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I have a feeling, I accidentally called the Sith Empire, the Galactic Empire. If you see that error in the chapters, I'm fixing it, atm.

Also, new volume, as I didn't follow the Original Idea, I had to make it only seven chapters.

This chapter, feels a lot more stable, than the one before.....


The two Sith and Lord Prosel's Master began to talk to us, then began to ask us what happened. 

Most of the Sith said that we were tricked by Darth Verash and that we were tricked by him to go with him on a death mission. 

Why did they say that, because one of the two Sith, showed expressed his displeasure of Darth Verash, saying, "Darth Verash was a fool, but how did he die?". 

I decided to say something else, "My Lords, Darth Verash came to us, to lead a glorious assault against the Balmorran Resistance Force, however, I believe that the Republic has attempted to violate the Treaty of Coruscant!". 

The two Sith laughed, however, Lord Prosel's Master's eyes widened and asked, "How so?". 

I began to say, "I believe, the Jedi secretly was or already annihilated the Balmorran Resistance Force!". 

Everyone had their eyes on me, I was simply saying, what might've been true, but probably wasn't. 

"They already hid bombs under the Electric Center, but they made it so that the blast would be contained by the Durasteel Walls so that the maximum power of the bombs was shown. 

Additionally, they either killed the Balmorran Resistance Force or was the Resistance Force, though some evidence shows otherwise, it is likely that such evidence, isn't up to Imperial standards!".

I took in a deep breath of air and continued quickly, "The Republic likely didn't expect that Lord Prosel's very own Capital Ship was prepared to save the Sith, from the scheming Jedi!

Lord Prosel's Master gave a little laugh and said, "A very good hypothesis.... I will immediately, assign you a ship, Inquisitor, you and Aridal, in the future, will, without a doubt, be an important asset to the Empire!". 

Well, I gave them enough information to make some propaganda with, Lord Prosel's Master then continued, "All, but Aridal and Shaange leave!". 

The two Sith were confused, however, Lord Prosel's Master spoke, "Gentlemen, that includes you two."

They themselves then left, Lord Prosel's Master then looked towards me and asked, "Shaange, I have a feeling, you know that is not the truth?". 

I replied, "My Lord, I indeed know,"

He then said, "I have laid the plan for the Ascendancy of Prosel, as long as all goes well, he will become a Darth to fill up Darth Verash's empty position, however, Lord Duav is being a minor inconvenience....

I require you and Aridal, to go to Tatooine, there you will meet my follower, Lord Saza, she will brief you on how to destroy, Lord Duav's power base. 

By destroying his power base on Tatooine, Lord Duav will have lost most of his support, and become unqualified for the position of Darth!". 

I wondered what the power base exactly was, but I heard that Tatooine was once a pure place, where Jedi went, this could be advantageous to me. 

I looked to Lord Prosel's Master and asked, "My Lord, do you have any Holocrons? Of the Jedi Kind?". 

Lord Prosel's Master looked to me in a strange look, but replied happily, "If you asked for the Sith kind, I would have to disappoint you, however since you asked of the Jedi, you can have this one, it is the Holocron of the Jedi Master, Ha'ya Dav, an enemy, I almost lost to...."

He tossed me a Holocron and I put it in my Inquisitor wear, I wonder who could make Lord Prosel's Master, almost lose.

He then looked towards Aridal and asked, "Aridal, you yourself, have done a meticulous task, what is it that you wish for?". 

He was silent, and he didn't say anything. 

Lord Prosel's Master then seeing Aridal was being silent, decided to continue, "Regardless, Shaange, I have assigned Lieutenant Tarvis to help you and Aridal, and I have myself, made you an General, even if Lord Duav tries to take away your position, he won't be able to."

General? Lord Duav also made me a General, though very rare would dare to challenge his decision, if a Dark Council Member made a decision, there likely wouldn't be a single person daring to challenge their decision. 

Also, while I was on the ship to Dromund Kaas, I found out that, that some ranks work differently. 

There were no Oversectors, but rather Grand Moffs was a special position made based on the Emperor's decision, this was similar to Palpatine's decision, but their powers were different....

Also, the Minister of War was the Head of Empire's Military, he wasn't necessarily a Sith, but he controlled virtually all of the Empire's Military and was only answerable to the Three Dark Council Members of the Spheres of Defense of the Empire, Sphere of Military Offense and Military Strategy, which I found out, were actually Lord Prosel's Master and the two Sith. 

Lord Prosel's Master, turns out to be Darth Deragus and the Dark Council Member of Defense of the Empire. 

I wondered if he was so powerful, why would he need me? Perhaps Darth Verash had some powerful allies? 

Regardless, some merits were assigned to my citizen profile and before I even left Dromund Kaas or found my new ship that Darth Deragus got for me. 

I saw on the news...

My God....

The Propaganda.....

The Sith Empire, under the brave and mighty Darth Verash, lead a group of heroic Sith and a courageous legion of soldiers, against the tyranny of the Balmorran Resistance Force, that was secretly funded by the Republic!

The brave and mighty Darth Verash met his end under the evil Jedi, and he will be given a Planetary Funeral, where no wedding, celebrations are to take place. With him, several Sith also lost their end, as well as courageous soldiers, their families shall be compensated and asked to attend the Funeral......

Though did this happened, I was still able to leave on the ship, it was a large ship. 

It looked similar to the Fury-class Imperial Interceptor, but its centre, was strangely bigger, making it's height/depth about thirty-five metres. A width of ninety or so metres and a length, just above a hundred.

Entering it, there was a robot, it was a 2V-R8, it looked to me and Aridal and spoke, "Hello Masters, I am......"

It was the basic robot, that came with most Imperial ships, so I didn't really care, I just put it on and left it at the ship's centre.

I told Aridal to get ready to travel to Korriban and I opened up the Holocron to see an old man....

"The Third Lightsaber Form is called Soresu, the Way of the Mynock, or the Resilience Form, I Ha'ya Dav, mastered this Form, and I became Invincible...."

Wait, then how did you die?

He continued, "The Sith will never learn such a technique they consider weak or defensive, thus, I know you must be not one of them, all Sith have pride, and they will not learn my techniques, but you can!". 

He began movements and I began to copy them, though most Sith already knew how to block Blaster bolts, Soresu, was different...

It was simple, yet precise....

However, the sixteen-year-old me, got so tired, so easily....

Within just an hour of practice, I couldn't move, I then went to the pilot's area and saw Aridal just dawdling around. 

I then asked, "Are we there yet?". 

He looked to me and replied, "Master, all we have to do is enter hyperspace and we'll be there within moments, I was waiting for you to stop practising". 


 "Well, then let's go". 

I took a seat, as did Aridal and within moments, using the hyperdrive, we made it to Korriban. 

The transport ship, I took to Korriban the first time, must not have had a Hyperdrive, but regardless, we made it to Korriban and I called down, "This is Inquisitor Shaange, dropping down."

Immediately I heard on the comm radio, "Alright, My Lord, you are safe to land". 

Landing, I left the ship and told Aridal to stay. 

As soon as I did, I saw Lieutenant Tarvis, "My Lord, Lord Prosel, told me of your arrival, I have been told that I will be accompanying you". 

I thought I would have to find him, but fortunately, I didn't, so we immediately went back inside, to Aridal's surprise, that I came back so quickly. 

2V-R8 also came to greet Lieutenant Tarvis, but instead of immediately going to Tatooine. 

I decided to go to the Imperial Fleet, it was similar to the Balmorra Space Station, but this was much bigger.

I changed my apparel once more, this time, I wore a sort of neutral look. 

It was similar to what Darth Mortis had, a dark singlet with parts of it adorned with metal and patterns, and with impressive shoulder guards, however, mine had much smaller shoulder guards and lacked any patterns at all.

I wasn't sure what it was, but it obviously wasn't Durasteel, it was likely steel. 

Also, the bottom was simply a dark robe, there was nothing impressive there, simply a dark robe. 

I attracted the looks of Sith, but it was a simple glance. 

The reason I chose to wear this, was simple. 

It was neutrality, I didn't look like Sith or Jedi, I didn't add patterns, as I decided, that if worse comes to worse.

I can pretend that I'm a Jedi, the armour would give me a good sense of neutrality, there were no patterns which abided by the rules of Vanity and there was no impressive shoulder guard, it was simple and even in a sense humble, if the small shoulder guard wasn't there.

 Also, despite it being part steel, It flipping weighed about half as much as the Inquisitor clothes.... 

These clothes likely weren't as durable. 

But, they made me unique, as well....I was ninety-nine percent sure, nobody else wore armour like this. 

Aridal chose to keep the skintight wear and Lieutenant Tarvis actually sent a message to his parents....

Apparently, Lieutenant Tarvis's Academic prowess allowed for him to become a Lieutenant quite quickly at the age of twenty and allowed for his parents to retire....

Well, he was now twenty-two, and he looked that age. 

I looked to Tatooine and then to my Holocron, I wasn't sure about the future, but hopefully, nothing like what happened on Balmorra happens...........








A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Darth Mortis: SWTOR Dark Council Member (Has the coolest armour)

Ok, just imagine Frederick's (Shaange) clothes are like Darth Mortis's except, that the impressive shoulder guard is much smaller and that there are no patterns on the said singlet and the bottom is just a robe, and nothing else.

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Frodo @Frodo ago


Great story so far loving it.

arkantos @arkantos ago

There is a power of the Force called "Electric Judgment" which is a version of the light side of "Force lightning" that the Sith use.

It would be interesting if the MC uses this type of power instead of the Sith version  XD.

chazzi @chazzi ago

Thank you for the Chapter :)