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A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

I was going to make the first ten or so lines, a bit more graphic but I'd imagine, that most of you reading, are probably fifteen or younger?

Age Poll at the bottom.

Nevermind, it's at the top.

Opening the door, I saw a woman. 

Long flowing hair, and dark red eyes. 

I'm not one to speak compliments, as I was never one to know how to. 

But, I suppose her bust and curves, were as if, a sculptor made a clay statue.

And someone breathed life into that clay statue.

She was currently torturing a Republic Officer, I could tell by the clothes. 

Her methods of torture were quite.....


There was a strange machine, the Republic Officer was restrained to, it vibrated a lot as if the entire room was moving. There was also lightning that kept moving also through the different areas of the Republic Officer's body. 

Additionally, I could see foam, coming out of his mouth and nose......

It was a disgusting scene, but nowhere as terrible, as the recently deceased bodies of Korriban. 

Both I and Tarvis stood still, I closed the eyes of Aridal. 

The scene being disgusting was one such reason, but it was only the secondary reason. 

The first reason was the choice of clothing that Lord Saza wore.....

It was very, alluring. 

To weaker men, it would be akin to sharks going for blood, without even knowing, they themselves would be devoured.

I myself had a hard time controlling myself, but then remembering a certain scene, from my old life, gave me back my will.

Aridal tried to shake off my hands, and he a saw glimpse, he smiled and blushed, I wasn't sure if it was because, he awakened a tendency, or was that he found out something, he didn't know before. 

Though Aridal was seventeen, he lacked many things. 

He was tortured by Inquisitor Vern, that relegated and degraded his mind, or suppressed it from growing, additionally, his link as a Child of the Emperor repressed even more of his memories and mind. 

Though he was capable of uttering words of a plea, it was more of an intelligence of a child, not yet grown. 

It was akin, to a young child, seeing something he shouldn't have.

Lord Saza then looked towards us, she didn't blush or anything. 

She simply looked at us, without any care. 

She smiled and immediately threw her lightsaber, I pushed both Aridal and Tarvis out of the way. 

"Aridal, if it comes to you, dodge it". 

Aridal could dodge by it himself, as he could sense it by the Force, but Tarvis, may not be so lucky. 

Lord Saza, just so happened, to be aiming for Tarvis, thus I grabbed him and I threw him "gently". 

She had a strange expression, Lord Saza simply looked to me and spoke to me, in a strange voice, "Hmm, you've disturbed my meditation, but by the armour you're wearing, you must be Inquisitor Shaange?". 

Meditation? Can you really consider that meditation, but moving on.

I suppose, my fashion sense was well known, for her to know who I am.

I was listed third on the Balmorra Contribution List, first was Darth Verash, the second was Lord Y'lern, third was me, fourth was Lord Sheratus and fifth was Lord Duav. 

This was done to promote rivalry, though there were no rewards, it also promoted morale, if an Imperial soldier saw one of the Sith on the contribution list, they would ready to fight. 

What was that saying?

"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion." (Alexander the Great Quote)

In my past life, there was such a quote, but I can't remember who exactly said it. 

I replied to the strangely dressed, Lord Saza, "Darth Deragus sent me, he reported, there was a way to destroy, Lord Duav's power base on this planet?". 

Hearing that, Lord Saza had her eyes widened, she then replied, "Ah, so my Father sent you.... Well, Lord Duav does have a sizable power base on Tatooine, but his true power base lies on Dromund Kaas, which Lord Prosel, is likely aiming to destroy". 

Father? I suppose your his daughter then, but I saw no resemblance, even if one was degraded by the dark side, there should've been an inkling of resemblance. 

Both I and my Sister looked like our Grandfather, the resemblance was actually more akin to a child and their parent, but Lord Saza had no resemblance to Darth Deragus. 

I'd say, Lord Prosel has more resemblance to Darth Deragus.....

Secret child? Or Secret Affair, but going onto the actual question. 

I asked, "Lord Saza, what is Lord Duav's main power base on Tatooine?". 

She came closer and looked into my eyes, her forehead almost touched mine, she breathed and meanwhile, Aridal was turning red, he was experiencing something, he had yet to. 

I myself felt being lured, so I quickly asked again, "Lord Saza, I will have to ask my question again, what is the main power base of Lord Duav here!". 

She frowned as if she lost a chance and she replied, "No fun.... But, at least you're not like that fool, Lord Ger'sh."

An unfamiliar name, but it was likely someone that went on the bad side of Lord Saza, I chose not to ask about him and asked, "Lord Saza, Darth Deragus himself, asked me to destroy his power base!". 

I spoke like thunder, as loud as I could, she moved back and then replied, "Alright.....So tense, allow for me to help..."

Well, at least, she wasn't someone that was bent on killing me, but this time, I spoke calmly, "Lord Saza, for Lord Prosel's Ascendancy to plan out correctly, we must destroy the power base of Tatooine here."

She replied, "We? I can assure you Shaange, this job is yours alone, Lord Prosel's Ascendancy will work on either way". 

With her mention of Lord Prosel, it was as if she sighed and was in love of Lord Prosel. 

Though marriage between Sith, were in most cases, political and to gain power, some would truly be for love, but that would be for those people that had still not been fully corrupted by the Dark Side or had gone so far, the Dark Side lost its effect. 

I then asked, "Lord Prosel, will definitely remember any contributions you make...."

Hearing of Lord Prosel, she was slightly intrigued, she replied, "Nonsense, Lord Duav's power base here on Tatooine, has little to no effect anyway". 

Seeing, how she didn't want to help, I wondered, did Darth Deragus lie to me, or was Lord Saza ignorant or not wanting to help?

I then decided to add something, "Lord Saza, the truth is....."

Hearing this, she asked, "What truth!?". 

I decided to make something up.

"The truth is this, Lord Duav has more of a power base than you can imagine...."

Lord Saza gave off a little laugh and asked, "What do you mean? All he has here is a few outposts, they occasionally fight with the Republic Encampments and Outposts."

I replied, "In truth, the Empire believes that, but Lord Duav has long since conquered the Republic Encampments and Outposts!". 

Lord Saza was perplexed and replied, "That's impossible, if that did so happen, then there would be news of such!". 

I looked at her sternly and ask, "My Lord, do you know of Darth Verash's personal guards?". 

She replied, "Indeed, each as powerful as a Sith Lord, though they are only brutes, lead by an even bigger brute!". 

I took this chance and asked, "Do you believe, such a brute, could create such powerful robots?". 

She froze for a second and smiled and then said, "So you are saying that Lord Duav, has been hiding an army?". 

I replied, "Indeed, he was likely waiting for the perfect chance, and he would've killed Darth Verash himself, if not for his untimely death at Balmorra". 

Lord Saza then asked, "Such an army, is not easily hidden or known, how did you know?". 

I asked smiling, "My Lord, if Lord Duav, wasn't himself supported by members of the Dark Council, how could he stand up to Lord Prosel?". 











A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Certain scene: will not be described in detail.

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arcan1985 @arcan1985 ago

The mc is kind of a wimp. Will he ever become strong ?


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    Well, that always depends on what you define as strong. (Strength is relative)

    In the Tatooine Arc/Volume, he'll be learning "Soresu". I chose it, as it was mainly defensive, in contrast to novels, which I read that normally have the protagonist using a killing form, or in Chinese novels (Asura Path). Though, I'm planning on having him learn another of the Forms as well, namely Form IV or Form V. 

    Well, also he's also mindful, he understands that if he angers Lord Saza, he'll probably get beaten up. 

    A wimp? (That's also relative). But, I prefer the term, careful.

    But yeah, he'll learn Soresu first, as it contrasts in my opinion, what I see in the majority of novels. 

    Also, he's stronger than most people that aren't Force Sensitive, he just has yet to see many battles.


    But overall, he will become stronger, and braver.


chazzi @chazzi ago

Thank you for the Chapter :)

Also a Mc who makes logical choices is enjoyable to read, though i will admit some authors take this idea too far.

p.s. decision making so far has been pretty good Very Happy