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Night- 12:14 AM

Waking up, there were about six or so days left.

Would it really take a week, or was Lord Saza simply using that as a front?

I honestly, wouldn't be surprised, if she was trying to take control of the robot army for herself, however, there was a single problem, it didn't exist!

Even if it did, if something such as that did exist, Lord Saza, no perhaps even Lord Prosel, would likely be unable to take control of the army.

The four robot guards were incredibly powerful, I doubt, that I could defeat them, perhaps, a single one of them, but I doubt much more.

Though I only saw them little in combat, I knew their true value, through the HoloNet, though it might have been exaggerated, it stated that the four personal guards had slain Jedi Masters before.....

Of course, these were the four robots working together, these four being robots had virtually perfect synchronization, therefore the four of them working together was far greater than Jedi Knights and Sith Lords of the same ability.

What if Lord Duav had an army of them?

It was truly frightening....

Additionally, today, it was currently 9:00 AM, thankfully the Galaxy used a twenty-four-hour system, so I didn't have to remind myself, even if I did learn a new system, a past life, wasn't easily forgotten.

Aridal was still sleeping, Tarvis was also sleeping and 2V-R8 was currently online and watching guard.

Well, 2V-R8 didn't really need to be online, and I didn't put him on, Tarvis did.

As for why he did so, I didn't know, and I didn't care that much either.

I began to leave and head to the Jundland Wastes, Oasis.

I took only a single lightsaber and left, honestly, I wasn't hungry.

I didn't have to go toilet either, it certainly felt strange.....

But hey, I wasn't complaining, it was much easier this way.

With the Sun in the Sky, shining off me, as I went my way.

I knew where to go, and I would go there now......



In another place within Tatooine, there was an unremarkable village and a cave near it.

Within that cave, was an elderly figure, though any sort of beard and moustache were absent, one could see how age had taken its toll on the elder.

He seemed to be decrepit, but full of wisdom.

Outside the cave, was a young man, he wore a simple brown robe like clothing, he had a figure that showed he hadn't experienced rough conditions.

He looked nervous, and he was meditating outside, he was trying to lift up a few rocks, he could do so, but they would quickly fall down, after managing to do so.

At this time, a loud shout could be heard, "Cousin! A Sith has entered the Wastelands! Please ask, the Master Jedi to help us!".

Hearing this, the young man's concentration broke and he smiled a bit, then began to slowly enter the Cave.

The young man was a Padawan taken in by the elderly figure, the elderly figure was simply a travelling Jedi, born from Tatooine, he felt it was his duty to pay back to his homeworld.

However, to his surprise, there was actually a Force-Sensitive within a random village, he came across.

Additionally, the young man was too old to be a Padawan, he was currently sixteen or so, and he started his training last year.

Normally, Padawans would be trained from childhood, very rarely, would they be trained from an age after.

Thus, the elderly figure, not a Jedi Knight, but rather a Jedi Master, made the decision of personally training the young man, in time, he would go to Tython when the young man, was fit for the Jedi Trials.

The elderly figure heard them of course, and he wondered to himself, "Impossible, if there was a Sith, I would've sensed their presence in the Force long ago....."

This was true, but this was only because the Sith reeked of the Dark Side, their very presence was sickening and uncomfortable.

Jedi, contrasted this, being around Jedi, made one feel safer and content.

But, did Frederick have the reeking presence? Perhaps a tiny bit, but it was similar to that of a normal person's, and not that of a Sith.



As I began my walk, I eventually made it to the Jundland Wastes, I saw a few beasts, but they all avoided me, they would rarely attack first, they were the type of usually only attacking if people did so first.

During my walk, I saw a glimpse of a person, but I wasn't sure if I was just seeing things or not. 

Walking for about a few hours, I realized, I was lost.....

The terrain was similar to the SWTOR terrain, but there were some minor differences, for one, there were a village and a cave nearby, I didn't go there, as there was no reason for me too. 

Eventually, I made it to the Jundland Wastes, Oasis. 

I took a deep breath, closing my eyes and beginning to imagine. 

Taking some steps forward, I stopped just before the water, as if the Force told me to stop. 

Standing there, I then opened my eyes. 

Thereupon me, I saw two reflections. 

Both a Darkside and Lightside reflection, they both looked to me with interest, nothing, but wishing to take me to either side. 

I, however, had different thoughts, if not for these thoughts, I would've chosen the Lightside, but I had after all different thoughts.....



At Lord Saza's Residence on Tatooine, different from where Lord Saza and Frederick met, it was decorated with strange artefacts and on the shelves were strange skulls. 

Lord Saza was currently in front of a Hologram interval and smiling, she looked up and said, "Father, Inquisitor Shaange has arrived, both of us are working together to destroy Lord Duav's power base on Tatooine!". 

The Hologram interval showed a hologram, of obviously, Darth Deragus. 

Even as a hologram, he seemed to be full of power and made those around him feel uncomfortable, after all, a simple hologram, couldn't contain the Force. 

Darth Deragus had an expressionless face and without a change of emotion, simply replied, "As you should". 

The words were empty and without meaning....

The Hologram Interval then shut off, and as it did, Lord Saza froze, as if those words echoed, she grew angry and said to herself, "Father, just you wait.... With Duav's robots, even you will have to acknowledge me!".

Lord Saza wished for acknowledgement, the idea that she was indeed worthy, but her Father, had many times denied such a chance, or obstructed her, in favour of others.

This wasn't the first time she got angry, virtually everything, Darth Deragus said to her was, "As you should". 

Again and again.....

Darth Deragus then looked behind him and said laughing, "Prosel, my Daughter is conspiring against me, she yearns for acknowledgement, she will never receive". But, the next few words, were disheartened, "However, how did she figure out about Duav's Army?".

Lord Prosel, replied proudly, "Master, regardless of anyone conspiring against you, they will all fall, just as Darth Tyu'n did so."

Darth Tyu'n was the Dark Council Member before Darth Deragus, he was weak, but his knowledge and cunning in the Force was virtually unparalleled and matched only by the Ancient Sith Lords such as Darth Cerfas and Yertan Pivolt.

However, Darth Deragus had slew Darth Tyu'n in cold blood, his very own Lightsaber was the executioner's blade, and he himself was the Executioner, and the Judge, deeming Darth Tyu'n to weak.

In a sense, being a Dark Council Member, was a blessing and a curse, countless would be after your head, from all sides, even the closest wouldn't be trustworthy, but if one was such, the resources, would virtually be limitless.







A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Jedi, even Jedi Padawans, are often called "Master Jedi". (SWTOR Source). 

The Jedi Padawan part is a bit weird, so I probably won't include it in this.

This is done to show respect, but not worship, unlike any Sith being called, "My Lord". 

If not, they will simply be called Jedi. 

And, Jedi Knight and Jedi Master, unlike Sith Lord and Darth, are rarely used in addressing Jedi. 


Also, next chapter, I'll make some explanation about the time and era of this setting.

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