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ALSO, I have decided. 

I am going to be using the third person speech for characters other than Frederick (Shaange), one example is the Elderly Man in this, Aridal, Tarvis will also be using third person speech. 

Information about which characters use Third and First Person

 Also, I'm terrible at making another Third Character Speech Pattern, so I will rarely use it until I get better at it!


Also, I was going to make this chapter about the time system, but I'll do it next chapter, also, I need to update the glossary.

The Force, it is an omnipresent energy field that connects all living things in the Galaxy.

Force could be thought of as Life, and vice-versa, and the Force was Eternal, therefore Life was Eternal.

Of all living things was the Force, everything that lived had the Force, it wasn't only Jedi, Sith, Voss or any other, every living thing in the Galaxy had it within them.

Of course, there were varying sensitivities determined by one's Midi-Chlorians, but all things that once lived were all touched by the Force.

The Galaxy was bound by the Force, one would imagine, that if the Galaxy was to lose the Force, perhaps they would simply be similar to a Star Trek Society?

That they would somehow adapt?

No.... The Force was the pivotal part of the Galaxy, without it, the Galaxy would fall apart.

The Force also existed outside of the Galaxy, once Emperor Valkorian when known as Vitiate, wished to outlast the Galaxy, and travel to others.

However, he never accomplished such a goal, but, the idea of multiple Galaxies and to leave, were not empty theories, the Yuuzhan Vong, were such an example....

And this Galaxy bounding power could be seen in four ways, the Lightside, the Darkside, the Greyside, and to see all Sides.

The Lightside was the Jedi Order, they saw the Force as a part of the Galaxy, not to be abused, but used properly.

The Darkside was the Sith, they abused the Force, and used it to their own agenda.

The Greyside could be thought of as the Grey Jedi, and those such as the Voss, the former were inclined to the Jedi and followed similar teachings. The latter was like inclined to the Jedi, but they followed different patterns.

Those within the Greyside knew that the Force shouldn't be abused such as how it was by the Sith, but they followed a manner different to the Jedi.

Then, there was one that could see both Light and the Dark, after all, the Force was more than just one of those, it was both of them.

One that knew the difference between Light and Dark, held even greater power, that was how the Eternal Empire from the Old Republic, was so powerful.

Looking to the two reflections, I had a plan, but first, a question I had to ask.

Waiting, the Darkside reflection looked to me with happiness and pride, he lifted up a nearby boulder, then as it was in the air, it destroyed itself. 

The Lightside reflection did nothing, it simply looked at me. 

As nothing happened, suddenly a sand demon appeared, another illusion, as I was seeing. 

As it came close to me, and I could feel it's intent to kill, the Lightside reflection put his right hand forward, and the sand demon lost its intent to kill, then falling asleep. 

I stood there without moving, the Darkside reflection then said, "Tell me, do you wish to achieve your full potential? Reign over the Sith as a Lord? Avenge your Master and kill Lord Zavan?". 

The Lightside reflection revealed a worried look hearing this and said, "You see us both, as you are conflicted, though your heart shows goodness, your actions have stated otherwise, but you stand on the side of the Light, do not let the Darkside take you!". 

Hearing, them both, I asked a question, "Tell me, do you know of a place known as Earth?". 

Suddenly, both of them froze, they were apart of me, everything I knew, they should know as well, the Darkside reflection confused asked, "Earth? What is that place! How do I not know of such a place?". 

The Lightside reflection wondering spoke, "I have never heard of such a place...."

As I expected, they know only of my birth and after, my past life is unknown to them. 

I then began to speak more, "It is a place within another Galaxy....."

More and more I spoke, the more and more they became confused, the Darkside reflection, couldn't grasp what was happening, and the Lightside reflection, simply thought. 

At this time, I thought as hard as I could and use the Force, I held the Darkside reflection of me, and began to pull!

The reflections were only apart of me, they were based on my strength, however, they were only part of me, in this life. 

Their lack of knowledge was my power, using it, the Darkside reflection revealed a sense of terror. 

It was confused at what I was doing, it was something he never would've expected.

The reflection knew everything I knew, but I had a past life, it didn't know how to react, and within seconds, it entered inside of me. 

I felt a surge of energy, this was the Force, but this wasn't power. 

My eyes felt that they could see the Dark more clearly, not the darkness itself, but the Darkside of the Force. 

Seconds after, I felt a bit conflicted it seemed as if the Darkside was trying to fight back, but it was only now a vestige, and I turned my eyes to the Lightside reflection, looking at me in wonder. 

It showed no resistance, and it entered my body, as it did, I felt different....

As if something that was missing, that entered my body, as if I was now whole. 

I tried lifting up a nearby boulder, but I couldn't......

Since I couldn't do that, I wasn't really thinking about the sand demon either. 

I tried to sense myself within the Force, as I did, I could feel my presence changed. 

As Sith emanate malevolence and bloodthirst, Jedi radiated Benevolence and Compassion, and those like Voss showed Balance.

I was different, there was emotion, but still, peace, though in a way I was ignorant, I was still knowledgeable, even with my passion, there was serenity, though conflicts in my heart still existed, as did harmony between them.

Not a Grey Jedi, or like Voss, simply, a person.

Regardless, I decided to leave and go back, and as I did, I could hear rattling, as I left the way, I entered, it became louder. 

I saw a group of villagers holding weapons, immediately, I moved back, and decided to exit another way. 

I could sense fear within them, I wasn't sure what it was about, perhaps me? 

Or the illusions?

Regardless, I simply left through another way. 

I saw a connection of caves, I jumped up to it and began to walk. 

As I did, I saw an elderly man looking down as if he sensed me, he stopped and asked in a soft voice, "Traveller, why have you come to these desert lands? I sense your mind is at peace and you are a Kindred Spirit". 

In a way, I suppose, my mind was indeed at peace, it was full of compassion and mercy, ok, I guess I am exaggerating myself here. 

But, regardless, it wasn't like those of Sith full of anger or hatred, as for Kindred Spirit, perhaps....."

I replied, "I have journeyed here, to visit the Oasis and test my mind, and I have left, satisfied!". 

Trying to sound wise, that was my reply. 

He then asked, "Traveller, are you someone sent from the Council to retrieve me?". 

I stopped for a second, the Council either meant the Jedi or Dark Council. 

But looking at this elderly man and sensing him, he was obviously speaking of the Jedi Council, I replied, "No, I am not, nor am I a member of the Order."

The elderly gave off a little smile, which I just managed to see, by the facial movements of his face. 

I wondered if he was indeed a Jedi if he was, wouldn't he have asked me of the armour I was wearing? 

But, before I could think more, he replied, "Very good, good, good....."

That was strange, but he then continued, "My friend, I have stayed here for many years, both Jedi and Sith have been none to find me, how have you found me so? Is it truly a coincidence, or has the Force set us up?". 

I spoke to myself in soliloquy and pretended to talk to myself, but I intended for him to hear it, "The Force acts, as it does". 

He took a deep breath and walked on and said, "My friend, be careful, I have been told by the villagers, that a Sith has wandered here, I hope your journey remains safe."

Without even knowing it, I replied, "Likewise for yours". 

Sith?? That was probably me!

As I walked past, I noticed something, there were wraps on his head that obstructed his eyes, I immediately thought of a species within the Star Wars Galaxy, they were the Miraluka!


VIEWPOINT OF ELDERLY MAN (I'm trying to create a unique personality, so bear with me, he is currently very similar to Frederick, but, as it progresses, there will be visible changes, as I am also getting better)

As I walked through the caves, I could sense no Sith, I felt that someone had experienced something at the Oasis, but I wasn't sure what it was. 

A life liven, I vanquished many Sith and saved innocents, but here I am now, back home, where I wish to be. 

During my own youth, I experienced the Oasis, I defeated the Darkside of me and left for Coruscant.

Though I was too old, like my current Padawan to become a Jedi, I overcame such challenges, I denied joining the Council as I found them, though not corrupted, and wishing the best, to different to my own ideas. 

Continuing to walk, I eventually came across a Kindred Spirit, though I was blind, I could see. 

My eyes saw not the mortal plane, but rather the on a higher plane, my people and I saw the Force. 

It was a radiating light, I felt compassion, mercy, but regret and passion. 

He wasn't a blinding light like the Jedi, nor was he a darkness like Sith, when he spoke to me, I sensed the truth in his words.

Not from the Council, nor from the Jedi Order, and he definitely wasn't Sith, far too calm, there was little anger within him, there was controlled passion, and most of all, deep within him, I saw compassion and mercy. 

I saw regret, that he did something, he was atoning for, perhaps? 

Passion, was it to become stronger?

He was all revealing.

As if he didn't fear to show me, what I wanted to see. 

I came to the assumptions that he was likely a Grey Jedi, but even I couldn't see beyond what I saw. 

I first came to the thought that he was a child of the Emperor, but three years ago, the Children of the Emperor were all revealed, nobody knew how, but simply they were....

As he said, that the Force acts as it does, I understood those words, and I said goodbye, but I felt, that though we met just then, that we would, perhaps meet again.....






A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

For the second line, I based it off the "Sunset Prayer of the Guardians of the Whills".

Yuuzhan Vong, invaders from another Galaxy. (That means, I can expand this Novel beyond the Galaxy, that is one of my plans)

Eternal Empire: Force that dwarfed both the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, though replaced by the Eternal Alliance, which did, similar, perhaps even greater feats. (SWTOR)

Also, the Children of the Emperor were revealed three years ago! Does that remind you of something? (Hopefully, it is actually three years ago, and I didn't mess up the date)



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