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As I walked to his Office, I saw several Imperial troopers just outside it. 

Walking towards it, there I was stopped by an Imperial trooper that informed me what happened....

"My Lord, Inquisitor Vern has been summoned to Dromund Kaas, his position is now formally yours". 

"Clearance has now been assigned"

Did I ask----

Wait, what?

Why would Inquisitor Vern be summoned to Dromund Kaas?



Inside a small ship, there was Inquisitor Vern kneeling down to a hologram. 

"Vern......." The voice called out in dissent and anger.

"Why have you left Korriban?"

Inquisitor Vern spoke in fear, "My Lord, Lord Prosel, has begun to suspect me!". 

The voice then lashed out, "That specimen..... Is far too important to be lost!". 

Before Inquisitor Vern could answer back, the voice of the ship's computer could be heard.

"Incoming call, accept or decline, from Lord Prosel". 

Inquisitor Vern shouted out, "Decline!". 

However, the computer replied. 

"Decline command overridden, the call is accepted". 

From then on, there were two holograms, one was a man with a strange scar on his head. 

That was Lord Zavan, Frederick's Grandfather, then there was a smiling Lord Prosel. 

Lord Prosel looked to Inquisitor Vern and spoke, "Vern... Your father was a worthy retainer, however, you have been less than worthy...."

Vern was then slowly lifted up and was being choked. 

As he was, he continuously squirmed, but in his eyes was a sense of contentment for some reason.

Lord Zavan seeing this felt fear using the Force through a hologram, was by no means an easy feat, especially if the distance was from a planet to a ship hovering above its atmosphere.

Lord Prosel laughing then looked to Lord Zavan and spoke, "Zavan, Zavan, how long has it been?". 

Lord Zavan immediately shut off his hologram, and Lord Prosel smiling and then also disappeared.

Lord Zavan looked backwards and knelt and put on a hologram, he spoke, "Master, Lord Prosel himself has killed Vern". 

The hologram was none other than Darth Norgiov, looking down in a calm manner, he replied, "Prosel, will fall like Frezan did, Vern's death is a minor matter, but if Vern did truly bring that specimen..... That would be most unfavourable..."

(Bigger power plays than you can expect)



There, I saw the acolyte and as well, Overseer Rarhun. 

Overseer Rarhun first spoke to me, "This is an acolyte that Inquisitor Vern would keep here, do you know anything about him?"

Wasn't he the one that offended you?

The acolyte looked to me in fear and moved back stumbling. 

I replied, "Inquisitor Vern, told me that, he kept him here, under your supervision". 

Overseer Rarhun had a confused expression and replied, "No matter, do what you wish to do with him". 

He then left the room, now there was only be and the acolyte left. 

Though some Imperial troopers would enter and leave to renovate some stuff, after ten minutes, they were all gone. 

I looked to the frightened acolyte and felt quite a bit strange, I did the things in the past, as to make sure I got a good reputation and get on the good side of Inquisitor Vern.

But now, I didn't have to do it anymore, but I didn't know how to make the acolyte calm. 

If I didn't kill this acolyte and let his rage build up, he might become a Sith and he would use his hatred of me as a source of his power!

I could kill him now, or get rid of his hatred of me....

I didn't want to kill, I would only do so when they had the intent of killing me likewise. 

Since I had drawn the blade first, naturally, I should be the first to sheathe it. 

I asked him a question, "Do you know the Code of the Sith?". 

He began to barely recite it, "Peace is a lie.... there is only passion...."

I looked at him and spoke, "But, what is peace? What is passion?". 

He didn't reply, and I simply said, "Peace has always been the truth, and passion, its instrument."

I began to speak random wise stuff, the young acolyte looked to me and asked a question quivering, "But, the Sith Code...."

I looked at him and replied, "The Sith Code is full of half-truths and inadequacies, to master the Dark Side, is only one side of the Force...."

The acolyte looked to me as if he hungered for knowledge, he wanted to know more....

But I simply replied, "Stay here, I will be back in due time...."

However, the acolyte looked to me in reverence, he was someone that wished to know more!

I left the room, but the acolyte continued to follow, as I walked to Lord Frezan's Tower, he kept following me. 

All the way to the tower, he kept following me, even as I walked up the Tower, he kept following. 

I didn't run, I simply walked my normal speed, I wished to see how far he would follow. 

Eventually, I made it to the top of the Tower, I knelt down to Lord Frezan, and as I did, the acolyte did likewise. 

Lord Frezan's voice then echoed, though this time even weaker, "Well, well, if it isn't Inquisitor Frederick and his Apprentice?". 

I simply replied, "I have yet to accept him...."

Lord Frezan's voice echoed once more, "He is human, but he has an extremely small amount of Sith Pureblood Ancestry within him....."

He continued, "Ragnos, Kreesh, Naga, since the Empire's beginning, humans and Sith have interbred with each other...."

I didn't want to interrupt him, but the acolyte did so. 

He quivered and spoke, "Are.... you a Force Ghost??". 

Lord Frezan laughed and said, "Indeed I am, child, what is your name?

The acolyte replied, "I never had one....."

Lord Frezan then asked, "Who were your parents?". 

The acolyte replied, "They were--"

Suddenly the acolyte fell, Lord Frezan stood up and looked to the acolyte. 

He tried to touch the acolyte, however, at that time, he was pushed back and a vortex of the force enveloped him.

Lord Frezan's ghostly blue, had turned faint and vague, it was almost transparent....

He muttered weakly, "The Emperor has touched this child....."

Hearing this, I remembered a certain Jedi Consular from SWTOR......











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