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Well, I had to fit in that five-day gap with something....

Note, this is based on SWTOR, but in the setting of SWTOR specifically, I'm trying to create my own setting.

I foreshadowed a lot here, I mean a lot.

Setting for me = Time period, what has happened and etc.

With five days left, I wondered what there was left to do.

After seeing that Miraluka, I felt I should be a bit more careful.

If he could see my costume, he would ask if I was Sith, likely he would sense the deceit or truth within my words.

Of course, if I was lucky, maybe I would still escape.

Leaving, I didn't return to the ship, I went to the training grounds, the same Instructor was there, and as I entered the same room, I could see a few Imperial recruits look at me with grumbling expressions, but most looked afraid.

The Instructor immediately shouted out, "Alright, everyone leave, a Lord is here!".

The Imperial recruits then began to walk away, it was likely that those with grumbling expressions knew this was going to happen, and those afraid, this was probably their first time.

Seeing them, I showed an empty expression, I found no joy from this, if my training room was taken, not by a group, but by a single person, I too would be grumbling.

They quickly left, and within moments, it was simply me and the training room, with the instructor quickly running away.

I had to also, actually buy a new Remote, as my old ones were all destroyed, by, me....

I bet you wouldn't believe it, but I had a bank account....

Of course, most things were free for me, as I was Sith, and Imperial Officers were known to receive "discounts".

Only the normal Imperial Soldiers and civilians would be treated the full price.

Within such a bank account was a few thousand credits, was that a lot?

Honestly, I had no such idea.

I remember watching the movies and Obi-Wan Kenobi offered 17,000 credits overall to Han Solo, for safe arrival to Aldeeran.

There was another source, which stated that a few credits were enough for one to eat.

But, regardless, virtually, a Lightsaber would be virtually impossible to buy, as, for metals such as Beskar, Phrik, Songsteel which could withstand blows from a Lightsaber, they were materials that couldn't be bought. 

They could only be acquired through other means....

I began to practice once more, as I did, I realized something. 

As if my mind was divided, not in personalities, but as if I could do two things at once, and concentrate. 

Part of my mind was bound on blocking the attacks, but another part was bound on dodging. 

Well, it was hard to describe. 

So I ran to my ship and got another Lightsaber, it was the Lightsaber of the Sith Warrior from before, that I saw with the female Sith Lord. 

I began to use them, and as I did, I felt that I could control both hands separately. 

Though it sounded like something anyone could do, it was far more complicated, imagine drawing a picture with your left hand, while you are writing with your right hand, and they both turn out to be meticulous works of art and literature. 

Perhaps with both hands, it could be done, but with only one hand to both things. 

Or if you heard two voices overlapping, and you could divide them and hear both of them perfectly, as if they were one?

Ok, it wasn't that good, but I could do two things at once. 

As I began to practice, my Soresu became different....

It strayed more and more from the Path of the Holocron. 

My blocks were sloppy, and at the same time, when it seemed, I didn't block, I did block. 

I simply continued doing this, for about five days, it became extremely boring, but was there anything else to do?

The Imperial recruits would do the same thing every day, wake up at around dawn, train until about noon and then eat, then more training, eat..... Sleep and wake....

At least, I had freedom. 

Tarvis played war simulations, he took them, in case that we would ever be ambushed. 

Also, doing some research, I found out some interesting things, the first Sith was indeed a fallen Jedi, but it wasn't Ajunta Pall!

There were some crazy people, I never knew of, but they filled in similar roles. 

The Treaty of Coruscant was there, but it was a bit different, under the bravery and leadership of the Jedi, with a familiar name, Ryan..... Also, Coruscant was not sacked, though it was still heavily struck by the Sith, it was done so severely, that whilst the Jedi consider it as an attack met with a draw, the Sith consider it their victory. 

Another thing was this, the Dark Council wasn't established by the Emperor, it was apparently established even before him.

It was confusing, however still similar to SWTOR, but who know's, perhaps the Emperor actually did, and only used it as an excuse. 

Revan never existed, and the Mandalorian Wars had deeply struck the Republic, but at the last moment, the Jedi Council took action, and Mandalore the Ultimate was swiftly struck down by a Jedi Sage Master called simply John....

At the same time, due to this, the Sith Empire was revealed and attacked the Republic. This lead to a stalemate until for an unknown reason, sleeper agents of the Empire placed in the Republic actually betrayed the Empire. 

More and more actions were taken place, but it seemed as if the Republic had someone new that protected them, from time to time, the great disasters were all averted, if not minimalized. 

However, something struck me, all these Jedi that averted the disasters, had names.... That sounded Earth-like!

There was one Jedi named Alysha, she was a Jedi that became the Supreme Chancellor, and ushered in the Era of Prosperity, where she enacted several laws, which gave rights to all species, she even said famously, "I have a dream". 

It could have been coincidence, as there were people such as there was also Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, Finn, and all those, but it felt too weird. 

Was I first one to be stuck into this Galaxy? Another thing was that these famous people, were all born, when incredible events occurred, in peaceful times, they were non-existent, some were born in the same Era though. 

But something other than all of them having Earth-like names was that.... They had disappeared out of nowhere, they didn't die from age or battle, they suddenly disappeared!

It just happened like that...

Surely, I wasn't the first one from Earth to come here? 

Would I also disappear? I honestly wonder, what would happen, but currently, I really shouldn't be thinking of things such as those. 

How did I get all this information? The HoloNet, for Sith it wasn't that restricted, though some parts were. 

I could actually see most of the information, this was due to the setting that Darth Deragus placed for me, I could see parts that even most Sith Lords wouldn't be able to. 

Also, surprisingly was apparently, Darth Deragus had a role of being an "honourable gentleman", I wasn't sure if he was using this to boost his reputation, or that he truly was, so I just decided to ignore it. 

Another thing I found was that Inquisitor Vern actually killed himself by driving his Starship into the ground of Dromund Kaas.....

Obviously, there were bigger plans, and perhaps, Inquisitor Vern wasn't dead, but simply hiding, well, I pretty much forgot about him, until about yesterday when I accidentally found an article about him.


Today though, there was some giant news, Balmorra had been fully taken over by the Balmorran Resistance Force, yesterday, the Empire fully withdrew from the Planet, and the Republic had already done so. 

Similar movements happened in some planets as well, but they were crushed within a day, likely they were only on the adrenaline, that it was possible, without even thinking. 

The Balmorran Resistance Force also changed their name and called themselves the Balmorran Kingdom, and Vicarious was placed as the Crown Prince. 

As soon as they did this, the Balmorran Kingdom created a Treaty with the Empire, which was quickly accepted, when suddenly a fleet of ships appeared from nowhere on top of Balmorra.

How did this all happen? This faction appeared out of literally nowhere? Was this like the Eternal Empire, maybe, but this felt different....

Also, another thing was surprising, the Balmorran Kingdom outlawed slavery and had basic rights which were comparable to the Republic's Draft, and even had the rules of taking prisoners the same. 

Treating the prisoners as people, and not slaves, they even advocated a Prime Minister....

Was this what was happening similar to the Jedi?

Perhaps this Vicarious or someone he knew was from Earth?

Ahhhh, my head hurts.....

But anyway, I don't even know, why I'm thinking of such complicated stuff.....

Anyway, I began to walk to Lord Saza, I left Aridal and Tarvis at the Starship.....

Seeing the guards, they immediately moved and I opened the door, seeing upon Lord Saza. 

She gave me a smile and showed a plan, it was a risky one, and it involved..........




A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

One day, I will use the word, Ferzan as a name.



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