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Planetary Arc called Balmorra. 

This Planetary Arc will be about ten or so chapters. Yes, I will have the [Balmorra] there. It is for both mine and your convenience.

There was some action, but this is just the beginning of the action!


Please be droids.... Please be droids.....

Though I spent those three years killing Tuk'ata, shyracks and whatever else there was, as well as seeing the corpses, I still was a bit afraid of killing someone. 

I guess this was racism against anything that wasn't humanoid, but- 

Actually, I'll just blame it on my past life's morals. 

Obviously, though, I would still kill, but if I had the choice, I would rather not to. 

I was ready to jump, as the door was opening, there was a.....


He had a lightsaber, but I didn't know if he was a Jedi or Sith, but by the looks of it, he was a Jedi. 

Behind him were several droids and a few humans, though those few humans didn't seem to be Jedi. 

He then began to speak, "We are the Balmorran Resistance Force, we have had enough of the Republic and Empire, only breeding war, Balmorra wants no part of the war!". 

I then spoke, "The Empire and Republic are under the Treaty of Coruscant, what war do you speak of?". 

Obviously, I knew that the treaty counted for virtually nothing, but I wanted to see how he would reply. 

He replied, "Sith, the Peace you have with the Republic, is only to prepare for a greater war!". 

I replied, "Then what is the War with Republic? To prepare for Peace? There will always be Peace and War, only when one side dominates is their Peace". 

He looked to me and said, "People like you should join us, our movement will spread throughout the Galaxy!". 

This was a crazy man, but I decided to talk with more, "Are you crazy? Then won't the Galaxy turn into a group of Planet-States? One of these Planet-States will begin to devour each other and another will decide to create an Alliance..."

He froze and looked at me, and then said, "If you won't join us, then....."

I was honestly getting annoyed, not that much, but I felt like I was arguing with an NPC or someone that wouldn't change their mind. 

But, I wanted to see, if they would attack, if they didn't I wouldn't myself. 

He gulped for a second and quickly moved back and then yelled, "Attack!". The humans behind him also moved back, the door was quite big, about a droid or two at once began to enter, immediately all the people began to shoot, the droids were all destroyed the moment they entered. 

But as they were, during the destruction of one of them, a grenade was dropped, and it interfered with the fighting, it was a smokescreen....

For a split second, there was no shooting. 

But, then I could hear the screams of the Imperial Soldiers, though they couldn't see, the droids could, and a grenade would naturally be better in an enclosed area. 

Trying to raise the morale, I threw my lightsaber and it easily sliced through the droids, fortunately, they weren't made of anything like Beskar or something. 

The trouble though was carefully bringing back the lightsaber. 

Though, when the Imperial soldiers did see the thrown lightsaber they gave a slight cheer and went on more boldly, some didn't and just looked at me. 

Instead of catching it with the lightsaber on, I put the lightsaber off using the Force and then caught it. 

Though some would catch it with the lightsaber on, they would only do so likely due to their expertise or that they had to. 

I myself wasn't going to take that risk. 

Aridal simply watched, I then told him, "Electrocute them.."

He smiled and began to electrocute them, the droids were obviously no match and they easily fell. 

There were only several droids, thus they were all gone within the minute that the Jedi moved back. 

Leaving the ship, I went out through one of the two exits. 

I wondered how the other group of the other exit was going, they were likely fine, but this was, after all, only a transport ship, not something high on the priority list. 

As for people on the centre, there was probably nobody there, even the Captain of the Ship was here, he felt that it was safer nearer someone like me. 

Leaving the ship, it was completely surrounded by even more droids, I, however, had a plan. 

Going down the stairs, a few Imperial soldiers followed me and Aridal was right next to me. 

The Jedi looked to me and said, "Sith, surrender now, you are surrounded!". 

I then replied, "You seem to only be using droids, fear for your own life?". 

The Jedi looked at me and replied, "Surrender, or we will begin to shoot". 

I smiled and said, "Do you value your life as much as mine?". 

I held up my hand and pointed towards him in the same way, someone would Force Choke. 

He shuddered and replied, "Even, if I die, as long as people like you die, then it will be a death worthy!".

I began to choke him slightly and began to do more pressure, "Very well....."

I could barely lift him up, and slowly I moved my hands to his neck, but he was already being choked, so he had a hard time talking. 

He then began to say, "Wait!". 

I stopped, but I kept him levitating, and I replied, "Should you fire your droids upon us, you will be the first casualty". 

It was likely that he wasn't a Jedi Knight, but a Jedi Padawan, if he truly was a Jedi Knight, he wouldn't need these droids, they would simply charge at me. 

The Jedi began to sweat and say, "Perhaps, we can come to an agreement...". 

I knew that an agreement right now would be virtually impossible. 

There were Imperial soldiers all around me, I needed to consolidate myself, "Pitiful....."

Fortunately, the Jedi Padawan seemed to be one that left the Order as soon as he got his lightsaber if he was a Kira Carsen or even worse, Nadia Grell. 

Though they were only Padawans, they were far beyond the scope of some Jedi Knights and in some sense, Jedi Masters. 

I looked to Aridal next to me and whispered, "Electrocute them all"

Aridal began to electrocute them all, as for the Jedi, I immediately began to choke him once more and within five seconds, he fainted. 

It wasn't that I didn't want to kill him, I simply couldn't.... 

I felt that my power was closer, or perhaps it was fear, that I would become a monster that stopped me from doing so. 

Regardless, Aridal easily electrocuted all the droids, though some withstood it, the Imperial soldiers quickly followed the lead and shot them all. 

I walked down and saw the other humans, they began to run, but I couldn't stop them. 

If I ran after them, I feared I would enter into a trap, I had just entered Balmorra and a battle had already happened. 

I simply moved to the fainted Jedi. 

He was a Padawan likely, one that left as soon as he got his lightsaber, I wonder why, perhaps, it was a calling or something greater. 

But, regardless, I took his lightsaber and seeing the Imperial soldiers, I said in a loud voice, "Treat the wounded and become ready for any other attacks!". 

Immediately they all complied, and within the hour, another group appeared, it was the group that escape through the other side. 

Seeing they were fine, it was likely, that I simply chose the unlucky exit. 

Honestly, though, I wondered why the Balmorran Resistance Force sprang out, the idea of Revanites came up again, but I knew it was likely something else, though similar. 

But, here I was, on Balmorra, and my journey began here. 








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Beskar: Star Wars Metal


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