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Main Characters:

Frederick (Shaange): Reincarnated from Earth into the Star Wars Galaxy, with a few noticeable differences. A barely qualifiable Midi-Chlorian level, however, has great control of combat and power.

Aridal: Empire's Child, whose link was severed from the Emperor's. An extremely high Midi-Chlorian level.

Lord Frezan: Sith Lord and Lord Zavan's former Master, before being betrayed and left to die. Became a peaceful Force Ghost after death, and eventually passed on.

Lieutenant Tarvis: A young Lieutenant, working for both Frederick (Shaange) and Aridal. 

Frederick's Sister, Alsash: Roughly the same age of Frederick, a high Midi-Chlorian level. 

Savo Dav:





The Empire Hierarchy 

The Emperor: The Man behind the Dark Council

Dark Council: Comprised of Twelve Individuals, who reign over all the Sith

Minister of War: Subordinate to only the Dark Council (Namely, Defense, Offense and Strategy Spheres of Influence) and the Emperor himself.

Grand Moff: An Honourable position, seen with great reverence and respect by even Dark Councilors, due to the vast accomplishments needed to achieve such a position.

Darth: An extremely high achievement of being a Sith, also achievable by killing one's Master, or by a great display of power.

Lord: A high achievement of being a Sith, normally achieved by killing one's own Master, or in the case of incredible ability.

Moff/General/Admiral: Commander of a Star Destroyer

Sith Apprentice: Position dependent on who you're subordinate to. All Non-Sith call them, respectively, "My Lord". However high-ranking officials, namely Moffs, Generals and Admirals do so not in utter respect, due to their special position.

Admiral/General and below are all standardized ranks in both the Empire and Republic.

Colonel: Commander of a Base

Captain: Commander of a Ship

Commander: Leader of a Squad or Party.

Lieutenant: Leader of a Squad or Party. 

Seargarent: Soldier

Corporal: Soldier

Private: Soldier


People with said ranks (Done in descending Order)

Dark Councilor Deragus:

Dark Councilor Alogio:

Darth Verash:

Darth Norgiov:

Lord Prosel: Apprentice to Darth Deragus.

Lord Duav: Darth Verash's Apprentice

Lord Y'lern: Senior Sith Lord. (Senior, by age)

Lord Sheratus: Random Sith Lord.

Lord Saza:

Lord Zavan: Frederick's Grandfather/Former Apprentice of Lord Frezan, Apprentice of Darth Norgiov.

Lady Vaysera: Recently appointed Sith Lord. 


Lieutenant Tarvis:










Time period:

Galactic Cold War and after the Treaty of Coruscant. 

NOTE: All known SWTOR, characters, are only referenced, and not put into this Fanfiction.



Side Characters: Republic

Jedi Knight Rasdah: Deceased Jedi Knight, subconsciously killed by Frederick. 

Jedi Knight U'lan: Deceased Jedi Knight.

Jedi Master Ha'ya Dav: Master of the Soresu Form, died to Darth Deragus. 

Jedi Master Rylar: Jedi Councillor

Jedi Master Q'yern: Jedi Councillor

Jedi Master Qu'aze: Jedi Councillor

Jedi Master H'asarl: Deceased Jedi Master, killed by Vicarious

Jedi Master Jasaus: Famed Jedi Master, that slew Darth Alogio's Father/Master



Side Characters: Balmorran Resistance Force


Jedi with Jewellery:

Group of Jedi:



Korriban: Ancient homeworld of the Sith Pureblood

Korriban Academy: Main Academy of the Sith Empire (Will be explained in greater detail later)

Dromund Kaas: Capital of the Sith Empire

Tatooine: Once a Force Sensitive Planet of the Lightside. 

Balmorra: Originally an Empire Planet, but now disputed between the Empire and Balmorran Resistance Force, in a war. 

Dark Council: Top twelve strongest Sith.

Jedi Council: Jedi equivalent of above. 

Narva Worso: Ancient Dark Lord of the Sith who worshipped the Emperor as a God, and continues to do so. 

Mask of Narva Worso: Containing the Undying Spirit of Narva Worso, said to grant the user, unimaginable power. 





Star Wars Galaxy Hierarchy of Strength:

(I) Both the Sith Empire and the Old Republic currently hold the majority of the power within the Star Wars Galaxy, capable of easily crushing any other faction other than each other. 


(II) The Aperture Alliance, hundreds of Planetary Systems lead under the Balmorran Kingdom with a neutral stance to both the Republic and Empire, though lean to the former, much heavier than the latter.


(III) The Hutt Cartel, second to only the Empire, Republic and Alliance, possessing the greatest web of connections and influence, though a much smaller musterable force. Possessing a likewise neutral stance to both the Republic and Empire, though lean to the latter, much heavier than the former.



(IV) The Mandalorians hold a formidable position under Mand'alor the Emancipator, ruling from Mandalore or its Dreadnaught the Spirited Redeemer. 

Additionally possessing a large and professional army of battle born warriors with influence and power far outstretching its clone wars version, seen not as a mere vassal of the Empire, but rather an ally.


(IV) The Force Attuned Planet of Voss, arguably the most powerful planet outside of the Republic and Empire. 


(V) The Exchange (Republic Side) and Czerka. All Core Worlds, as they possess a specific resource which makes them extremely powerful in their own right.

Additionally Worlds such as Bakura, Manaan, Saleucami, as well as Houses Organa, Thul and Ulgo of Aldeeran.


(VI) Shadow Syndicate and weaker planets such as Onderon. Additionally, the weaker Noble Houses of Aldeeran.












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Thantalus @Thantalus ago

I love this story .

Sadly there are only so many chapters the author can publish per day.

Does anyone know any similar stories?