run away. 

I was going to chase after him, but Lord Frezan's voice was heard, "Don't chase him.... If you leave the radius of the Tower, you'll lose the amplification....."

It was still echoing, but I felt for some reason, it sounded weaker.....

Then he continued, "You have his lightsaber, and he knows, that he's not your match, so he won't challenge you.... As for his Master, he or she likely wouldn't trouble you for such a thing...."

There was truth in Lord Frezan's words, would a Sith Lord care about their subordinates losing their lightsaber? 

Not really, and if they did know, they would rather hide the truth, if their subordinates were seen as weak, they themselves might appear likewise. 

I then asked Lord Frezan a question, "Master, I have been asked to kill a mutant Tuk'ata in Lord Yerzan's Tomb, are there any weaknesses of their's I should know?". 

Lord Frezan's weakened voice I heard again, "Yerzan....."

I heard his voice, it was if he was contemplating something, but then he said, "Watch out for their stingers and aim for their head...."

Hearing this, with a lightsaber in my hand, I was jovial!

Of course, I didn't actually defeat that Sith Warrior with my own strength, but, still, I felt pretty good!

I ran to the cave of the Lord Yerzan, full of confidence, I went there without even checking. 

But that was almost my undoing....

As soon as I entered, about five or six Tuk'ata came running at me, if I didn't have a lightsaber, I'm not sure, if I would've survived. 

Though with a lightsaber, I easily slashed and cut through with ease. 

I wish I could do Force Lightning though, if I could, then all I'd have to do is zap them a bit and they'd die easily. 

But here I was, without much prowess in the Force, only able to kill them as I relied on the lightsaber. 

As I walked to the giant Tuk'ata, I felt a sense of adrenaline, a desire to test out this new lightsaber.....



After, the Sith Warrior ran, the first thing he did was immediately return to the Academy. 

Interrupting a conversation between Lady Vaysera and another Sith Lord. 

Lady Vaysera seeing the Sith Warrior was surprised and asked, "Who dared to injure you?". 

The Sith Warrior knelt and replied, "My Lady, it was that acolyte.... Lord Zavan's Grandson...."

The Sith Lord smiled and Lady Vaysera asked another question, "Your lightsaber?". 

The Sith Warrior shook and replied, "My Lady..... He was too powerful! He played around and easily took my Lightsaber if it wasn't for the shock grenade..... I would've died!". 

The Sith Lord laughed and said, "What did I tell you Vaysera? You recently became a Sith Lord, there are some Sith that can't be explained...."

Lady Vaysera looking at the Sith Warrior became angry and began to choke him....

"You would've died? YOU SHOULD'VE DIED....."

Lifted up, the Sith Warrior looked to the other Sith Warrior that accompanied Lady Vaysera and put his hand trying to reach but then ran out of breath as he was being choked. 

The Sith Warrior was now dead, and the other Sith Warrior saw as the lifeless body fell to the ground. 

The Sith Lord smirked and looked to Lady Vaysera and said, "Allow for me to take him as an Apprentice, I've been needing one for some time..."

Lady Vaysera looked to the Sith Lord and replied, "You are a Sorcerer, how are you sure Zavan's Grandson won't be a Sith Warrior? Perhaps, he will become my own Apprentice?". 

The Sith Lord replied, "Let's make a bet.... If he chooses to be an Inquisitor, he will become my Apprentice, if he chooses to become an Warrior, then he will become without an Master". 

Lady Vaysera looked to the Sith Lord in anger and asked, "Not my apprentice?!". 

The Sith Lord calmly replied, "Only if he wishes to...."

Lady Vaysera grew even angrier and said, "Even if he becomes an Inquisitor, he shouldn't have to become your Apprentice!

The Sith Lord smiled and said, "Do you know how many yearn to become my Apprentice? Though Vern is one of which, I even have Sith Master's as Apprentices....."


Back to Frederick's POV

Seeing the giant Tuk'ata my confidence is gone....

It reminded me of a certain few lines, spoken by a certain red dragon.... (Smaug Reference)







A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

The amplification is similar to how Obi-Wan Kenobi is able to communicate with Qui-Gon Jinn on the Planet Mortis, due to the incredible connection of Force present. 

Also, don't forget the ancient Jedi and Sith were far stronger than the contemporaries.

Whilst, Force Lightning during Sidious's Era was seen as an advanced skill, during the Old Republic Era/Treaty of Coruscant Epoch, it was a though not common skill, it wasn't seen as rare either. 

If you want proof, go watch the SWTOR Official Videos.


Also, Frederick is still weaker than a Sith Warrior, he only won due to the amplification.

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Astrowoud @Astrowoud ago

seriously man, don't you have school or something? thx for the chapter btw, and FIRST!!!!!!!!!

Draykevero @Draykevero ago

Quick question, how does one increase their Force prowess? Training? If so, what kind? Or is it talent based?


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    Well, I determine Force Prowess through two criteria. 

    Midi-Chlorians (Potential of the Force. 2,500 Midi-Chlorians in each cell for normal humans and over 20,000 in each cell for people like Anakin Skywalker) 

    Control (The ability of actually using the Force)



    Though Frederick has a barely qualifiable level of Midi-Chlorians, he, however, has greater control than most people at his age, which makes up for his lack of Midi-Chlorians in comparison to, for example, his Sister, who will be introduced in due time. 


    Unfortunately, Midi-Chlorians is talent based and in many cases hereditary, which if not for the Sith Academy trials being so arduous and life-threatening/claiming, the Sith would have long outnumbered the Jedi. 


    However, Midi-Chlorians is only potential and not actual skill. 

    Control is the actual skill and use of the Midi-Chlorians, take, for example, ten thousand Midi-Chlorians used at their full potential and control will be far more potent than twelve thousand used recklessly or without control. 


    To answer, your question, talent works as the vessel, but training works as the oars. 


    Tried, my best to explain this. 




    Also, I have mentioned the Voss Mystics and Rakatan technology, which have the ability to help with the potential of the Force, namely the Voss Mystics, more than the Rakatan technology. 

    Additionally, I made Frederick's Midi-Chlorian count barely qualifiable, as I didn't want him to be to OP.