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 There is only one Tuk'ata in this one, and it is the giant one.

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 "My armour is like tenfold shields......" 

I remember that in my past life, reading the Hobbit. 

Seeing the giant Tuk'ata, maybe they're not too far off?

Perhaps, they're related?

I mean, they're both giant lizards right?? 

Well, Tuk'ata apparently have intelligence and can live for centuries, but this one is mutated, so I'm not too sure. 

I looked at it and it spoke, in a strange tongue. 

If memory, serves me right, Tuk'ata had were known as semi-sentient and could speak the Sith language. 

I looked to the speaking Tuk'ata and I said, "I'm sorry, I only speak, Galactic Basic Standard". 

Well GBS, was virtually English, but I guess that was for the convenience of everyone watching the films. 

The Tuk'ata growled and came closer, I moved back and I drew out the lightsaber. 

Seeing the lightsaber, the Tuk'ata moved back. 

I leapt forward and stabbed the foot of the Tuk'ata, the lightsaber went straight in, without any difficulty. 

But, at that time, the Tuk'ata attempted to stomp on me, I barely dodged, suddenly then, the two stingers it had that were like winglike extensions went towards me. 

Dodging them, the Tuk'ata came up close and I saw it had plenty of teeth, though I wasn't sure how many, it sure had a lot. 

Seeing its mouth, it almost tried to eat me, I was so afraid that I didn't even use my lightsaber and almost dropped it.

I then started to randomly move my lightsaber, and fortunately, it made the Tuk'ata move away. 

The stingers came, again and again, I dodged them once more, I tried to strike one of them, but every time I did so, I would have to dodge the other stinger. 

I simply didn't want to risk it, as I was afraid. 


That was my weakness, but also my strength, all those Sith that became blinded in arrogance and rage were always the easiest to kill, though also the most persistent. 

If one did not have fear, then they would get themselves killed, if I wasn't afraid of this giant Tuk'ata at my strength, I would've probably been dead by now. 

Trying to dodge the stingers, I jumped as high as I could and I made it on top of the Tuk'ata, I barely made it, it was about three to four metres tall. 

Well, actually, that was perspective. 

It was probably around two to three metres, but hey, don't blame me, I'm in a dark cave right now. 

As I was about to penetrate the back of the Tuk'ata it suddenly began to move like a Rodeo Bull....

"2.7 Seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu......"

Was I living like I was dying? 


I just wanted to survive, I held on to dear life!


I was literally flung into the air and I hit the ceiling, I came down, and holding onto the lightsaber I hit the Tuk'ata, it cried out pain, fortunately, I didn't let go of the lightsaber, otherwise, I might've sunk into the giant Tuk'ata's body. 

It shook more and more, but eventually, it stopped moving. 

I got off and touched it, it was definitely dead, as I could feel it losing heat. (Not sure, if they are hot or cold blooded)

I looked towards it stomach, and I saw something that looked similar, it was a Holocron!

I remembered when Revan found the Holocron of Tulak Hord within the belly of a Queen Tuk'ata. 

Well, I guess this doesn't really count as a Queen Tuk'ata, but, I wonder what Holocron it is. 

Opening the stomach, was quite gross, it spewed out what seemed to be its food source, mainly vermin. 

Though the Tuk'ata could survive on the Force itself, it still needed to eat after all. 

Carefully I retrieved the Holocron, but I couldn't put it on, as I didn't have the "proper desire". 

Putting the Holocron on my back, I decided to get the Heart of the Tuk'ata, I would also cut the stingers and horns. 

But other than that, I couldn't be bothered to cut the rest.

Carrying the Heart was very strange.... Though the stingers and horns were ok, the Heart was just strange...

First stop, I would go to Lord Frezan's Tower, I would drop the Holocron and then return to the Academy, why wouldn't I give the Holocron to the Academy?

It was probably of higher value to Lord Frezan, if not, then I could learn the secrets from it, then give it to the Academy. 

Eventually, I made it to the top of the Tower, and I saw Lord Frezan sitting down, as he always would. 

I knelt and said, "Master, I have arrived, killing it, I found a Holocron!". 

Lord Frezan spoke, "Place it down behind me...."

I did as he asked, and then the Holocron came on, a red figure came up. 

He began to talk, "Whoever has opened this, I am Lord Yerzan, Left Hand of Darth Asla, those that seek my wisdom-"

However, the Holocron suddenly exploded, Lord Frezan then spoke, "Yerzan......."

He was in deep contemplation, and then he stood up.

Lord Frezan looked towards me and said, "My Apprentice, I destroyed the Holocron as Yerzan wished for his Legacy to not be continued...."

"I, only have one more wish, that is that my traitor apprentice dies... Once that wish is fulfilled, I can finally leave this World and pass on...."

What are you? A Jedi? I thought you wanted Immortality like Palpatine? Like Zash? 

But I felt that Lord Frezan wasn't lying either, so I replied, "Master, I will definitely accomplish your wish!". 

Lord Frezan replied, "Go now...."

I left for the Academy, carrying the lightsaber, Tuk'ata Heart, Stingers and Horns, whilst they weren't heavy, there were hard to carry. 

As I was walking to the Academy, near there, I saw the Lady Sith Lord, seeing her. I took a long way around and went to Inquisitor Vern's Office, there I gave him the Heart, Stingers and Horns. 

Inquisitor Vern looked to me and said, "Ah... You have my thanks..."

It was quite odd, but I wanted to say something, but he cut me off, "Lady Vaysera is looking for you!". 


It was probably the Sith Lady I was avoiding, but if Inquisitor Vern said so, he probably wasn't lying... 

So, well, I guess, I have to go. 

As I walked, I saw the Sith Lady, next to her was a man, shrouded in a black cloth and there seemed to be armour beneath it. 

I shook when I saw him, if he wasn't a Darth, then he- 

Wait, is he the Sith Lord that Lord Frezan was talking about?

A bunch of theories started to appear, but I tried to focus on the present and I walked. 

In the middle, I just seemed to notice was Overseer Rarhun, smiling and looking at me strangely, as I went to him, he even went up close to me and hugged me, I just stayed still and I saw the other Sith Warrior. 

As our eyes connected, he suddenly moved back in fear.

Overseer Rarhun patted my back and exclaimed, "Hahaha, Shaange, you must've been hiding your skills from your Grandfather, in a mere two days, you have passed your trials!" 

(Shaange, is his real name in this World, but I still call him Frederick)

Wait a minute, what?? 

Maybe, I was as quick as the Sith Warrior and Inquisitor from SWTOR? Well, just a day slower.

I was going to ask why then I remembered the incident with the Sith Warrior......

Looking at the Lady Sith Lord she smiled, I was creeped out, but I was in total fear, as I looked to the Sith Lord that was shrouded, he looked to be someone that could strike me down as casually as simply cutting a piece of weed.....






A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Galactic Basic Standard: English, somehow the Star Wars Galaxy's main language is conveniently English.

Sith Language: Sith Pureblood language, Darth Vader, Maul, Tyranus/Dooku and Sidious were able to speak it as well. 

"2.7 Seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu......" (Tim McGraw's Song Reference, "Live like you were dying")

The Return of the Baton and the Acolyte, next chapter.



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chazzi @chazzi ago

Thank you for the Chapter :)

Im interested in seeing where you go with this one, i personally enjoyed sith sorc for their unique powers (and story line) the most but marauders have better dps....