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I don't use feat as a measurement converted to CM

Rather, I simply use it as the measurement of Frederick (Shaange's) imagination.

Imperial troopers = Soldiers. (Changed Imperial troopers to Imperial Soldiers.)


Also, changed dual-edged to double-bladed. 


"My Lord, the Empire has deployed Darth Verash, it is likely that he will be joined by other Sith and his own personal guard!".

A young man was kneeling to a man, that man wore Jedi clothes and the aura of one. 

The man replied laughing, "Darth Verash will fall just as Jedi Master H'asarl did, Balmorra, is simply the beginning"



I looked to the eager Sith, they had eyes full of willingness. 

Though the Balmorran Resistance Force had indeed pushed out both the Empire and Republic influence of half the planet, if their Main Base fell, their outposts would quickly do so. 

It was similar to how the Empire sacked Coruscant, though it was one of many of the Republic's Planets, it was the most important, therefore, the Republic was forced to sign a disadvantageous Treaty. 

When the Empire did sign the Treaty, many Sith and Imperials from the bottom of the rung to the Dark Council and Moffs, became angered. 

Especially some Sith who saw the Treaty as a stop to their Conquest or battle they wished to fight. 

Darth Verash was likely someone that became full of rage when the Empire signed the Treaty, though the Treaty was fully advantageous to the Empire, he was probably someone that wanted to do nothing more than have war. 

He was reminiscent of Darth Angral, though Darth Angral wasn't as combative as Darth Verash. 

There was also Darth Vengean openly criticizing those that signed the Treaty of Coruscant, seeing it as a weakness.

In the time of the Old Republic, people like him were not rare, there were also some from the Republic that wished for war, but they much more rare and less outspoken. 

Dr Godera being one such example, leaving the Republic after the Treaty, and choosing to retire in secrecy. 

I looked to Aridal and likewise saw a desire.....

He wanted to fight to try and test out his power, I myself, wanted no part. 

I would in time gain in strength, I needed Holocrons, of Jedi origin, not Sith origin, I feared that Sith Holocrons would corrupt my mind. 

If I believed myself to be incorruptible, I would've by then, become corrupted.

Waiting for a bit, we looked up and we saw a small Starship. 

It was shot from an unknown source, though it was likely the Main Base. 

However, the small Starship was perfectly fine. 

Not even moving, I wondered what it was made of. 

About ten feet or so, it didn't land, rather a man exited, it was Darth Verash!

As lethal as a Lord might be, a Darth is Death Incarnate. (Darth Baras Quote, I think)

His sudden presence shook the ground, I felt as if I was the Imperial Agent meeting Darth Jadus for the first time.

Following him, about four other figures came down. 

They didn't seem to be humans, they were either cyborgs or completely robots.

Apparently, they were his personal guards, that he used to kill even Jedi Masters.

Then the Starship soared to the skies and disappeared from my sight. 

Darth Verash surveyed everyone, he smiled and yelled out, "Sith, Imperials, today we will retake Balmorra!". 

The soldiers seeing him, some rejoiced, some despaired. 

Darth Verash was a victor of many battles, but the majority of victories were Pyrrhic Victories, if not for his Apprentice, he might've gone to his end already. 

"All follow me!". 

Suddenly, all the Imperial soldiers made a way for Darth Verash to move, following, where his four personal guards. 

Then the rest of the Sith followed, I and Aridal were, of course, no exception. 

Following near the end of the line, the soldiers all looked in reverence, we were, after all, leading the charge. 

Darth Verash had an inspiring presence, any soldiers that weren't sitting down, began to get up and be ready. 

Eventually, about ten or so metres away from the Main Base, Darth Verash screamed out, "LAY DOWN THE SILENCER". 

Suddenly, a missile could be seen from the sky falling down to the Main Base. 

As it reached the ground, a large explosion happened, this was different to the Silencers of my old world, this one actually worked by electricity. 

I didn't understand it, nor was there anything like it. 

Even within SWTOR, it didn't work this way. 

Suddenly all the Main Bases electricity was gone, then Darth Verash began to run, all the Sith followed, which again, I and Aridal had to. 

The Imperial soldiers seeing this, felt their confidence as Soldiers rise, their main fear was the droids and turrets powered by the electricity. 

They were likely off now, but, as Darth Verash used his lightsaber to slice through the wall surrounding him, we came to see hundreds of droids looking at us. 

They began to shoot, but they could only at Darth Verash, but his armour completely protected him. 

He hit the ground with his fist and suddenly the ground shook and the Force could be felt pushing every away. 

The droids fell and Darth Verash and his personal guards went on. 

The other Sith then began to quickly create other holes, within moments, they followed. 

Aridal and I both stayed together and, I would watch out for his back, Aridal would constantly chain lightning, easily destroying the droids. 

Some Sith were even brave enough to deflect the blaster bolts coming towards them, one of them with a double-bladed lightsaber was arrogant enough to deflect all the blaster bolts, deciding not to do anything else.

After quite some time, most of the droids had died, it was a complete domination. 

Imperial soldiers then began to enter, however as they did, one of the Sith actually fell to the ground...

Blood was gushing out of his neck, but he was still alive. 

He was actually shot by a sniper!

Though he was, the Sith was still alive due to his endurance. 

A female Sith seeing it, hissed and looked up, Darth Verash, however, didn't care, he simply pushed on, tearing more and more walls. 

The same process repeated, from time to time, the Sith would attempt to have been sniped, however, most attempts would fail. 

Except for Darth Verash and his personal guards, all the Sith were preoccupied with defending themselves first, then destroying the droids.

I myself had near close encounters, but Aridal told me everytime a blaster bolt was coming closer. 

It was likely that the Sniper was quite a long way. 

Battle after battle, there were only droids, and even I was becoming tired, Aridal, seemed to be out of juice and unable to use Force Lightning.

Darth Verash himself became tired, but this wasn't the tiredness of fighting, it was that he had yet to see blood!

He wanted the feeling of killing a living being, if he felt pain, he would only grow stronger and stronger. 

He clapped and using his physical might and the Force, it created a shockwave that destroyed all the droids. 

He was angry, there was nobody he could fight!

We kept doing this for an entire kilometre and we didn't stop in the slightest, in fact, due to Darth Verash's anger, we only moved faster, there were also more sniper shots, but these were far weaker, though more numerous. 

After we passed the kilometre mark, there were no more droids, we simply walked through, at this point, Darth Verash simply punched the walls and went through. 

Well, he wore armour full of spikes, so it was quite easy for him. 

Eventually, I don't know how long after we walked, a group of people appeared, they had lightsabers, but they weren't Jedi. 

Darth Verash was excited, he immediately went to fight the group. 

However, the group was strange. 

As they fought us, they didn't try to kill us, they simply tried to protect their own skin, as if they were distracting us.....

Growing even angrier, Darth Verash tried to choke them both physically and using the Force, though everytime he did so, another would distract him. 

The Imperial soldiers didn't dare to shoot, they feared that they might shoot one of us. 

After chasing them, Darth Verash demanded that the Imperial soldiers begin shooting, though there was Sith, Darth Verash simply restated himself. 

Immediately the group of people simply ran away, as they climbed the wall. 

Their climbing skills were simply incredible, as were their jumps, though not as much as Darth Thanaton's levitation.

Darth Verash then began to destroy the walls harder and harder, eventually as we did......



"My Lord, the group has tried to distract Darth Verash as long as possible, he is about three kilometres away, but he will hit the Central Grounds within minutes...."

This was the very same young man, to the man that wore Jedi Apparel and had the aura of one. 

"Good.... This will be a good experience....."



As we kept on going, this went on for a few more minutes. 

Then we came across a strange wall, it seemed different, Darth Verash couldn't break it with his hands, and could barely so with a lightsaber....

As he did, and we entered, we found ourselves as if it was somewhere else entirely. 

There was a garden and everything seemed so.... serene.....

As Darth Verash walked forward, we could hear a voice, as it spoke, it became louder and louder, or rather, closer and closer. 

A man wearing the apparel of a Jedi appeared. 

He certainly looked like a Jedi and he felt like one. 

Aridal seeing him, began to shake. 

Even falling down, I gently put him down, thankfully nobody noticed, or at least I think. 

The Jedi looked at us, smiling he laughed and introduced himself, "Hello, there! I don't believe we have met! I am Vicarious, you must be the infamous Darth Verash!". 

Darth Verash ran towards him, stomping the ground to where he went, Vicarious simply stood still. 

He yawned and then......................................................


So who is Vicarious?

You'll have to find out, next chapter, or will you?


Also, Vitiate means: Spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of. 

Just put that definition, there for no reason whatsoever.








A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Imperial Agent: SWTOR Playable Character

Darth Jadus: Renegade Dark Council Member, one of the more stronger Dark Council Members.

Dr Godera: Jedi Knight Character

Darth Vengean: Dark Council Member

Darth Angral: "Rogue" Darth

Darth Verash is about two and a half metres tall and muscular, he's not the hulk, but he's close. His lightsabers are a bit bigger. 

Darth Thanaton's Levitation: After getting rekt in the Kaggath at Correlia, Darth Thanaton shoots lightning to the floor and three seconds after the lightning fades, he levitates up. 

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