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This is the last chapter of the Planetary Arc.

Also, I've been having some difficulties with the personalities of the characters, so bear with me for now.

 Also, read Post-Chapter Author note, for original chapter idea.


Also, this chapter was really unstable, but I didn't know what else to write. 

Unstable: Plot holes and probably will need next chapter, explaining everything about it and etc.

NOTE: Frederick (Shaange, didn't hear Vicarious's name, he doesn't remember, until later in this chapter)

What's your name? I didn't hear...

As Darth Verash ran towards the Jedi, the latter only yawned. 

"Ahhh, a brute...."

The Jedi stayed his ground, and as Darth Verash put out his dual lightsabers while running and then leapt. 

The Jedi looked up........

The next second, Darth Verash was still in the air, the Jedi...

Actually caught the dual lightsabers with his hands!

This was almost the Pinnacle of Tutaminis. 

If one was this skilled in Tutaminis, a lightsaber was virtually only a wooden stick to the recipient. 

Was this the male version of Satele Shan?

He then let go of the lightsabers, but Darth Verash remained in the air. 

He was actually being Force gripped, the moment it happened. 

The personal guards were already running, however, the group once more appeared and began to fight them. 

There was even a Jedi that wore jewellery and her padawan that came. 

They probably weren't Jedi...

Jedi, were much more, restrained and controlled. 

Well, I'll just call the Jedi that is beating Darth Verash, the crazy Jedi, looks, it's not that he was crazy, it's a compliment to his crazy strength!

I'll just call the Jedi with jewellery, the jewellery Jedi and the jewellery padawan.

Hey! What else, am I meant to call them?

The crazy Jedi was actually crushing Darth Verash using the Force, but Darth Verash became even angrier, but the crazy Jedi simply laughed and squeezed even harder. 

Just imagine, you're wearing a suit of armour, and all of a sudden, it begins to squeeze on you and eventually kill you. 

That was what was happening to Darth Verash!

He moved more and more, but it did nothing....

Within seconds, I could feel his Presence disappearing.

The more powerful one was with the Force, the greater their Presence. 

If I died, who would even notice, well, Aridal probably would.

But, Darth Verash's death would have a great effect, it would be felt across the entire galaxy!

I could tell now, he was dead, his Presence was virtually gone. 

All the other Sith felt it, we all shook, Aridal, however for some reason, didn't. 

The crazy Jedi looked towards us, I immediately looked to Aridal and said, "RUN, RUN!". 

Immediately, Lord Sheratus screamed, "All retreat!". 

Everyone began to retreat, the personal guards, however, didn't. 

They kept on fighting, but in due time, they were destroyed. 

As I and Aridal were running, the Jedi with jewellery appeared.

She tried to divide us both, but I quickly grabbed Aridal and ran. 

Immediately, a Starship could be seen, it was of Imperial design. 

The Imperial soldiers and Sith began to then enter it. 

I guess this was Plan B. 

I wonder which smart, however coward, Sith thought of such an idea. 

If they told this to Darth Verash, then that Sith, might've been choked to death. 

However, the Jedi with jewellery kept on trying to split me from Aridal. 

Screw this, I grabbed Aridal, and I threw him. 

Honestly, it didn't take him that far. 

About a metre or two....

But, I yelled out, "RUN, just go!". 

Aridal then hearing me, ran, but kept on looking back. 

I then screamed out again, "JUST GO!". 

And like hell, did he jump high, I thought he was levitating for a second, and he quickly entered the Starship.

The Jedi with jewellery then decided to not even follow, she simply moved back and watched. 

I decided to run myself, and surprisingly, nobody even tried to stop me....

The Jedi watched, but surprisingly they didn't interfere. 

The crazy Jedi looked towards the Starship and OMG. 

He tried to pull it, using the Force!

The Starship shook, however, it escaped the grip, but as it did, I swear, I saw a smirk on the crazy Jedi. 

All the Sith went to the main terminal, but only, Lord Sheratus use the intercom, he knelt and spoke to a hologram of three figures. 

Overhearing, I was quite a distance away.

"My Lords, Darth Verash..... Has been killed!". 

Two of the Sith were surprised, however, the Third Sith simply stayed expressionless and joked, "Darth Verash, would've killed himself anyway, if not for his Apprentice, Duav, he would've died by now."

The Third Sith, then continued, "It is a good idea, that my Apprentice Prosel, decided to bring his own Capital Ship, in an emergency situation"

The Third Sith was Lord Prosel's Master?

The First Sith agreed and said, "Hmmm, thankfully we didn't tell Darth Verash, otherwise he would've gone mad."

The Second Sith then said, "As members of the Dark Council, we have to act immediately.... Sheratus, contact all the other Sith and have them arrive at Dromund Kaas and meet us Three at Lord Prosel's Residence!". 

Lord Sheratus replied, "Yes, My Lords".

I guess, that our next stop is to Dromund Kaas. 

They will either do, one of two things to us. 

Kill us to silence us, or they would portray the Empire as victims, and use us as propaganda material.

I hoped it was the latter, I then heard the sound of a hologram going off. 

Lord Sheratus then walked away. 

Also, apparently that crazy Jedi's name was Vicarious......

It sounds familiar.... As if I have heard it before, not from the Star Wars Galaxy, but my old life...



"My Lord, why did you let them go?". 

Vicarious was being confronted by the Jedi with jewellery, he then sighed and replied, "A feeling..... I felt something when I looked into the eyes of--". 

"What did you feel?". The Jedi with jewellery asked, Vicarious then replied seeming to be in his own World, "Something..... Different......

"Different?". The Jedi with jewellery was confused, but she didn't ask again...

She looked towards the group and asked, "Shall we tell Him?".  (Bolded and capitalized on purpose.)

The group was silent and began to talk among themselves.....



At Korriban, there was a room of Twelve Seats, similar to how the Temple of Tython had their Jedi Council. 

However, this room seemed much more strict, there were four people there in person, three as holograms, and one standing. 

The one standing as Lord Prosel's Master, Darth Deragus. 

He spoke to the Council, "Fellow Members of the Council, with the death of Darth Verash, we are left with an empty space..... 

I suggest that my Apprentice, Lord Prosel be elevated to be a Darth!". 

A voice spoke in dissent, "Darth Deragus, I believe, Lord Duav will be a better substitute!". 

As soon as that voice spoke, an argument happened among the eight..........



About a day passed, and I realized how weak I was. 

I mean the SWTOR Characters became stronger by just levelling up. 

I had two choices, Holocrons or intense physical training. 

Well, I was virtually at the peak of physical training, I could learn lightsaber forms, but I needed Holocrons...

Not Sith Holocrons, but Jedi Holocrons!

Honestly, I had a plan, I probably won't survive as a Sith, so, I wanted to kill Lord Zavan, then defect to be a Jedi....

Deceit, manipulation, vendetta, all common within Sith, but virtually non-existent in Jedi....

Also, I was currently with the other Sith and Aridal, appearing in front of us were the two Sith and Lord Prosel's Master, by their conversation, each of them was a Dark Council Member....

They began to question us and speak to us, not in secrecy, but as a group.....















A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

If you want to see an example of Tutaminis, watch the SWTOR Videos. (Satele Shan, blocks a lightsaber with her bare hands)

Or if you want to see Tutaminis taken to an even higher level, watch Valkorion block lightsabers, by creating a human size barrier around him, rendering most attacks, negligible.


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