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Addressing the review. 

My Grammar and Sentence Structure, do need to be improved, which I am slowly doing. 

As for it being lax, that is done on purpose.

Additionally, the Force Power, at this Chapter, has progressed to slightly choking and barely lifting up a teenager, I have purposely not given a number for his Midi-Chlorians as I would rather not limited myself by such means. 

Rather, I have stated, that it is the barely qualifiable level. 

I also restate that Midi-Chlorians is potential!

Frederick (or Shaange) has yet to fully develop and use his potential, as he is only thirteen. 

Around sixteen to twenty he will stop developing it as quickly. 

As for picking up the pebble? Already stated above. 

When his Grandfather noticed Frederick (or Shaange) he didn't notice the power to pick up a pebble....

He noticed the full potential of Frederick, and more importantly his Sister, who in due time, will be introduced. 

Also, you just can't another Sith born like that, you wouldn't discard so easily, especially if you're a Sith Lord and not a Darth. 

As to why Lord Frezan didn't notice? He did notice, but there are other aspects.

How Lord Frezan Noticed Spoiler:

 Also, his physical power....

I have mentioned before, that he is quite strong for someone his age.

Honestly, you could probably call him the Pinnacle of Thirteen Year Old Muscle. 

Obviously, however, his age limits his strength, when he gets older and his body, enters its prime, he will likely stand at the pinnacle of strength, without the Force. 

As for mentality, I guess he is quite weak, though I prefer the term "unique" due to his special circumstances, coming from our own World. 

The twenty minutes spent writing this, could've been for the chapter.

Very Happy




His current strength: Not as strong as the Sith Warrior, he had his Force Prowess amplified by Lord Frezan, but nobody except for those two know such. Also, the next few chapters will be basically him, actually getting strong enough around the Sith Warrior's strength. So don't ask about his strength, please.


I stood still, in fear. 

Not knowing what to do, I simply stood still. 

At that moment, the Sith Lord looked to me and asked a question, "Shaange, are you an Inquisitor or Warrior?". 

I wondered if it was a question based on my opinion, or what I really was going to become. 

Though I chose Warrior, I was having second thoughts. 

After all, this wasn't SWTOR, who could say, that I simply, couldn't do two classes at once?

Also, I really, really wanted a double-bladed lightsaber......

I'd, of course, have to be careful not to cut myself, but still.....

Well, at the end, I simply chose Inquisitor....

Look don't judge, I really wanted to be a Sith Assassin, which was the advanced group of Inquisitor. 

Ironically, Assassins which are to work in the shadows and deal hits that one hit kill, are tanks in SWTOR. 

I don't mean like actual tanks, the one in wars. 

But, DPS absorbers, which honestly, struck me very strangely....

Well, if there wasn't the Sith Assassin subclass, I would've simply chosen Warrior, but I remember that you need a lot of "Rage" for it apparently. 

And, I'm a pretty calm guy, so yeah. 

I looked to the Sith Lord and said, "Inquisitor". 

As I said this, I could see the Sith Lady frown and the Sith Lord smile and he began to speak. 

"I, Lord Prosel hereby, grant you the title and rank of Inquisitor". 

Wait what?

I didn't even know that Inquisitor was by itself a base rank. 

Well, this is strange.....

I suppose I count as the lowest rank of Sith now. 

My expression was without meaning, however, Lord Prosel then spoke, "I granted you the title and rank, due to your prowess against, Lady Vaysera's poor excuse, of a Sith Warrior...."

It appears that the Sith Lady's name is Vaysera.

I looked to her, who simply said, "Inquisitor Shaange, you have done me a favour, by ridding me of such a weak Apprentice...."

She then looked to the Sith Warrior and immediately said, "Give him your Lightsaber!". 

The Sith Warrior had a look of despair, however, he quickly threw his Lightsaber to me and seemed to move back. 

Lady Vaysera then spoke, "Thirteen and already an Inquisitor, very few have accomplished such a deed, therefore for you have an Apprentice yourself within ten years, wouldn't be strange". 

Lord Prosel, then moved forward slightly and said, "Inquisitor Shaange, I too am impressed by such skills, and currently, I am looking for another Apprentice, it-"

Before Lord Prosel, could finish his sentence, Lady Vaysera came and interrupted him, "Inquisitor Shaange, I have been missing an Apprentice myself...."

Looking at both of them, I realized something....

I was a toy....

A game to the both of them....

It was likely that these two mighty Sith Lords were fighting over each other, the prize wasn't me, it was the humiliation of the loser that showed that the winner was the superior Sith. 

Not wanting to become a prize or toy, I decided to reject both of them. 

"My apologies, Lord Prosel and Lady Vaysera, but I wish to first.... Do something else..."

I didn't know what to say, if I chose Lady Vaysera, I would likely go through the Lord Zash route, if I chose Lord Prosel, I would probably go through the Darth Baras route. 

Well, it wasn't like that they were that different anyway. 

Both of them betrayed their Apprentices, but ultimately fell for doing so. 

Lord Prosel smiled and Lady Vaysera frowned, it seemed that it truly was a game to them both.  

Lord Prosel likely just didn't want for me to become an Apprentice to Lady Vaysera, even if I did become an Apprentice to Lord Prosel, it was highly unlikely, that he would actually care or bother about me. 

Lord Prosel smiling then said, "Inquisitor Shaange, shall I report this to your Grandfather?". 

I immediately replied, "No! It isn't necessary". 

He laughed a bit, it was likely that he knew of my Grandfather somehow. 

Lady Vaysera still frowning looked to me and said, "I will excuse myself then Lord Prosel, goodbye to the both of you". 

Lord Prosel did likewise, "Very well, then goodbye to the both of you as well."

Both of them started to leave with Lady Vaysera being followed by her remaining Sith Warrior. 

First thing I wanted to do was go to my room, I was slightly worried that they found out about my bed cloth being half of my first robe. 

As I went to my room, it turns out that I was beaten there, I mean come on, where they NPCs? 

How else could they be so quick?

I slowly went there and tried to get in my room, where I was addressed by an unfamiliar face. 

"Ah, you must be Inquisitor Shaange, Lord Prosel, told me of your new rank, as soon as it was conferred...."

I looked at him and asked, "Who are you?". 

He replied, "I am Lieutenant Tarvis, at your service, Lord Prosel, has commanded me to relocate your residence to the Inquisitor Section, which is located one floor above, please follow me."


I felt as if he was a hotel waiter of some sort, it was simply the way he talked and how he acted....

I followed him and eventually, he showed me a room, entering it, it was so big... 

A bed, a cabinet or two, but there was virtually nothing else. 

What do I do with all this space?

Inquisitor Vern might as well keeping the restricting device within his own room!

There was more space in here than in his office. 

At that time, an Imperial trooper came up from behind and asked Lieutenant Tarvis and me a question, "My Lord, Lieutenant Tarvis, we found this....."

OMG, it's my baton!

I must have simply dropped it in my room, honestly, though, I didn't even remember about it after I purposely broke it to scare everyone. 

I looked to the Imperial trooper and said, "Give it to me...."

Immediately he gave it to me, and as soon as I took it, he moved slightly back. 

Another Imperial trooper then came and said, "We found this...."

It was my blanket, I coughed and said, "Give it to me...."

Lieutenant Tarvis looked to me with a strange expression but immediately looked away. 

Oi, what's with that look?

He himself then coughed and said, "My Lord, your wardrobe.... Has been updated also, to fit Imperial Standards...."

I immediately went and looked inside my cabinet, there were the same purple clothing that Inquisitor Vern was wearing...

Though the clothing was similar, I have to say, all the fashion experts have gone to the sides of the Sith......

Commanding, Lieutenant Tarvis out of the room, I began to change, I made some tiny minor adjustments....


First thing I did was making the shoes slightly taller. 

Though I was thirteen, I looked to be about fifteen or sixteen. 

With the face, I inherited from my Grandfather and Inquisitor Clothes which I was wearing, I marched to Inquisitor Vern's office. 

I had a few questions to ask him, as I was walking, I wondered what happened to that Acolyte?

Vern will fell the burn (Ok, I'll show myself out now.)









A note from MajesticPurpleMartin


Lord Zash Route: Get betrayed at the end. 

Darth Baras Route: Get betrayed at the end. 

Yes, I know, that they're the same.

Also, all Non-Sith have to call Sith, as My Lord. 

Some special exclusions apply though, which you will see.



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