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SWTOR Spoilers ahead.

Also, I slightly rushed this, as I'm going to start a new Planetary Arc after the next chapter, which will have Frederick (Shaange) actually doing stuff.


"Master!". My reaction was a bit slow as the first person I thought of was the First Son. 

Even I was able to sense him becoming weaker, I looked to him now almost transparent. 

At that time, the acolyte became enveloped with a crimson aura, it looked to me and suddenly, I felt my mind being crushed....

It was attempting to invade my mind, I tried to block it out, but it was virtually impossible. 

I saw the red acolyte standing up and speaking to me, "You who have awakened me from my slumber...."

Then a vortex that pushed me back appeared, and my mind was being strained, however at the same time. 

I remembered something, I knew of things, outside this Galaxy....

Beginning to think of them, I wondered what would frighten the Emperor the most. 

Remembering that Darth Malgus, Baras and other figures like him didn't exist, it was likely that this was another Emperor. 

Suddenly, the entire scenery changed. 

This was the scenery of the Hero of Tython defeating the Voice of the Emperor. 

Nor I or the acolyte had places, but I made it so that the Emperor watched.

The acolyte shuddered and exclaimed, "No.... Who are you to receive such visions!". 

Suddenly, the Voice of the Emperor was slain by the Knight of Tython.

"NOOOOOO" As if it was an ancient voice that cried out its death cry, the acolyte looked to me and dispersed. 

Suddenly, everything was back to the Tower and the acolyte was asleep. 

I looked at him in a bewildered manner, to kill or not to kill, this was a question I had to ask myself. 

Then Lord Frezan stood up and noticed something in the air....



"What a strange vision..... He who struck me down, then to hold my own Crown....."




"The Emperor's presence...... From the acolyte, it is gone...."

Lord Frezan looked to the boy in bewilderment like me, though in an even greater sense. 

I don't know how I survived, wasn't the Emperor meant to be among the most powerful?

Maybe, I had plot armour?

I wasn't sure, but I wouldn't dare to do another thing as risky as that. 

Then the acolyte yawned and look to me and said, "Inquisitor Shaange, what happened?". 

Oh for ..........................

Looking at fear to Lord Frezan, I felt like running away.

Lord Frezan looked towards me laughing and said, "HAHAHA, don't worry, I already know, you're my traitor apprentice's Grandson."

"I even know of your passion being the instrument of Peace....."

I looked to Lord Frezan and asked, "If you knew already, then why?"

He looked to me and said, "Hope...."

He then began to disperse, and glow brightly, "Look here......."

Laughing he continued, "This charade has gone long enough, it's time to pass on, my young apprentice in truth, I can't be bothered to care about my traitor apprentice, a man like him, will get himself killed in due time, but you.....

You will go on, much further than even me myself..... Tch, to even force the Emperor himself outside of your Mind....That is why, I can go now, knowing, I have done something at least that will contribute to the birth of a Conquerer.... Even if I don't go, the Emperor will find me..... goodbye my young apprentice....

Disappearing, I saw Lord Frezan become one with the Force, a moment of silence, it was a very rare occurrence in which anyone would become a Force Ghost, and even rarer if one was is to pass on and to become One with Force, especially so, if that one is Sith. 

Tears, why did you fall down? I wasn't sure, honestly, if this was all happening within a game, I would complain and say that it was all rushed. 

But reality and playing games, they were different....

This was a reality, each hour I spent felt more than an hour should be. 

An hour within a game, truly couldn't be thought as an hour. 

I looked to the confused acolyte, not sure, how I should feel, I felt the Force calling out to me, but I didn't answer. 

Looking outside the Tower, I felt a sense of anguish and contentment. 

I laughed at how this felt like a generic and terrible plot for a game or novel. (<--- Damn, this is generic and terrible)

But, as this was my reality, it felt so different. 

Not knowing my parents, the only person, I could really think of being connected with, was my Master, Lord Frezan. 

"Master..... My plan was to survive, but for you... I'll push the old Emperor off his Throne if I have to..."

I looked to the nearby acolyte and said, "From now on you are Aridal, what has happened today, you speak none of!". 

I looked to the Valley of the Dark Lords. 

Remembering the great hidden treasures there, I decided to go, with Aridal following, I felt a new lease of life. 

The First Year

A year passed and Aridal was now far braver, he was also slightly annoying, always correcting me, but he was also perplexed and wishing to learn about the random wise stuff I spoke about.

In secrecy, I began to loot and take more and more of the treasures hidden within the tombs, I did so in secrecy as to not attract anyone's attention. 

Slowly and slowly becoming more stronger, I found more and more, materials, as I was forced to fight the numerous shyracks and Tuk'ata. 

I frequently used the first lightsaber and simply kept the second lightsaber within my pocket. 

On one of those days, I picked up the lightsaber hilt that I left at the Tower and kept it with me, I also found the time to fix the baton and give it to Aridal, who was overjoyed.

The Second Year

Yet another year passed, the corpses of acolytes everywhere desensitized both me and Aridal. 

In order to stop Aridal from going on too much the Path of the Sith, I taught him the clumsy moves I knew which he actually himself improved upon. 

I didn't tell him anything of the Sith Code, finding it better to teach him about the Jedi, if I did teach him Sith, I feared he would betray me for another Master. 

At this time, my body was developing, I could feel myself become stronger. 

Also, I found out apparently there was a cafeteria at the Academy, well, I actually was going there about a day or two after Lord Frezan's oneness with the Force. 

The Third Year

Honestly, I was so quiet, that I think Overseer Rarhun, thought that I died. 

The reason I say that, is because, I saw him one day and he exclaimed, "Inquisitor Shaange, you're alive! But... I told your Grandfather...."

I told him not to worry and not tell my Grandfather, I was alive. 

I would in time, have to kill him.

My prowess in the Force became quite impressive, along with my physical body, I could say, I would be able to defeat the Sith Warrior with him using a lightsaber and me without one. 

The reason being? I was confident, one hand would block his hand with the lightsaber and the other wound punch his face!

As for Aridal, his physical prowess was terrible, but his Force prowess was simply incredible.

Before I knew it, he could use Force lightning already and Force push objects far away, fortunately, he was deeply loyal, otherwise, I would've been pushed off a hill by now or fried by lightning....

Also, today was special.....

Today was the day, I received some news......

As if the entire Galaxy shook, an event happened.







A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

First Son: First child of the Emperor. 

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