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Well, I've got some editing to do. 

First thing, I'm going to put the Volume Title "Korriban"

Also, change Imperial trooper to Imperial Soldier and etc.

and some other stuff.

Most people that read this, are far older than I expected.


Also, I'm out of original ideas, so I am basing it off what the Sith Warrior/Inquisitor did and the bonus quests and quest chains.


Lord Saza looked to me with interest and asked, "If I do say help you, will you help me with gaining, perhaps, some of his robots?". 

I replied, "If it is possible, then I will, but I'd imagine, that some members of the Dark Council are likely secretly supporting Lord Duav in the shadows, afraid of angering Darth Deragus". 

She replied, "Indeed..... Very well, then..... Perhaps if we... No...."

She was thinking, it was likely, that Darth Deragus didn't tell her, perhaps she chose to ignore it, or perhaps this was a test for me?

She looked to me and said, "Meet me in a week, I will begin to create a plan."

Meet in a week? Well, realistically, it would take a week to make a plan. 

But in SWTOR, a plan could be thought of in five seconds, but here, I guess this is, however, reality. 

Aridal the whole time, was blushing and staring, I grabbed his hand and pulled him out. 

As for Tarvis, he was a bit shaken, but that was more likely due to fear, then anything else. 

Leaving, there was a certain place, I wanted to go, but I couldn't go right now. 

It wasn't dark, but it wasn't the very morning. 

Somewhere, that I wanted to go, it had to be, by myself. 

It was the Oasis of the Jundland Wastes, I needed to test my spirit and realize, what my goals really were. 

I suppose my current goals were to survive and kill Lord Zavan, I guess I had also, minor goals, but they weren't really to think about. 

I suppose I would simply visit around Tatooine, there wasn't that much else to do. 

On such a desert World, what else was there to do?

Only people that had nowhere to go, would come to such a place.

Sightseeing, there wasn't much to do. 

I, Aridal and Tarvis had nothing to do, but surprisingly, an Imperial Soldier came to me and said, "My Lords, Moff Yeron, requests your presence."

I replied, "Very well, where is Moff Yeron?".

The Soldier replied, "Please follow me". 

Us three followed the Soldier, it was back to the station, but it was somewhere, we had yet to be. 

Just outside of a room, we could hear shouting, it was a loud voice, and it seemed to be threatening someone, "I don't care, if you're short on men, just do it!". 

There was also a replying voice, "But..... The Exchange...."

The loud voice replied, "Go hire some Mandalorians or something!". 

The reply voice, "But, sir.... We lack-"(Funds)

The loud voice then shouted, "Then Colonel, why don't you, GET OUT". 

Leaving the room was a Colonel, he wore an armour that had witnessed many scars and battles, he himself was limping, his left leg didn't seem to be in the best position. 

I entered the room, and I saw a man dressed in an Imperial Officer's uniform, though obviously far more decorated than Tarvis. 

This was Moff Yeron, seeing me he smiled, and said, "Ah, Sith, glad to see you here, Lord Saza is currently busy and the only other Sith on this Planet, are you and Inquisitor Aridal, and the Apprentice of Lord Uscad who is currently wasting his time at the Cantina". 

He looked to me with a smile, but I wasn't sure, if it was a real smile, or that there were daggers behind it. 

I replied, "It seems, that you are having some trouble with the exchange."

He gave off a little laugh and said, "My Lord, you are right, the Exchange is pestering us far too much, though this isn't their biggest base of operations, it is one of their most secure."

The Exchange, they were a criminal organization that rivalled the Hutt Cartel, existing for three hundred years, they met their end only due to the help of the Empire that grew angered by the Exchange's actions and the Hutt Cartel, ceasing tolerating it.

Of course, the Exchange also grew weakened by that point due to relentless attacks from the Hutt Cartel, but right now, they should have quite the amount of strength. 

Remembering the Mandalorians I asked, "Surely, the Mandalorians can help you? They should be more than capable of doing so."

The Mandalorians were mercenaries, lead by a Central Figure, known as Mandalore. 

Right now, they were on mainly the side of the Empire, but it wouldn't be rare for some of them to be on the side of the Republic. 

Also possessing a form of honour, many Mandalorians weren't exactly friends with the Empire, despite being mainly on the side of the Empire, they showed great distaste and often mocked the Empire. 

Moff Yeron frowned and sighed a bit, "My Lord, the Mandalorians are indeed capable, however, ever since..... A certain incident involving the Planetary Governor, well, no, I can get him myself...."

"Governor, please reveal yourself!". 

At that moment, I could hear someone stumble inside as if they were trying to eavesdrop and realized that someone knew of their presence, they accidentally came in.

It was a fairly young man, though he looked older than the three of us, he looked far more nervous and shaken, he then asked, "Good Morning, My Lords, I hope you are enjoying your stay at Tatooine, I hope that at this humble-"

Moff Yeron then looked to me and spoke, "Whilst this Planet has yet to be under Imperial control, he is in control of this planet's Imperial presence only due to the virtue of him being the nephew of the Minister of War". 

Moff Yeron as a Moff in charge of a Sector obviously had far greater power, and the Minister of War was likely using Moff Yeron to allow for nephew to grow and to become a proper Governor. 

I then asked, "Well, Governor, why aren't the Mandalorians helping the Empire on Tatooine?". 

The Governor froze and replied, "My Lord, there was a certain amount of credits needed to be sent to the Mandalorians for a deal, however I-"

Moff Yeron broke him off and said, "He didn't send the credits, and he tried to scare them off, if not for my relationship with them, perhaps our Planetary Governor, would've had his head chopped off by now". 

I then replied, "Then simply send the credits".

Moff Yeron then replied, "I wish we could, but our Planetary Governor here, spent all of his credits on certain activities..... And here I am, on this desert Planet, I can barely afford my own Capital Ship to be running."

Well, the Empire on Tatooine was poor.....

Moff Yeron continued, "That is why we need you Sith, though the Mandalorians treasure credits, they admire and respect the strong even more so if you were too.... Perhaps say, show the Mandalorians, the testament of your strength, they might forget such a debt we owe them". 

I looked to Moff Yeron and said, "What about the Exchange?". 

Moff Yeron replied, "As long as we get Mandalorian presence, the Exchange will simply run, they understand that against the Mandalorians, that they as a group of criminals uncoordinated and without a leader, will simply collapse". 

I then asked, "How would I show the Mandalorians a testament of my strength?". 

He thought for a second and replied, "I would recommend challenging their Leader, or several of their Commanders, use my name and your identity as Sith, they will certainly notice you, far more."

I replied, "Very well then, I will do as you have asked". 

As I left, I could hear Moff Yeron scolding the young Planetary Governor, "Stop creating troubles for us, if not for the Sith, the Mandalorians might be against us, and we would really be in trouble!". 

I opened up a map at a nearby machine, I lamented, there were no speeders or quick transports. 

No small transport ships, that would take someone hundreds of metres within thirty seconds or so, and do so for free....

First thing on the map I could see where several Mandalorian outposts were, the majority of them were on the Empire's Side if not, they were simply Warlords that held parts of the land and were unopposed. 

However a fair bit of those Warlords was also hired by the Empire time to time, thus, it could be thought that the Empire's main force was the Mandalorians then, themselves. 

I could clearly see a much bigger outpost of the Mandalorians, it was where their Leader lived, I decided to go there, going through the scorching desert.....







A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Imperial Military Hierarchy. (Colonel to Private is also the same for the Republic) (Purposely excluded First Class and etc.)

Minister of War > Grand Moff/Admiral/General > Moff/Admiral/General > Colonel > Major > Captain > Lieutenant > Sgt Major. Sgt > Corporal > Private > NIL

The difference between Moff/Admiral/General and Colonel is virtually same as a Sith Apprentice and a Sith Lord. 

If you play SWTOR, you will notice that those at Moff/Admiral/General are laxer and less respectful than Colonels, due to their far greater importance, as Planetary Governors/Managers. 

Also, Sectors work out differently during this Era. (Mainly in how many planets within the Sector)

Grand Moff's do not have control over Oversectors, rather it's simply purely ceremonial, but a testament, nonetheless, to their skill. 

Also, there are Planet Governors and Moffs, whilst Moffs are in charge of a "Sector" this usually encompasses a Planet or so, a Planet Governor is in charge of a Planet within the Sector.

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Nova Void @Nova Void ago

Thanks for the chapter i look forward to reading more keep up the good work

firefrog600 @firefrog600 ago

okay you say the mc is going to reach his potential soon but is his potential even all that high I am not saying I do not like the story just that you should remove the strong lead tag because he can barely be considered force sensitive.


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    Sure, but what happens, when he does become a strong lead?

    firefrog600 @firefrog600 ago

    because strong force users like the strongest are capable of closing and opening black holes and superman level feats so unless the mc has a way to increase his powers to those level I don't think this book should have the strong lead tag. Please continue to make chapters by the way good work.


      MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

      Well, even the Dread Masters who possessed such powers via studying the Phobis devices, that they could induce enough fear to "crush" entire Republic Fleets with mere thoughts. 

      Were caught by a Republic Special Forces Divison led by (At that time) Jedi Knight, Jaric Kaedan.

      I can assure you, that Jaric Kaedan, didn't possess the strength to even "crush" a single Republic Fleet with his mere thoughts. 


      Also, closing and opening black holes? Only Luke Skywalker was capable of doing that. (Star Wars Legends, Battle of Dantooine)

      Superhuman level feats, I guess that is most Force Users. 

      As for if he will increase his powers, he will do so, and it will be related to how the SWTOR Inquisitor dealt with the ghosts.


      But, also, thanks for reading.

      firefrog600 @firefrog600 ago

      well technically not only luke skywalker could do that there is that one evil chick who is no longer part of the force and some came pretty close. I am just hoping that eventually our mc is capable of at least destroying star ships is it really so much to ask for total annihilation of millions of souls from a single being.


      MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

      Well, perhaps. 

      That is really a long way to go, though. 

      Also, for the one evil chick, you may be referring to Abeloth. 

      As for some that came close, I guess Valkorion and Sel-Makor and to lesser extents, even Nihilius.


      Perhaps, Frederick will one day possess such powers, but, there really is a long way to go.... (Yes, this is a repeat of the first two lines)


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