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I called Juggernaut in Chapter 1, Guardian by mistake, that's the Jedi equivalent.



The Planet of Balmorra, normally under Imperial control, had suddenly had a rebellion. 

I expected the Grand Marshal Cheketta, but surprisingly, they were a group of Jedi Exiles. 

No, not Meetra Surik. 

But, rather a group of Jedi that was apparently "exiled" for their unfounded beliefs...

Anyone could tell, that they were simply under a cover. 

However, it was more than just that.

These group of Jedi Exiles also had Sith in them!

Not just that, they killed both Jedi and Sith! 

Raging against both the Empire and Republic, I thought that this group would be crushed within a week, but even more surprisingly, they held out and within days, pushed out all Republic and Empire influence within half the planet!


Were they incredible, the thought of Revanites came into my head, but I realized that this was unlikely, as Revan likely didn't exist in this Galaxy, at least, I think? 

I knew this by reading the Propaganda News of the Empire, though they would often exaggerate their power, they wouldn't so for their enemies. 

It was likely that the Balmorra situation was true, and I decided, that I and Aridal would go there, we would go to earn merits. 

It would be very easy, in wars like this, where there would be virtually millions of soldiers, I and Aridal would only have to sit back and watch, by doing so, in our reports it would say we greatly contributed to the war.

Some soldiers that never saw the fight would gain merits or accomplishments, of course, it would be easier for me and Aridal. 

Also, in the Propaganda News were how the Hutts were slowly gaining power and also growing concerns of our ally, Mandalore and the Mandalorians. 

However, the news about Balmorra was definitely the most interesting, I wondered about how they kept their manpower, and it turned out it was through their droids. 

I wondered how many years they waited for this moment, it was unlikely that this was the source, but rather this was probably a splinter group part of a bigger group that was simply waiting. 

Like how Mandalore was used by the Vitiate to simply gauge the strength of the Republic, this was likely the same. 

Some bigger power was using Balmorra to gauge the strength of the Empire and Republic, but even if someone knew this, they likely couldn't act upon it. 

If the Empire withdrew, the Republic may gain control of Balmorra and vice-versa. 

When I told Overseer Rarhun of my decision to go and take Aridal, he was nervous, but agreed. 

Taking everything I had, I was put on a small starship and we were sent to the Balmorra Space Station. 

Obviously, the small starship wouldn't directly go to Balmorra. 

On the Balmorra Space Station, Aridal would often tell me, "Master, when will get to Balmorra...."

He seemed to be ready for war, but in truth, he was still afraid, but he truly wanted to test out his strength. 

I wanted to wait for a bit more, on the space station, there were a toilet, a cafeteria and virtually everything you could think of. 

Even a cantina was located there, I would accept it if it was located on a planet, but why one on a space station?

Aridal was quite amazed, but to protect his purity, I closed his eyes and didn't let him see.

There, I decided to change my Inquisitor wear, it looked though after I changed it, virtually the same, except for the parts around the neck were removed or made smaller. 

Doing this, really relaxed my neck, I wonder how the other Inquisitor's felt, terribly uncomfortable, I'd believe...

I'm not sure, exactly what my armour is made off, but it feels to be a mix or between plastic and metal. 

It was strong enough to be resistant against blaster bolts, but it was pretty light and slightly felt like plastic...

As for Aridal, he wore a skintight bodysuit, it was violet and resembled Darth Malak's own skintight, though without the cape and the part at the belt section. 

There was a tiny shoulder guard on both sides, he added to make himself feel more important.

Though he had a large amount of Midi-Chlorians, well that was an estimate, but he could use the Force to incredible degrees. 

His control of it, however, was terrible. 

He could, however, still Force Push and Force Lightning pretty well, but would lose control, if he continued for too long. 

How long was too long? 

About five seconds. 

As I said before, his physical prowess was terrible, but he was surprisingly flexible. 

He was actually seventeen, which was a year older than me, but he was frequently malnourished before he met me, because of that, though he was growing now, he lost his chance to truly grow tall during puberty, thus he was stuck to being shorter than me. 

His face was one that no longer looked always in fear, it looked quite handsome and it attracted the looks of some ladies, who were scared away by my face. 

At my age of sixteen, I looked to be around eighteen or nineteen, and I didn't tell Aridal, I feared if I did, he would ask about the seniority since he was older. 

I wanted to hide my identity, but that was obviously impossible. 

Also, as I was waiting for the next transport ship to Balmorra, I looked at how the Empire worked. 

Also, my suspicions of Inquisitor being a separate rank were answered.

All Sith Apprentices were either Inquisitors or Warriors, though it didn't work Vice versa. 

There were also Sith Marauders, Sorcerers, Assassins and Juggernauts. 

All Sith Lords were either one of these, though once again, it wasn't Vice versa. 

It was now almost time, I stayed on the Balmorra Space Station for about an hour or two. 

I and Aridal were now going on to a transport Starship, though the Republic and Empire were facing a "Cold War", they had battleships and dreadnaughts ready for any time. 

Though Balmorra was an important planet, it paled in comparison to Aldeeran and others such as Quesh, that gave great economic benefit, though such benefits were likely unfounded at this current time, additionally, an alliance with the Hutt Cartel would be easier with Quesh, due to the interesting prospects and chemicals. 

As both I and Aridal entered the ship, the Officers besides were saluting. 

We entered through a different way to the soldiers and Officers. 

I was registered as Inquisitor Shaange, that being my birth name and Aridal was registered as a following Acolyte that had the ability to use my name. 

If it wasn't for me, then Aridal would likely already passed his Sith Trials to be true Sith and have a Sith Lord as a Master, but he seemed to be sticking to me. 

The random wisdom I said to him, were akin to the words of Ancients to Sith Lords, held in reverence and worship, 

On the Transport Ship, I saw no other Sith, it would be a rare occasion that Sith uses transport ships, that would be because their Masters would often give them a ship, or they would have their own. 

Sitting in a corner with Aridal, nobody dared to approach us, but some were content when seeing us both. 

After all, if Sith were present, a Rebellion would always be pushed down far easier. 

But, in all honesty, I planned on staying within the bases, and not leaving to fight. 

I might just for show, or when a large group of troopers went, I would go to raise their morale, if many Sith went, I could hide behind them. 

As we were on the ship, we were near touching down, I heard an explosion outside.......

Opening the door was.... 

Well, at least, I would raise the morale right now. 








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Revanites: Followers of Revan


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chazzi @chazzi ago

Thank you for the Chapter :)

TheLostBastille @TheLostBastille ago

Your thinking of plasteel dude.... or was it durasteel? Nah it was plasteel. You say you've played SWOTOR, but what about KOTOR. Those like I who have played would know the true impact of Revan and the battle of Malachore 5. Ahh I'm just talking out my ass. The only shit I know about the star wars universe is from the KOTOR games,movies, FORCE UNLEASHED games. In all honesty thats how i know as much of the different orders of force users (notice how I didn't say jedi or sith). Grey order for the win. Also starkiller was way more badass than the Skywalkers. The most the Skywalkers could do was slightly move some ships, while starkiller could destroy entire star destroyers and at- ats and at- sts. 


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    Not really, KOTOR. 

    I did play the Force Unleashed Games and SWTOR and watched all the movies, but I never really played KOTOR. 

    I watched but didn't play KOTOR.

    But, this will be mainly focused on SWTOR, with subtle (<-- hopefully) references of KOTOR. (Yes, I know Revan plays an important role within SWTOR)



    Also about Starkiller, he wasn't canon. 

    If you read someone of the non-canon comics of Luke Skywalker, they really elevate Luke's power in comparison to the movies, as they don't need to follow canon. 

    One such infamous and controversial example is Dark Tide: Onslaught. Just read it and you'll know what I mean. 

    Also, Force Repulse which Galen Marek/Starkiller has in Force Unleashed will also be possessed by Luke Skywalker in Battlefront 2. 


    Also, about the metals, I'll introduce them to Frederick as time comes for the explanation.