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Also, I feel that I keep squeezing information, but that's just my opinion.

It was a simple and delicate plan.

Lord Duav had a base of operations, it was a small base, but it was heavily protected.

Manning the helm, was Lord Duav's second apprentice, the first was long since dead, and the second was a former Korriban Overseer.

The second apprentice was known for his eccentric personality, he gave hope, only then to crush it.

He let go of a Republic scouting party, only to let them return to their destroyed camp and slay them there.

He hated those of the Republic, there was once a Republic General he found, rumours had it that, he tortured such General for days, weeks, months and even years, even when asking for death, the second apprentice wouldn't give it.

What I had to do, wasn't to kill him, rather that was Lord Saza's role.

My job was simplicity itself, simply walk up and ask for an audience with the second apprentice.

The Imperial soldiers would dare not to shoot me at first glance, as I spoke with the second apprentice, Lord Saza would lead her forces by the back and would begin to fight.

Thankfully, Lord Saza also told me that the second apprentice, knew very little about what happened outside of Tatooine, as he was a sadist and kept himself inside his base due to that.

Also, whilst he hated the Republic, he wasn't as hostile to Imperials and Sith.

This would take place today, it was around 1:00 PM.

A bit sandy and somewhat dark, I told both Tarvis and Aridal to stay at the ship.

Aridal wanted to go, and Tarvis stated that he would activate emergency protocols if I didn't return by the end of tomorrow.

As I began to walk, I once again saw a few beasts, but none of them came close to me.

I saw some jawas, that avoided me.

I saw a glimpse of the sand people, but they quickly disappeared from my sight.

Eventually, I made it to the small base, though it was small, that was by the standards of the Star Wars Galaxy, on Earth, this could be considered a medium sized base.

About the size of one kilometre squared, of course, there were smaller bases, but they weren't on the scale of Sith.

For Sith, the smallest base they would have would normally be this big.

Would a Sith have a normal ship like everyone else? My ship wasn't custom made or anything, but it was among the best Ships, and Sith would rarely civilian transport, in the vast majority of cases, they would use their own Gunships for travel, and some even used their own Capital Ships.

Sith simply had the best of everything, it was just like that.

As I was the at the base, in front of me was a gate, and for about a few seconds the Imperial soldiers didn't notice me.

When the Imperial soldiers saw me they froze and someone that appeared to be their Officer appeared shortly after.

It was a young woman, surprisingly, she looked even younger than me, there was a mature look on her face, which tried to hide a scared expression.

The gate to the base opened, at that point, the young officer came down looked to me and asked, "My Lord, our Lord is currently not seeing visitors....."

She was quite nervous, but I didn't care and I asked, "Regardless, tell him, that Inquisitor Shaange has come to pay a visit".

The young officer ran to tell the second apprentice and within moments, the second apprentice appeared, blond haired, with brown eyes, a demented look on his face.

He looked to me and spoke lightly and somewhat strange, "My Master, Lord Duav has been awaiting you...."

I was surprised and he made way for me to enter, I couldn't sense Lord Duav at all, he was likely appearing as a hologram then. 

As I moved forward, into a room. 

I saw a hologram, it was of Lord Duav, he looked to me smiling. 

"Shaange, you know as I do, Lord Saza will betray you, though Prosel and Deragus might not, she definitely will."

I wondered if she would, then suddenly the hologram disappeared, all Lord Duav had to do, was plant the seeds, he did so by supporting Prosel and Deragus, his enemies, which made it seem more truthful. 

Regardless, I ignored it, and I looked to the second apprentice who immediately asked, "What did Master tell you?". 

In his eyes were devotion, not the sort you would see during the rule of two, but rather, real devotion. 

Looking at him, I decided to not tell, "That is for me to know, not you". 

Realizing that Lord Saza had yet to arrive, I began to distract him. 

For about ten minutes, we spoke, nothing much, just about, how devoted this Apprentice was. 

He recited his life story, and how he owed everything to his Master and a certain hatred against a Senator named Armiday. 

Born as a republic orphan, on the fifth level of Coruscant, the lowest level which could be survived on, where all the rubbish from the upper levels would come down to. 

It was so terrible there, mutations were common, and surprisingly, this second apprentice of Lord Duav, who looked human, was actually a pure Zabrak, that had his horns degraded to mutations. 

Though life was terrible, it wasn't unbearable for him, with his family, he lived in difficult, but still going by. 

One day, a Senator named Armiday appeared, he looked to the fifth level and was greatly disgusted, he wished to do what happened to levels one to four. 

As all the rubbish from the upper levels came down, the lower levels would suffer the worst amount. 

Armiday wanted to do what previous others had wished to do, it was to dump rubbish into the fifth level. 

He even proposed to the Senate that the Republic could become more economically secure by putting more rubbish to the lower levels. 

Of course, the proposition was declined, but Armiday did it in secret and even hired mercenaries to kill everyone at the fifth level. 

However, a Jedi caught news of such an act by the mercenaries and swiftly slew all of them, but didn't know of Armiday.

At the age of ten, the second apprentice was found by the same Jedi, and the family begged for the Jedi to take the second apprentice. 

Which the Jedi did do, however, as the Jedi returned, he was immediately admonished and arraigned by Armiday.

Armiday easily managed to get the support of several Senators and managed to get the Jedi censured. 

The Council obviously seeing through such lies, "exiled" the Jedi and the young second apprentice, after that he simply said that Lord Duav saved him and ended it at that.

It was quite a sad story, and while I was thinking, there was a knock on the door.

I moved away from the second apprentice, suddenly, the door was completely blown away. 

And suddenly, there was blaster fire, the second apprentice easily blocked them and looked to me. 

I replied with an expression of being surprised and confused, him seeing me like this, seemed to have calmed him down a bit. 

The dead bodies of Imperial soldiers could be seen, then a figure could be seen walking over the bodies. 

This was Lord Saza, she looked to me with delight, and she showed disgust to the second apprentice, who in response, likewise showed disgust. 

Lord Saza smiling said loudly, "Shaange, why don't you help me with this child?". 

For a moment, I didn't know what to do, but I began to intercept the second apprentice, we both began to fight, however as we did, I created some hand signs, the second apprentice gave a wink, which thankfully Lord Saza didn't notice. 

If it was just me and him fighting, I would simply be using Soresu to block his attacks, but Lord Saza joined in as well, I continuously got in her way in fighting. 

This made her quite anxious, but she didn't voice out anything. 

Everything she would come close, I would appear in the way and sloppily attack the second apprentice. 

Why did I do this, I wasn't sure, but I felt that Lord Duav's words were perhaps, a bit too true. 

Going for a bit of time, suddenly, strange robots entered, they immediately began to attack Lord Saza. 

Following this, Lord Saza easily destroyed them, and I pretended to be hurt by the second apprentice and incapacitated. 

More and more robots entered, but Lord Saza easily destroyed them, the second apprentice, however, wasn't afraid of such a thing and all of a sudden, droids from all the entrances appeared.

They all began to shoot Lord Saza, she blocked and dodged most of them, she was shot by some of them. 

But this only fueled her anger, she began to attack more and more viciously and within moments, all those robots were destroyed. 

She then looked to the second apprentice and walked towards him....

I was simply waiting, if she did I thought she would do, then I would act, if not, then I would forget what Lord Duav said to me today.....















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Spoiler: I'll add this to glossary later

 One square kilometre is pretty big. Bigger than Vatican City.



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Grimmvalky @Grimmvalky ago

So... is saza our heroine?

optim239 @optim239 ago


Great work

will your hero go along with philosophy and teachings of Kreia from the game Knights of the Old Republic 2 since he accepts a dark and light side of the force?

Nimero @Nimero ago

I just stumbled upon this novel on the trending fiction. It’s really fun to read 😁