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No action in this, just talk and ranting from the Main Character.

Currently, I was within a stronghold. 

About ten minutes after staying there, an Officer and a squadron of Imperial troops arrived, seeing me and Aridal, he granted the both of us, first access and the rest of the troops slowly followed. 

Instead of asking me, the Officer immediately went to the Captain and soldiers, who all said that my calm manner and dealing with the Jedi was charismatic and incredible. 

Ok, I did change some of the words, but they're synonyms, so, virtually the same. 

Another thing, they were surprised with was Aridal's display of Force lightning, the Imperial soldiers claimed it was beautiful in its power. 

When I told Aridal, he laughed and replied, "I never knew my lightning was so beautiful!". 

I slightly worried for his personality. 

But, fortunately, like me, he had yet to touch the Dark Side. 

Yes, I know Force Lightning is evil, but it doesn't have to be used for evil purposes. 

As for Force Choking? Even Jedi could use it, they simply chose not to. 

I was currently sitting down, I had some food to eat, as did Aridal. 

We were both looking at the Jedi, I was unsure why he would leave the Jedi Order, he was only a Padawan, maybe he left when he was deployed to the Planet?

No.... It was unlikely that he wouldn't be deployed. 

I guess there was a chance, that he might have volunteered, but until he woke up, I would have to wait. 

I would occasionally go toilet, but Aridal never went, which kind of surprised me. 

Did you not have to go toilet?

As we waited and waited, nothing happened, though I did receive some reports that a Sith Lord would arrive. 

I simply waited and kept looking to the Jedi. 

I started to slap him and try to make him awake, but that didn't work, so I slapped harder and harder, but he simply was still asleep. 

Eventually, the Sith Lord arrived, he was surrounded by several Elite Imperial soldiers and there was an Inquisitor besides him. 

As I saw him I greeted him positively as did Aridal, "Greetings, My Lord, I am Inquisitor Shaange and this is my Apprentice, Acolyte Aridal...."

The Inquisitor next to the Sith Lord scoffed and said, "An acolyte dressed like Sith...."

Hearing this, Aridal had a face of slight anger and replied, "Hmmph, I bet you're weaker than my Mas-- No, me!". 

The Sith Lord's eyes widened and I simply stayed quiet, the Inquisitor hearing retorted, "Let's see right now!". 

The Sith Inquisitor immediately got out his Lightsaber and stood back, and just as he was able to say something, Aridal started to electrify him. 

Though part of it was blocked by the Lightsaber, the Inquisitor still had to deal with the majority of the lightning. 

Aridal's lightning began to become out of control, the Inquisitor then used this chance as the majority of the lightning simply dispersed. 

He came running and Aridal's lightning, however, became stronger, and they were both in danger of killing each other or at least harming each other. 

The Sith Lord took a step forward, but he would probably be a bit too slow. 

I stepped forward, and put my hand to the right, Aridal seeing me, stopped his lightning, as he did, my right hand which was under armour, felt little to no lightning at all. 

As for the left, I disarmed the Sith Inquisitor quite easily, thankfully he was an Inquisitor and not a Sith Warrior, otherwise, it might've been quite difficult. 

As for how I disarmed him, I simply went below and twisted my arm, easily doing so. 

The Inquisitor looked to me in anger and tried to electrocute me, I put my hand to stop Aridal, the lightning came to me, but I simply stood still and put my hands forward. 

The lightning mostly touched the armour and whatever did touch me, I simply bore it. 

I smiled and then threw him his lightsaber and said, "Had, my Apprentice's lightning continued, you would've died, and even your Master wouldn't have been able to save you in time". 

Of course, that was a guess, I wasn't fully sure about the Sith Lord's ability, but the Sith Lord was simply quiet, sighed and then looked to me. 

"Inquisitor Shaange, I believe?". 

I nodded my head, and he continued, "You, have quite the reputation..... In my belief, you subdued a Jedi as soon as you got off the ship?

Looking at him I replied, "My Lord, he barely counts as such, I currently have his Lightsaber and he is over there".

Pointing to where the Jedi was, I moved forwards him, and the Sith Lord followed. 

The Sith Lord asked, "How long has he been asleep?". 

I replied, "An hour or so, My Lord, he fainted ever so quickly...."

The Sith Lord gave off a little laugh and said, "A traitorous Jedi, does not abide by the Treaty of Coruscant, you seem to be keeping him alive for information, but I would've killed him by now...."

"Give me his lightsaber". 

I immediately tossed him the Jedi's lightsaber, he put it on and I saw a green light appeared. 

The Jedi, for some reason, didn't even use the Lightsaber, if I didn't feel the Force from him or looked at his clothing, I would imagine he was just someone with a Lightsaber. 

He then put it off and withdrew the Lightsaber's Kyber crystal, he then began to squeeze on the Kyber crystal. 

He was turning it to red, or rather bleeding the Kyber crystal, through the dark side.

I heard of such means, it was among one of the ways that red lightsabers came to be, though there were other crystals such as the Adegan Crystal and Kylo Ren's own unstable Crystal, one way that the Sith would do, to get red coloured lightsabers, were to "bleed" a Kyber crystal.

Kyber crystals, were attuned to the Force, and the Force was present on only living entities, the Kyber Crystal would naturally bleed then, as it was in a way living. 

Within moments, the Kyber crystal was fully red and he inserted it back into the Lightsaber, causing for the new Lightsaber to be a red coloured one. 

He looked to me and said, "Inquisitor Shaange, you have done a good deed, such a lightsaber would've gone to bad use in the hands of ones such as him...."

He then used the lightsaber and beheaded the Jedi. 

WHAT THE......

Why would you kill him?

I thought you only disagreed with me keeping him alive?

"Of course, your own Apprentice himself had a part, therefore, I, Lord Sheratus, grant your Apprentice, the title and rank of Inquisitor". 

Wait, what the.....

Was the Inquisitor rank so cheap?

Could any Sith Lord simply give it? 

Lord Sheratus simply gave it, as if it was just giving it, I could imagine Lord Prosel, as apparently, he could match a Darth in the prowess of the Force. 

But a random Sith Lord here just made my Apprentice an Inquisitor.....


Also, this makes him on the same level of authority, doesn't this mess up the seniority?

Maybe those at the Academy would be shouting and crying, if they knew how easily, someone was just made an Inquisitor. 

After all, some of them stayed there for days, months, even years some of them!








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