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FORESHADOWING (Reason why this chapter had Third Person)





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Third Person

At the Capital of the Sith Empire, Dromund Kaas.

Lord Duav could be seen within a large tower and in front of him, was a Lady, that was unmistakably a Sith Lord.

This was the largest tower, and residence of the Dark Councillor of Biotic Science, Darth Alogio.

She became the Dark Council Member by not killing her Master, but by being the only survivor of a battle.

This battle was known as the Massacre of Dantooine, this was the name created by the Empire, in the Republic, it had another name, the Victory of Dantooine.

Darth Alogio, her Master, fellow Apprentices and several squadrons of Imperial soldiers came up and battled against a Jedi known as Jasaus and his padawan, Malryan.

The Republic version was far more accurate, as except for Darth Alogio's Master, a few of her fellow Apprentices and less than a dozen died, including Imperial soldiers.

Jasaus easily slew Darth Alogio's Master and defeated all his Apprentices, except for Darth Alogio who proved herself in some ways, even greater than her Master, which made Jasaus's padawan unable to defeat her, as well as allowing for her to escape.

Leaving Dantooine, immediately as she arrived on Korriban to address the Dark Council of the news, she demanded that the Treaty of Coruscant be immediately rescinded.

However, her pleas fell on deaf ears, but the Dark Council realizing that she was the last survivor, and knowing that the next Sith in line, other than her, were only Lords with shallow foundations, elevated her to the Dark Council. 

Despite this, her pleas were nevertheless, treated the same. 

But, she vowed vengeance and to kill both Jasaus and his padawan.

She wished to do so, by gaining the help of Lord Duav. 

Though Darth Verash was also a member of the Sphere of Biotic Science, he didn't become a Darth, until a bit after, Darth Alogio's Ascension, otherwise, Darth Verash might've been the Dark Council Member instead. 

Darth Alogio also wasn't one to have Lord Duav as an Apprentice, rather it was an Alliance. 

Lord Duav pledged several droids and cybernetics, and in return, Darth Alogio would pave the way for his Ascension to his Master's position. 

Currently, Lord Duav and Alogio were speaking with each other, the Lady which was unmistakably a Sith Lord, was, of course, Darth Alogio. 

Darth Alogio was speaking to Lord Duav, "Do you really think that the Inquisitor will actually betray Deragus?". 

In response, Lord Duav replied with a smiling expression for a brief moment and a few words, "He doesn't have to, or that is needed is doubt. Lies are easy to see through, as is the truth, but lies that are mixed with truth are cloudy and not easily seen through". 

"Perhaps......" Darth Alogio's voice was like an echo, as she then left the room.


First Person (Frederick)

Lord Saza came closer to the second apprentice, he was looking at Lord Saza.

He leapt towards Lord Saza, and they began to fight, of course, the second apprentice was being suppressed. 

Barely dodging the attacks of Lord Saza, the battle went for about five or so seconds, then Lord Saza stabbed the chest of the second apprentice. 

This revealed some cybernetics, this wasn't surprising as he was, after all, Lord Duav's apprentice. 

Also, Lord Duav was said to have cybernetics himself, but nobody knew where they were, and it was said that he had them due to a wound he received from an enemy skirmish. 

But he was part of the Biotic Science Sphere, so if he didn't, he would at least be an expert of such. 

Lord Saza then sliced off the right hand of the second apprentice, it was another cybernetic, Lord Saza took joy in slowly slicing of all of the second apprentice's cybernetics. 

As if she was purposely avoiding the fatal spots and aiming for the cybernetics. 

More and more of the second apprentice's body was sliced off, Lord Saza then said, "All your cybernetics are gone! All of it! Even if I don't kill you, you won't survive for long anyway!". 

Wait, no that's not right?

I could sense that there was still a cybernetic left, just a single one. 

Where was it located?

It was.......

Located in the brain!

I could feel that it wasn't fully integrated as if the cybernetic chip located in the brain was prevented to fully connect with the brain. 

How did I feel this, I wasn't sure myself.....

At this time, I could feel within the second apprentice, conflict.

As if there were two minds within him....

Very slowly and carefully, I destroyed the chip, at the same time, Lord Saza was about to strike him, while the second apprentice was down.

But, all of a sudden, the second apprentice, banged on the floor with his right hand, and I could feel as if the ground shook. 

He then quickly Force pushed Lord Saza away, which threw her into the wall!

Looking at me with a horrified expression, I could feel that he changed. 

He muttered to himself, "Master Bor'od.....

Wait, were those tears?

He began to cry, then he stood up, and he asked me, "My friend.... If you ever have the chance, please go to the Jedi Temple and tell Master Tysmar, everything that happened!". 

What was this, a long time quest? But, oh well, I might as well, say that I would, if I ever had the chance, I would, if I never did, I wouldn't. 

"Do not worry, I will..."

He smiled, and at that moment, I could feel a ripple in the Force, there was so much contentment, an incredible amount of peace. 

He was kneeling on the floor and suddenly his body glowed transparent gold for a few moments and he disappeared.....

Just like that!

Won't Lord Saza ask what happened to the body when she wakes up?

But, why were his clothes and lightsabers on the floor?

What? Did he not want to take his clothes to the afterlife?

Well, Obi-Wan did something similar, so, I suppose, it isn't that weird. 


 Third Person

Back at Dromund Kaas, Lord Duav in his room felt a sudden change in the Force.

It wasn't when his second apprentice died, it was when the cybernetic chip was destroyed!

How could the microchip be destroyed? It would be virtually impossible to notice, and even harder to get rid of. 

Perhaps he received a head injury and then died? It was possible that someone with incredible control with the Force could get rid of the microchip, but it may not be without injury and it would take great skill. 

Lord Duav was in a panic, he was actually using the microchip, to control his second apprentice!

If such news were to be revealed to the public, many would go after his head, either to kill him and destroy such a legacy as they feared it, or to steal it and take it for themselves. 

If such a thing happened, even Darth Alogio, may not be able to protect him. 

Also, this meant that his base on Tatooine was now gone, of course, his main base located on Dromund Kaas. 

But he was now quite weakened, but he also had a plan. 

He called upon the HoloNet and in seconds, there was a hologram of a Sith 

This was a young man, he had bloodshot eyes and he was kneeling with one foot up. 

Lord Duav smiled looking at him and he said, "Jalekyle....."

The young man, responded, "Master?". 

Lord Duav then began to speak, "Go to Tatooine, and find Lord Saza! Do not try to find any information from her, she knows nothing, simply kill her!". 

The young man hearing this also smiled and replied, "As you com---"

However, before he could finish speaking, Lord Duav suddenly interrupted him and said, "After you kill her, find an Inquisitor called Shaange, he must join us! Even if he refuses, simply capture him and bring him to me!". 

The Hologram then was shut off, Lord Duav wondered about what happened. 

There was a gap of a few seconds between the destruction of the microchip and the death of his second apprentice, there shouldn't have been one. 

Realistically, the same moment the microchip was destroyed, the second apprentice should've died, unless somehow someone had smashed or sliced the head, then to kill him. 

Lord Duav simply told himself, that he had bigger plans to worry about. 

And that was his duel against, Lord Prosel.......














A note from MajesticPurpleMartin


Why does Lord Duav want Shaange on his side?

Does he know something you don't? Probably.


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