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After going back to Moff Yeron, and making assurance, that he would treat the Mandalorians properly, I felt content, I also made double assurance, that the Trandoshan, wouldn't be treated discriminately.

The Sith Empire had a xenophobic and specieism, point of view against anyone that wasn't human.

Of course, there were some exceptions, the Sith Pureblood in some cases had an equal, or sometimes even higher standing than humans, and humanoid species were treated better than ones such as the Talz, Wookies and Trandoshans.

Some humanoid species were Zeltrons, Chiss, Zabrak, Mirialans, Umbarans, twileks even.

Within the Empire, there were two groups, they could be described as the Conservative and traditional group of Humans, Sith Purebloods and Humanoid species, they were ones that went against the Empire accepting those other than their race.

However, they were growing weak due to this, and if not for them having certain members of the Dark Council, the Empire wouldn't be discriminating so much.

The other group could be described as supporting the expansion of the Empire in any way, in SWTOR, Darth Malgus, was the foremost example, through this he gained supporters through a plethora of channels.

The Empire would be a fool to not allow for alien species to join, this was one of their foremost weaknesses. 

They had the Mandalorians on their side and the majority of the Hutt Cartel. They weren't as restricted in comparison to the Republic, they would torture and kill innocents, but the Republic would never do so. 

The Planets under them were far stronger, they were focused more on military and could be argued to have a much more strict discipline. 

Their allies were found everywhere, their presence in the Criminal Underworld could be described as dominating, whereas the Republic had a very small presence.

The Sith of the Empire were in majority cases, those that survived the trials of Korriban. They would come out far stronger than any ordinary Padawan. 

After all, the Sith didn't prohibit recreation, they encouraged it, many Sith had children, whereas Jedi only in very special cases would have children. 

Ki-Adi-Mundi was one such, having four wives and seven daughters, this was due to the dimorphism present between the sexes, where there would be twenty females to one male born. 

Though this was polygamy, it was the only way for the Cereans, to make sure, they wouldn't die out. 

Revan and his Marriage to Bastila Shan was another example, they had children that survived to the next generations and this went on for a few hundred years. 

Both were powerful Jedi and among the strongest of their time period, and naturally, their descendants were likewise powerful, Satele Shan being the obvious example. 

However, why was the Empire always losing?

In my opinion, it was because of basically other than Humans, Sith Purebloods and some Humanoid species, they would be going against everyone else. 

It was akin to a group of ten people, pissing off fifty, but those fifty wouldn't be exactly united, so the group of ten, wouldn't be exactly crushed by them, or be crushing them in any sense. 

But, anyway. That doesn't matter. 

There were about six days more, seeing the Imperial soldiers, I could see them continuously moving, the only time they weren't moving were meals, toilet time, or sleeping. 

I went back to the ship and thought what to do. 

Sith would normally meditate, perhaps train, fight someone, or commandeer ships. 

Honestly, it was virtually the same as Jedi. 

Some Sith would journey to war-torn Worlds to fight all they wished, some went to Aldeeran, though they would quickly find themselves bored by their only enemies being mainly killiks. 

And Tatooine? 


Nobody would go here, there was nothing to do, it was a Desert Planet full of nothing, but smugglers and criminals.

It was about half past noon, and it was getting a bit dark. 

In the ship, Aridal was bored, Tarvis was simply reviewing some Documents.

2V-R8 was simply offline, and I was in my quarters, practising Soresu. 

Eventually, I left the ship telling both Aridal and Tarvis, I would return, going to a training ground, I found myself a small room. 

At this time, I got out a shooting remote, and I put it on the easiest setting, was I going to put it on a hard setting?

NO! I'd be screwed then....

It then began to shoot at me, it would shoot about every ten or so seconds. 

The first shot, I deflected it, my adrenaline suddenly went up. 

It shot again, and I deflected it again. 

I got bored, and changed it to every five seconds or so. 

Again, again and again. 

To four seconds, again and again....

Eventually, I saw it could go to three shots per second, this wasn't the most advanced, but it was up there. 

I put it to one second a shot, I deflected it more and more, whilst I did deflect it, the deflected blast simply went anywhere it wanted. 

Eventually, I tried to make it precise, I could do so, but this was pretty much nothing to Jedi that could deflect an entire barrage, then I remembered how the Jedi were one shot killed by the Clone troopers of Order 66.

To stop the Remote from firing, I simply said, "Stop". 

I put it on its max setting of three shots per second. Then, well, I was having some trouble then, honestly, at this time, I just decided to dodge most of it. 

With the Force, it was quite easy to dodge them, it felt that I knew where they would hit, not, it didn't feel like that, it was like that!

Taking about a second for the blast to come out, that meant that continuously, three shots would come out, there would never be less, and sometimes more than three at a single time within the training room.

Dodging more and more of them, I felt excited, a form euphoria, I became a bit risky and even came extremely close to the blasts, but as I knew where they would land, I would still dodge them. 

I, of course, used my lightsaber, from time to time, to deflect it. 

Then I took out another Remote, same Remote.

I didn't buy it, I simply took it off a shelf, the training hall Instructor simply gave me this room, as the Instructor wasn't a Sith, he was nervous when seeing me, and directed me here, immediately.

Putting them both on, I dodged and dodged, 

Eventually, I got quite arrogant.....

And I put on three.....

Trying my best, I dodged and dodged.

But, I accidentally didn't dodge one, but strangely, I wasn't hit....

I deflected it with my lightsaber, but the thing was, it was a subconscious act. 

As if my hand moved on its own. 

This happened more and more times, and I then decided to do something.

I put off the Remotes and simply stayed still, and I took a deep breath and calmed my mind.

I felt at peace, this was similar to what the Jedi did. 

Though Sith could become powerful by rage, they would lose themselves in rage and die due to it. 

The Jedi didn't suffer the same, without emotion, but with compassion, their strength was limited, but their weaknesses were fewer.

I wasn't sure why, but I felt that I should close my eyes, I shouted, "Shoot!". 

The Remotes were turned on and began to shoot, staying still with my eyes closed, I sloppily moved my hand, and I could hear an explosion. 

I opened my eyes, and I saw the three Remotes exploded. 

At this time, I tried lifting up a hundred kilogram barbell. 


This what happened.

It shook for a second, but nothing more than that. 

I tried to pick up a five-kilogram dumbbell and it was obviously far easier, but I felt as I could do more. 

I began to twist it, I don't even know how, but I somehow made a knot, but I just as without knowing, undid the knot. 

Deciding to another risky thing, I decided to juggle my lightsaber, that was on....

I had my eyes on it, the whole time, the laser part didn't touch me, but the handle did so several times. 

I kept on doing it, and it was if there was a pattern, I did the same thing, and eventually, I caught it and threw it. 

I stood still as it went.....

Just coming short of the wall, it came back, and I twisted my hand and caught it....

Control.... Sense..... Alter.....

I recognised the Force within myself, by which, I could control it, an example was mending my old baton. 

I sensed the Force outside myself, Darth Verash's death was one such example, though it was the death of a powerful Force User and virtually felt by the entire Galaxy, only those with the ability of the Force could sense it. 

Then there was Alter, to modify and redistribute the Force and its energies. 

My Will was quite strong, therefore my Control and Sense were strong. 

My Will came from my past life, if a Jedi Padawan saw a Sith, with all their strength, they would attack them, with an Indefatigable Will. 

But, if they saw upon the slums of Coruscant, they would feel their Will shattered, by the Grand Capital of the Republic having such a grotesque sight.

If a Sith Apprentice was betrayed by their Master, they could also feel their own Will shattered. 

Not all Sith wished to kill their Masters, some felt honoured to serve, some were children, others simply felt that they shouldn't betray them, for the before reasons, or convening to do so.

After all, this was before the Rule of Two, and before Darth Bane's wish to strengthen the Sith.

At Earth, there were terrifying things, that perhaps even the Star Wars Galaxy couldn't match up to....

Many books, movies, tv series and even the news provided fear. Darth Baras's torture of the Republic Spy which literally broke the latter's mind, can't really be considered that terrifying, there were even scarier things in my past life. 

(Don't forget, Past Life = Earth)

Though I wasn't eighteen, I did watch R-18 Films, and they were really scary, even more so than the bodies of Korriban, but of course, they weren't real, unlike Korriban's corpses. 

Unlike Jedi and Sith, I knew the distinction between the Lightside and the Darkside, but for Alter.....

Though my Control and Sense were great, I didn't have much of the Force to exactly modify or redistribute....

Seeing the time, oh.....

It's about 3:00 AM..... 

I should go to sleep, I quickly left the Ship and I saw Aridal sleeping, Tarvis was simply still reviewing his Documents, he happily greeted me when seeing me.  

"My Lord, you are here, Lord Aridal already went to sleep..."

I told him, I was going to sleep, and I did so, as I was, I looked back, and saw him reviewing his Documents. 

Sitting in bed, for about twelve minutes, I looked back and I saw him looking at the Documents. 

I wondered if Tarvis would ever go to sleep, but ignoring that, it was now 3:12 AM. 

Time to sleep.....





(It's 3:12 AM, when I wrote this, lol)








A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

I think it's called a shooting drone, I just can't remember the name, if you comment, I'll change it. 

Yah, it's called Remote, strange name, but ok!

It's 3:18 AM, if I made a mistake, or something confusing, I'll fix it later. 


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Nova Void @Nova Void ago

Thank you for the chapter keep up the good work

Ceatos @Ceatos ago

They're called Remote. Thank you for the chapter.

SlyMonster @SlyMonster ago

Full potential ... Is he going to stay a weakling ?

How is he supposed to become empror if at full pontential he is only as strong as a good sith lord?


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    Well, I got some ways.

    Firstly, Body augmentation by a machine, an example being the Mother Machine from SWTOR Inquisitor Storyline. (Cybernetics, may or may not be involved)

    Mind Augmentation, by a ritual, the Sith Emperor is an example, though it obviously will be different.

    Sith Magic, Alchemy, Night-Sisters, Mind-Witches and the alike.

    One way is related to the Planet Mortis, but I won't exactly explain it, if you know about Abeloth, you'll understand.

Simple Bob @Simple Bob ago

I think it was grey lord? Jedi with partial Sith arts?