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Don't forget, there is the Sexual Content Warning. 

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"Aridal, set course for Tatooine, immediately!". 

Everyone took a seat and the ship began going lightspeed to Tatooine. 

Well, 2V-R8 didn't take a seat, hyperspace was quite beautiful, it wasn't that we were going extremely quick, we seemed to be doing a normal speed, just through another medium. 

Within a few moments, we were there. 

Damn, that was quick.....

It felt a bit unrealistic, but that was simply how it worked. 

I look to Tarvis and asked, "Lieutenant, how long until we are needed to meet Lord Saza?". 

Tarvis looked to me and replied, "My Lord, on the data-pad, it says that we need to meet her within tomorrow, shall we dock or stay here?". 

I looked to the Holocron and decided, "Stay here, we can wait for a day."

I went to the Captain's Quarter and opened the Holocron, the same old man continued. 


I copied the movements, simple yet precise, but at the same time hard to copy. 

If I could see someone in real life doing so, perhaps I would be able to copy it better. 

Training more and more, I copied and copied, but until I tried it out in real combat, it wouldn't be anything. 

Looking at the Imperial news, there were enlistments for the Imperial Navy and the alike. 

It said, "The Empire is currently enlisting Brave Soldiers against the Balmorran Resistance Force....."

Well, conscription was quite rare within the Sith Empire. 

There was enough propaganda and brainwashing for everyone, that people simply enlisted, believing it to be the right thing. 

Tarvis was one such, at the youngest age one could enter the Imperial Academy, he joined and aced his tests. 

If he wasn't unfairly suppressed by a General, he might've been a Captain by now. 

Talking about Generals, a fair bit of them were Sith, some were cases of nepotism, and others were an example of true skill.

Take for an example, a Darth wouldn't give the Lord title and rank to a normal Sith if they didn't fit the criteria, as the title of Sith Lord held great prestige and pride.

Instead, they would give a General rank, even if that Sith didn't fit the criteria, as who was going to stop the Darth? The General rank had little prestige in the eyes of Sith, after all.

Taking some time, I researched the history of Tarvis's background. 

Hey! I just wanted to know and make sure, whoever was following me, was clean. 

Born on Dromund Kaas to a family with no background, rose quickly due to his incredible diligence and skill, scored one hundred percent on all his tests, contributor to the battle of..... 

He apparently commandeered a Starship, but it was much smaller than this one, and also had much more people....

Then, he messed with a Captain, he defied the orders to retreat, but rather kept on going and won a strategic victory. 

But, because he defied an order, it was put off as mutiny and the Captain suppressed the news of the victory.

If the news of the victory was never suppressed, then perhaps, Tarvis would've been a Captain by now. 

Regardless, Tarvis didn't care that much and kept on trying his best. 

He was similar to Malavai Quinn, but Tarvis was far more lax and uncaring of being suppressed.

More and more training, eventually I just got bored. 

It was about near night, but in space, you couldn't really tell. 

I decided, "Aridal, immediately enter Tatooine". 

He put his hand ups in cheer and immediately pressed it, we were quite close to Tatooine, just outside its atmosphere. 

In response a sound could be heard, "Please report your name and status for landing". 

I replied, "Inquisitor Shaange, going down now."

The sound replied, "You are safe to land, My Lord". 

The Starship came slowly landing down, as it did, I could see the sandy deserts. 

Oh yeah, thankfully this ship had autopilot. 

However, Aridal really wanted to pilot the ship down. 

Doing so, it was incredibly shaky as he went down....

As if the ship was being bombarded, I felt the slight urge to vomit.

As it finally reached the bottom, Tarvis looked to me and said, "My Lord, I think it is better, that I myself pilot the ship."


Alright, it seems that Aridal will never pilot again. 

As we exited the ship, we left 2V-R8 to guard the ship, well, it was unlikely that anyone would even do anything to it. 

Tarvis followed me and Aridal walked beside in the station.

We easily went through customs, it was just a robot that scanned you. I stood still, as did Tarvis, but Aridal kept moving around. 

Exiting the Station, we could see only sand and more sand....

As far as the eye could see, there was sand. 

There was a path, however, it was barely seeable. 

A nearby Imperial soldier came to me and said, "My Lord, there is currently a sandstorm, you will have to wait an hour..."

I lamented, if a sandstorm happened, I didn't dare to move. 

Staying still, I simply waited. 

I looked to Tarvis and asked, "Lieutenant, what do you know about Lord Saza?". 

He replied to me in great detail, "My Lord, she was......."

I listened to him for a good twenty minutes, I didn't even know you could remember all that information. 

Well, from the beginning, she came from an Imperial Family with a history of Sith. 

It was about every second or third generation that someone was born with Force Sensitivity, she had no siblings, she didn't kill them, she was just born a single child. 

However, she did have several Force-Sensitive cousins, one Force-Sensitive cousin of hers was Lord Vas'er. 

About the rest of her cousins were only Sith Inquisitors and Warriors, nobodies within the Sith structure. 

However, none of her cousins had ever failed the Sith Trials, it was always a success.

Anything else about her was quite boring, she "pacified" a group within Tatooine and did a bunch of other stuff. 

One notable thing, however, was her victory against Jedi Knight, Rave'st, which was the reason for her being a Sith Lord. 

There was also some other stuff about killing a Bandit Head and weeding out some hiding Republic within the Imperial Area.

Also, Tatooine, unlike Balmorra is an unaffiliated Planet. 

Belonging to not the Empire or the Republic, there was no Central Government, though some outposts were controlled by either the Republic or Empire. 

None of which, dared to claim the desert planet for themselves.

There were some rumours that the Empire might take over Tatooine, but I found them very unlikely, 

There was a small, but significant community of criminals and dangerous wildlife. The only ones that did still live here were those like Jawas, sand people, moisture farmers or traders. 

The Empire would lose more than gain more, especially with the problem of Balmorra.

After the sandstorm dispersed, we began to walk towards Lord Saza's building.

It stood out, it was a large dark stronghold, contrasting all the shabby buildings and stores around it. 

There were also Imperial soldiers just outside it, they seemed to of been of a slightly higher class, as they looked to carry better weapons and have yellow stripes, on their normally simply black uniform. 

As we tried to enter, one of the Imperial soldiers stopped us and said, "Halt, My Lord, we need to know your name."

I looked at him and replied, "Shaange, now let me through". 

As if the Imperial soldier shook, he replied, "I'm sorry, My Lord, Lady Saza hasn't been expecting any visitors by that name". 

I replied, "Let me through". 

I wondered if Lord Saza was playing on me, but I was told to visit her.

They replied, "We are sorry, My Lord, Lady Saza has asked us to not let anyone in, unless she knows them". 

I simply moved gave them a "slight" push and opened the door quickly, as I did, my vision moved to a woman, I believed to be Lord Sava and......

I put my hands over the eyes of Aridal and I simply stared......


Well, Romance is a genre and the Sexual Content Warning is there, so here you go.

(It'll be light and loosely explained, but if you're younger than thirteen, then, goodbye Very Happy)

Just kidding.... (I'll let you interpret if it applies to the former or latter)




A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Malavai Quinn: Sith Warrior Companion

Imperial soldiers, wear virtually the same thing as Storm/Clone Troopers, it's just dark and sometimes with stripes or decoration.

Also, I got rid of the Martial Arts Tag.

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Thank you for the Chapter :)

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Thanks for the chapter! it seems that Lord Saza is ''abusing'' of her subordinates? haha


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