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"Master, are you alright!". 

Aridal coming running towards me, his face with a bit of rage as he looked towards the Electric Center. 

I looked to him said, "Why are you so angry? I am alive and safe, am I not?". 

He smiled and his rage subsided, I truly didn't want someone like him to go to the dark side. 

Though rage was easily created, it was with difficulty, erased. 

Of course, it was only a little bit of rage, but, if untempered, it would only grow. 

The officers moved back before me, and they were protected by the Durasteel Wall, which I wondered why someone would put explosions beneath it, but not strong enough to destroy its own walls. 

Perhaps, the Electric Center was already taken by the Republic and then they put the bombs and waited for Sith or the Balmorran Resistance Force?

It was a guess, whether or not it was the truth, wasn't to my knowledge.

The Officers came to look at me, they then began to praise me and command the Imperial soldiers to enter the now destroyed Electric Center to look if there was anything there. 

I recalled Lord Duav, thus, I immediately looked for Officer Number One, the one that I asked to bring only the best troops, I asked him if he had the holographic projector. 

Apparently, Officer Number One's name was Officer Garn, he showed me it, and I asked him to put up, Lord Duav. 

Within seconds, Lord Duav's figure could be seen, looking at Officer Garn he asked, "Officer, why have you called me, I am currently busy!". 

Officer Garn was afraid and began to try and speak, "I, Lo-". 

Lord Duav looked unimpressed, I myself then entered, saying, "Lord Duav, I believe the Electric Center is without use at this point". 

Officer Garn turned the holographic projector around and Lord Duav saw me. 

Lord Duav asked, "Inquisitor Shaange, why would that me?". 

Officer Garn slowly turned the holographic projector towards the now virtually destroyed Electric Center. 

I then said, "I believe, the Republic before us, arrived at the Electric Center, controlled it and hid explosives under it, then left for one to stumble into the trap."

Lord Duav looked towards me and asked, "However, you are relatively unharmed, did you enter last?". 

I replied, "I entered first, however, my Apprentice was able to sense the bomb under the Electric Center, I believe Jedi were waiting in a far away distance after which the Electric Center would be destroyed, they would strike...."

Lord Duav looked down and thought to himself, I could hear him mutter, "An Electric Center.... No... it wouldn't have been the Jedi, this is too strange!". 

I then asked, "Lord Duav, what shall I do next?". 

Looking confused, he then replied, "Hmmm, report to the Main Battlefield, find Lord Y'lern and tell him of such news, I would myself, but I fear the channel could be sliced if it's to the Main Battlefield."

I then called out for the entire group and said that we were all going to the Main Battlefield. 

The entire group was about forty people, this was actually the scouting party, though when I and Aridal first went to the Electric Center, there were only a few Imperial soldiers, but more came, but stopped at around forty. 

There was no injured, so we could depart immediately, following Officer Garn, it took about an hour or so, going through the harsh terrain and trying to avoid the Colicoids, we eventually ran into a Mutated Colicoid, but we easily killed it, as it seemed to be an outcast. 

In time, we made it to the Main Battlefield, an Area classified as a ten-kilometre area. 

The Main Base of the Balmorran Resistance Force was about four kilometres in size, it was oddly the shape of a square, and was said to have appeared out of nowhere. 

As for the other six kilometres, four was controlled by the Republic and two was controlled by the Empire. 

Balmorra was originally Empire Territory, though the Republic controlled more of the Main Battlefield than the Empire, the Empire was still in control of the vast majority of the outposts. 

The Empire controlled part of the Main Battlefield was full of Imperial soldiers, the front was virtually composed of Imperial soldiers and near the back were several dozen Officers and a few Sith. 

A familiar face could be seen there, it was Lord Sheratus!

He glanced at me, but then looked away. 

As I walked, I saw a middle-aged man with a cybernetic right eye and cybernetic left arm. 

I wasn't sure if he was Lord Y'lern, but I did hear someone call him that, so I went to ask him. 

"My Lord, are you Lord Y'lern?". 

He looked towards me, smiling and he asked, "Inquisitor Shaange, I have long since wished to meet you!". 

I wondered why he was so happy, but my question was answered the next thing he said. 

"I have heard of your feat of killing Rasdah, I have long since wished to see him dead, and I can only regret, that I myself couldn't kill him"

I was confused, but then he continued, "Don't worry, I don't wish you any ill-intent, Rasdah, was the one that tore of my right eye and my left arm". 

I was surprised that this Sith was different......

Even in Sith, there were the lesser evils, the Inquisitors were seen as the both deceitful and manipulative, whereas the Warriors were seen as full of rage and anger. 

The former were those that lived in secret and acted in secrecy, the latter, however, were always outspoken and full of energy. 

If you angered them, then if you didn't die by the Sith Warrior within a week, he or she, likely didn't care.

But, Inquisitor's were known to carry on grudges for years, decades and even centuries after their death. 

As I thinking of all this, Lord Y'lern turned away, but I was still thinking. 

Aridal wondered what I was thinking about, but he didn't do anything. 

I was disturbed by the sound of an explosion, I became focused on the present, but as I did, Lord Y'lern was talking to another Sith. 

I found it awkward to report to him, so I decided to wait, about an hour or two passed. 

I was so bored, I began talking to Aridal, we discussed Sith philosophies, and as we did, I kept denying him and telling him he was wrong when he kept talking about the Sith. 

We, of course, did this in an insolated zone. 

As we did, an Officer came and asked, "My Lords, Lord Y'lern has asked for both your presence". 

I went with Aridal to see Lord Y'lern, there, it wasn't just mine and Aridal's presence he asked for. 

I could see more Sith than I saw at the beginning, Lord Sheratus was adjacent towards me, but he wasn't looking at me, he seemed too focused on what was happening.

Lord Y'lern was in front of a large intercom, nobody dared to be around him, and as the intercom was on. 

A figure appeared, immediately, everyone except for Lord Y'lern kneeled, this obviously included me and Aridal kneeling. 

Lord Y'lern had his head down, then a voice could be heard, "Stand". 

I could feel the Force itself in that word, if this was a hologram, I wondered how much power of a single word spoken, could be face to face. 

Lord Y'lern then began to speak, "Darth Verash, now with Inquisitor Shaange, Aridal and Lord F'teran, we have fully amassed our forces...."

I instantly remembered Lord Duav, and his Master being Darth Verash. 

The hologram was of a man wearing a great battle armour, it was fully black and there were horns in almost every section. 

This man seemed to be someone that desired war and only war, it was likely, the moment he heard about the Balmorran Resistance Force, he jumped up and got ready. 

Darth Verash replied, "Good.... When I descend, I myself will lead the charge and we shall retake Balmorra!". 

The surrounding Sith all raised their hands in cheer, with the inclusion of Darth Verash, how could they so easily lose the fight?

Unless the Balmorran Resistance Force was hiding a secret weapon, that was somehow capable of pushing back a dozen or so Sith lead by Darth Verash, or that the Republic themselves had dozens of Jedi lead by a Jedi Master, then it would be impossible. 




"Master Rylar, you have asked for us to stop sending Aid to Balmorra, how could you as a Council Member, desire such an act!".  

Within the Temple of Tython, there was a room that not many could enter. 

Inside that room were Twelve Seats, seven of which, people were sitting on, three of which, holograms were presented on. 

One Seat was to the one currently standing in the middle and the other Seat, was vacant.....

"Fellow Council Members, the death of Jedi Master H'asarl and Jedi Knight Rasdah and U'lan, has shown us, that the conquering of Balmorra, will be too hard!". 

A voice argued in dissent, "Conquer? Are we not liberating the citizens?". 

Master Rylar hearing the voice replied, "Master Q'yern, the Treaty of Coruscant still exists! We must keep a minimal force on Balmorra, the Empire is using far more resources than we are, as it is their own Planet. 

A voice agreed, "Master Rylar speaks the truth, if we use minimal forces, we can make it so that the Empire uses their maximum force to annihilate the Balmorran Resistance Force."

Then another voice spoke, "Master Qu'aze! Though the Empire fights the Balmorran Resistance Force, how are we sure, the Balmorran Resistance Force isn't just a front created by the Empire itself?". 

More and more arguing filled the room. 

Until a voice could be heard, that stopped everyone, "Master Rylar is correct, the Treaty of Coruscant still exists, a minimal force is necessary, we have already lost a Jedi Master and two Jedi Knights, whereas the Empire has lost several Sith Lords and many more Sith Inquisitors and their Warriors."

As that voice was heard, nobody else dared to argue, and the Republic on that day sent only minimal aid and took on a much lesser presence, performing work in the shadows and additionally having little to no casualties.







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Colicoid: Giant Bug

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