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I SWEAR, If you ask Aridal, to become your Apprentice, I will literally kill you right now. 

I don't know how, but I just will. 

I was ninety-nine percent sure, that a situation like that would occur. 

Lord Sheratus looked to me and said, "Inquisitor Shaange......"

I got ready, I was ready if he asked me to relinquish my Apprentice, or ask my Apprentice to become his Apprentice, I would just strike him. 

This was simply how it was going, I was too focused ranting, I didn't realize how cliche this was. 

I then put my head up as much as I could, I looked at him with the most ferocity I could and replied, "My Lord?". 

I tried to show him, I couldn't be easily crushed like a bug. 

He looked to me and said, "I believe that Inquisitor Aridal will better serve under me". 

Oh no, you didn't. 

I quickly replied, "My Lord, with all due respect, I find your teaching capabilities limited...."

Lord Sheratus was amused and he gave a little chuckle, "How so?". 

Taking this chance I pointed and his Inquisitor Apprentice and said, "Your Apprentice is an example, look at how pitiful he is". (Apply ice to burn)

The Inquisitor took a step forward, but the Sith Lord moved his hand in front of him and said, "Inquisitor Shaange, you speak bold words, do you have any backing?". 

I looked to him calmly and spoke, "Lord Zavan, my Grandfather."

His expression didn't change and he replied, "Ah, Zavan? He barely counts to be a Sith Lord, I suppose you, however, have a talented Sister...."

Remembering my Sister, I wondered what her life was like, I then took this chance to say, "Lord Prosel...."

Hearing, Lord Sheratus froze, and he replied, "A bluff...."

I replied, "Do you know who it was that made me an Inquisitor?". 

Lord Sheratus started to laugh, it was a chuckle first, but it developed to a laugh and he eventually stopped and said, "Very well, but, the other Sith Lords will notice you when an Inquisitor has another Inquisitor as an Apprentice...."

Throwing the Jedi's now red lightsaber, he left with his grumbling Apprentice.

Lord Sheratus, if I ever see you dying, I will simply watch you and not help you. 

Aridal looked to me in rage and said, "Master.... That person.... Must die...."

Aridal's devotion, in a way, was unfounded and strange.

I simply replied, "Do not worry, about those like him...."

At this point, I looked at the dead Jedi's clothes....

I took his body, which was definitely disgusting, though not the same disgusting as the rotting corpses I found within the tombs of Korriban. 

Then, I took off all his clothes and began to change into them....

Over his clothes, however, was the Inquisitor Robe, well it wasn't really a Robe.... But, I'm not sure how to describe it exactly.

Why did I put his clothes beneath my Inquisitor Robe? No, why did I even wear his clothes?

If the Sith lost a fight, I would immediately change my clothes as quick as possible, and pass myself as a wandering Jedi. 

As for Aridal, well, he would probably have to run....

Obviously, I would try to stall for time for him.

Both of us began to walk to the Main Stronghold, though not before buying the beheaded Jedi's body and head, as a sign of thanks for the clothes.

Fortunately, there was a road directly connecting it to the Stronghold we just came from, so it was quite easy to get there.

As we did, we narrowly avoided fire and saw a fight, there were about seven or Sith fighting two or so Jedi. 

I simply stood and watched, one of the Jedi was being attacked by three Sith and being greatly suppressed, another was surrounded by four, however, was actually defeating the four. 

The one defeating four held two blue coloured lightsabers and in that moment, killed a Sith, making his challengers only three.

The other Jedi held a green double-bladed lightsaber and was barely holding on, suddenly his arm was cut off, though it was only his left hand, which he wasn't moving. 

The double-bladed lightsaber Jedi, however, used that moment of perceived weakness and killed a Sith himself. 

The dual wielding Jedi, was crazy, another Sith and another Sith. Against only one more Sith, this Sith seemed to hang on a bit better, but regardless, he still died, this all happened within about ten or so minutes....

This Jedi then looked towards me....

I simply stood still and stared. 

He then looked to the double-bladed lightsaber Jedi and went to help him, but half away, the sound of footsteps was heard.

Those were my own footsteps.

I was honestly surprised it got his attention, but it clearly did. 

Looking at me, I simply kept my calm expression, but then, he leapt towards me. 

Well, better me, than Aridal I guess.....

I muttered, "Aridal". 

I moved back and I was prepared to run. 

Aridal then began to electrify the leaping, Jedi. 

But the Jedi simply withstood it. 

I then got out my lightsaber, remembering I had two. 

I got the other one out as well. 

Using both, I tried to block the dual wielding Jedi, he immediately came down to me, and I was barely able to withstand him. 

He then twisted his hands and tried to chop off my hands, barely dodging, I leapt backwards and Aridal began to try and electrify him once more. 

Once again, the Jedi simply withstood it. 

At this time, a scream was heard....

It wasn't from me or the dual wielding Jedi, nor from Aridal, it was from the double-bladed Jedi. 

The dual wielding Jedi had a terrified face, this was the moment, I was waiting for. 

I leapt towards him and surprised him. 

He reacted just in time and I barely dodged the lightsaber to my neck, at that moment, I could feel the adrenaline pumping, I simply wasn't close enough to death back then. 

The dual wielding Jedi ran towards the screaming double-bladed Jedi, but before he could, the double-bladed Jedi was dead....

He then began to become strike more ruthlessly and using both lightsabers he easily broke the block of both Sith. 

Almost killing them, before Aridal once again shot lightning. 

The dual-wielding Jedi then leapt towards Aridal, in fear Aridal began to run. 

I was a bit afraid as well, but I felt a calling to protect Aridal, or perhaps it was the adrenaline. 

I screamed out, I ran as quick as I could, and then....

I threw my lightsaber, it moved quickly, I wasn't sure if it would reach in time, but I hoped it would.

The dual-wielding Jedi struck down, Aridal, barely dodged, and just as the dual-wielding Jedi would strike again.

His back was hit by my lightsaber.... 

But it was as if time had frozen, the lightsaber on his back stayed there, for a moment, not longer, not less.

During that interval, I could hear him mutter, "I have let, my rage control me.... Such a fate is only to be expected...."

I felt as if it was only after he said those words, that time resumed, and the lightsaber went right through him.

I then ran towards Aridal to make sure he was alright, not even knowing it, I caught the lightsaber as I was running to Aridal, seeing him, he was frightened but overall fine. 

I sighed relief, if he wasn't fine, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself...

The two Sith simply watched and stayed without motion.

 Ignoring the body of the Jedi, I kept asking if Aridal was fine, after making sure he was. 

I looked at the body of the dual-wielding Jedi, hearing his final words, I could feel how angry he became when the other Jedi died, perhaps that was his Padawan, I wasn't sure myself.

Taking his two lightsabers, I didn't take out the Kyber crystals, I wasn't one to "bleed" them.

The two Sith then came, they seemed to be only new Sith, likely recently came out of the Trials. 

They gave me the double-bladed lightsaber as well and asked, "My Lord, I am the Sith Warrior Belash, and this is Inquisitor Fer'an."

I simply replied, "I am Inquisitor Shaange and this is Inquisitor Aridal". 

They looked at me with surprised looks, but they both nodded to each other and we talked...



"Master, you have summoned me?". 

Lord Prosel was kneeling, in front of him was, Darth Deragus. 

A member of the Dark Council, Darth Deragus was the Council Member of the Sphere, Defense of the Empire.

Though he was to defend the Empire, more Sith by thousands had died to his hand than Jedi. 

"You're Inquisitor, is quite interesting.... Apparently, he and his Apprentice, slew Jedi Knight Rasdah and his Padawan."

Lord Prosel was surprised, then asking, "Jedi Knight Rasdah? I thought he went missing ten years ago?". 

Darth Deragus looked to his surprised Apprentice and replied. "No.... He didn't, but he is dead now...."

Lord Prosel then continued, "Master, how does Inquisitor Shaange, have an Apprentice?". 

Darth Deragus gave off a gentle laugh and spoke, "One can apprentice themselves to whoever they wish to...."


Lord Prosel confused, as to how to reply, simply stayed kneeling....... 














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