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I will never say, how much information about Star Wars, Frederick knows. 

Because I know, as soon as I do that, it will limit me.

And, I will regret limiting myself.

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I buried the body of both the dual-wielding and double-bladed Jedi. 

I simply felt that was what I should do. 

They were Jedi, people that fought for the people, and Sith, well they were very different....

The two other Sith had long since disappeared. 

After talking about what happened, they explained that the Republic attacked out of nowhere. 

The Jedi Knight was an infamous Jedi, he was known as Rasdah, the Mad. 

He wasn't Mad for what he did, it was his fighting style. 

It was reminiscent of Form VII, a form of Lightsaber combat, Mace Windu and the Grand Inquisitor from that TV show both used it. 

Rasdah was known to break all blocks, once cornered by two Sith Lords that were Marauders, he used a single lightsaber on both hands to block, parry and kill them within moments.

However, he wasn't without weakness, he was full of anger and rage, but all of this was directed to the Sith. 

If not directed to the Sith, he might've been a Sith and a strong one at that. 

Another surprising thing was that he was apparently missing for ten years, but then he appeared today, I wasn't sure if he was on the Balmorran Resistance Force or the Republic. 

Staying here, me and Aridal simply sat on the ground. 

In time, a few Imperial soldiers arrived, the two same Sith came and spoke to the Officers, the Officer then greeted me, but it was nothing more than praise. 

I would hear occasionally that the Balmorran Resistance Force was getting its resources out of nowhere. 

They were only rumours heard by the Imperial soldiers, as more time passed, camps were being built and scouting parties were sent. 

The scouting parties would return from time to time, I and Aridal would move on as the base was being pushed forward. 

Moving about twenty or so metres, a new base camp was being created. 

In front of was an Electric Center, I simply looked at it, Aridal was somewhat amazed, he was interesting at the lightning which could be seen vibrating at the top. 

This place was one of the many sources of electricity for the Balmorran Resistance Force. 

We would've taken it down, but it was heavily protected, made of Durasteel, but more importantly, protecting the Durasteel was a layer of electricity. 

I saw a hint of desire within Aridal's eyes, but I told him, "Wait, we have to wait first."

I saw a nearby pebble on the ground, picking it up, I use the Force to lift it up higher and higher, then throwing it up in the sky, there was nothing that happened. 

I then used a small sized rock, with the same actions, though with a slightly lower height, nothing happened.

But, I was afraid that the Electric Center was hiding turrets, it was likely that they only locked onto heat signatures, robots, after all, didn't have one. 

Well, some might, but likely not these ones. 

I saw a few Imperial soldiers coming close to the Electric Center, I didn't warn them, as I wasn't sure. 

Looking, I didn't even notice the Imperial soldiers coming out of nowhere from behind. 

"My Lord, I have a live intercom with Lord Duav". 

I jumped up a bit, Aridal simply kept on looking forward. 

I then looked to the Imperial soldier and replied. "Very well, open the channel". 

The Imperial soldier had a holographic intercom the size of his hand, then pushing it on, a blue holograph was shown. 

The blue holograph was Lord Duav, looking at me, he spoke, "Inquisitor Shaange, your victory against Rasdah has been noticed and by order of Darth Verash, he has tasked you to take hold of the Electric Center and wait for further actions."

Looking at him, he was likely only a messenger, so I replied, "Lord Duav, I, of course, expect some help". 

Lord Duav looked to me and replied, "Of course.... By order of Darth Verash, you are appointed the rank of General of the Balmorran Armed Forces". 

Though even Generals of the Army would have to respect me as Sith, it was only now as a General and Sith, that I could overrule their commands. 

I remember some figures in SWTOR such as Grand Moff Kilran whose reputation as the Butcher of Coruscant surpassed and brought greater terror than even the most terrifying Sith. 

Though Grand Moff Tarkin didn't enjoy such a reputation, he was respected by both Vader and Palpatine. 

Though Moffs and Admirals had to give due respect, they would be able to order me, through the idea of the "Empire's Best Interests". 

But, honestly, taking command of the Electric Center, I wasn't sure if it would be hard or not. 

If it had turrets, I would definitely need to act myself, if not, then I could easily take it, without my action being needed.

Looking at the surrounding Imperial soldiers, I yelled out, "All attention!". 

Well, I didn't know what to say, but at least I got their attention. 

They all came running towards me. 

The first thing I said, was "Get three groups, one of the left side and on the right side, and have another one following me, of only the best."

I just spoke some random stuff, at that point, one of the Officers look to me and asked, "My Lord, there are forty of us, and we have no Elite Troops, none of us here are specialized, we are only either Medical staffmen, Officers or plain soldiers."

I looked at the Officer, it was unlikely he had seen the face of battle, as to show him it, I replied, "Then pick up a gun Officer, you and the rest of the Officers are following me!". 

He quivered, but he simply agreed, "Very well, my Lord...."

There were about four Officers, it wasn't the case of "too many chiefs, not enough Indians". 

But, sure enough, they didn't like each other.

They kept arguing, but I didn't bother to listen to them. 

I decided to call the first Officer, Officer Number One, and this went on to Officer Number Four. 

Honestly, I couldn't be bothered to remember their name, well they didn't know mine either, it was either "My Lord" or "Inquisitor". 

Which didn't sound too bad I guess.  

First thing's first, I quickly leapt to right in front of the Electric Center and then ran backwards.  

Oh, Thank God.  

There was no heat-seeking turret.  

Even though I moved at quick speeds, a turret would probably come out, though not shoot, at about the same time.

I was still afraid, but I looked to Aridal, then saying, "Aridal, fry that Center".

He began to use lightning to it, in mere moments, the Electric Center lost its electricity. 

I didn't think it would be that easy, but I simply moved on, and used my lightsaber, easily I sliced through the Durasteel wall and I created a door-sized hole.

Strangely enough, entering it, there was nothing there. 

I looked around and saw that there was nothing there, but at that time Aridal screamed, "Master, leave!". 

The Officers moved back slightly, and I was frozen, at that time, I just moved back outside of the Electric Center and as I did I felt something, it was if there was a vibrating---



At that moment, I saw an explosion, seeing it, I put my hands which were encased with the Inquisitor Armour over my face.

Additionally, I activated Tutaminis, without even knowing so, my feet were also a bit deep, but not to the point of stopping me from being blown away.

Though the Tutaminis was activated, it didn't really quite absorb the explosions, but thankfully, the explosions happened mainly within the Center. 

If it wasn't for Aridal, I would've likely been injured severely, but he warned me and I just left the Electric Center, being about a few feet away. 

Though the explosion was great, the Durasteel Wall which I had yet to slice, actually protected me, and seeing my armour relatively fine, I wondered what in the world, it was made of.

All the Imperial soldiers then came to what was happening and saw me, simply standing, in front of the now exploded Electric Center. 

Not surprisingly, the Durasteel Wall was still there, it was likely an implosion to kill whoever came in, I wondered if someone was doing it, or it was simply set by a timer. 

I simply stayed still and Aridal came running towards me.



"Master, why did you set off the explosion already?". 

A young man, wearing clothes reminiscent to a Jedi, though at the same time, clearly not a Jedi's was kneeling in front of a woman standing.

The woman herself wore clothes that were reminiscent to Jedi, but there were differences, the first was the Jewellery and the frightening manner in which the clothes exhibited on both the young man and woman.

Both of which, that went against Jedi Apparel.

The woman was middle-aged and looking at her Apprentice, she replied, "That youngling that Inquisitor Shaange (Frederick/Protagonist) has with him, is quite strange.... He was able to tell of the bomb hiding under the Electric Center!". 

The young man asked, "Master, but how-". 

The woman replied with displeasure, "The Force, is strong with that boy....."





A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

TV Show: Star Wars Rebels

Marauder: Dual-wielding lightsaber Sith.

Too many chiefs, not enough Indians: Ten bosses, and one measly worker.

Additionally, orders from one boss to the durasteel worker may interfere with the order of another boss, this can end up with the bosses, not liking each other.


Tutaminis: Is a virtually, universal skill for Force Users, but it's more known within the Jedi Side. 


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