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I'm trying to add some parts which you would expect in real life. 

I did this to contrast SWTOR, where it is mainly fighting.

I'll be back later today.


11/11/2017 had to change the number of people that can fit within the Starship to make it more accurate. 




Wondering what to say about the second apprentice's body now gone, I was waiting for Lord Saza to wake up.

Eventually, a few Imperial soldiers arrived and looked at me with a confused expression, as more soldiers arrived, one of them eventually asked, "My Lord, what happened?".

"The second apprentice was slain by me, Lord Saza was injured in the fight, go and tend to her wounds, as for the rest of you, start looking for anything valuable!".

Immediately, the single soldier went to Lord Saza, and the rest began to look.

I myself decided to as well, the first place I went to was the second apprentice's room. 

Searching there, I didn't find anything of interest.

Beginning to look through the entire base, I simply couldn't be bothered, and I gave up.

Eventually, Lord Saza awoke. 

She was surprised, and immediately asked, "What happened?". 

I replied, "He died, from my hand". 

Hearing this, she knew that what I said was only an excuse, but she accepted it anyway. 

I wondered what to do now, obviously, there were probably still some droids, but I again, couldn't be bothered.

But most importantly, I was hungry! 

Even Jedi and Sith required food, to survive on the sustenance of the Force was something unheard of.

Well, maybe there were some, but I certainly couldn't. 

I began to walk back to my ship, as I did, I stopped. 

Seeing a cantina, I decided to go there first, as I entered, several pirates immediately moved back. 

None of them looked impressive, as I took a seat at the front, those sitting, except for one decided to move.

I looked to the only one that didn't move, he had a cybernetic arm, but it looked to be an old model and one that could be easily replaced by virtually any of the cybernetic arms in the market. 

He had a coat and a hat one, the coat didn't cover his arm, but his hat did cover his face a bit, not wanting to look rude, I stopped looking at him. 

The bartender looking at me wasn't afraid, he said smiling, "Giddy up, My Lord! Here is the finest Nerf steak". 

There was sarcasm in such words and a few people surrounding me gave a little laugh, at the same time, the sound of glass breaking could be heard. 

Behind the bartender were several wine glasses, well, there were.

They were now all shattered glass, why did I do this? It wasn't to hurt anyone or something, just to frighten them off and tell them, that I'm someone they can't mess with. 

As it did happen, suddenly whispering happened and the bartender looked to be frightened and asked, "My Lord! Please..... I have a family...."

He was shaking a bit, I suppose he thought I wouldn't get so angry, but did they honestly think the Sith would simply spare their lives. 

Well, I would, but if it was virtually any other Sith, then the bartender would've died. 

Perhaps he had a backer, but it didn't matter, I tried to eat the Nerf steak, and finest? Finest my................

It tasted goddam terrible, in fact, I curse this steak.

Barely edible, and so thick...

If someone had dentures and bit into this, the dentures would probably come right out. 

I wondered if there was any Bantha steak, but I didn't want to ask, so I just ate the Nerf steak. 

After eating it, I was full but unsatisfied. 

The food I had while I was being raised up was far better, one thing was that I actually like Nerf steak. 

It was simply prepared better, thinking about home, I remembered the ship, and went there. 

Aridal was simply watching the news, apparently, Serenno had a new leader, he was Count Talbern, his first name was Haromat, and he only became Count as his Sister's sudden resignation, made him the only viable choice. 

Another thing was the resignation of Jedi Knight, Lortis, he suddenly decided to leave the Jedi Order, he simply said that it was because he wished to marry. 

Countess Talbern and Jedi Knight Lortis..... What a match!

These events didn't happen today, but rather yesterday as Imperial space had a bit more trouble getting Republic information, than their own. 

Another surprising thing was the Balmorran Kingdom's choice to trade with both the Empire and Republic, they began to sell experimental droids, due to this, Czerka arms laid fire to Balmorra, as they saw them as a rival. 

But, the Balmorran Kingdom easily crushed the Czerka Corporation, there were sayings that the Balmorran Kingdom would expand, but both the Empire and Republic had signed treaties so that Balmorra wouldn't expand more than it currently has. 

There was also some information about, Abednedo, Bardotta, Devaron, Carida, Narq, Halcyon.....

This news was insignificant, and I was currently bored.

Tarvis was busy playing a war simulation, I didn't want to bother him, life was so boring....

I thought about Pazaak, but that was for another time....

Deciding to just go to train, there wasn't much to do.

I heard that in the Republic there were several television shows and recreational activities. 

Well, unfortunately for me, in the Empire, there was propaganda television and training and more training. 

Going to train, the same instructor was there, and the training room was empty.


Third Person

A ship was onboard to Tatooine. 

It seemed to be a combination of the Fury-Class Interceptor and X-70B-Phantom, it was also notably much bigger than the both of them. 

Though not to the size of a Stardestroyer, it was about four times bigger than a Fury-Class Interceptor. 

On board the ship was twenty people, they were fitted in quite comfortably. 

The ship could fit about a thousand to three thousand people, as it had much more hollow space than most ships, despite this, it still had about eight laser cannons and several dozen more turrets. 

However, the optimal fitting was a few hundred people, as there would be space enough for people to easily move. 

At only twenty people, the ship was ghastly empty as it had two storeys, with the first storey being about seventy percent of the ship and having all eight of the canons with a few turrets and the Captain's Seat. 

The second storey was about thirty percent and had the majority of the turrets. 

On the Captain's Seat, was a young man, he looked older than Frederick (Shaange) and was likely at the age of twenty-five or so. 

His eyes were bloodshot, and a small bit of them was cybernetic, he had no other visible cybernetics. 

He wore a battle armour sort of clothing and had two lightsabers, but they were clearly different to each other, which implied he received them at different times. 

Next to him were several soldiers and an officer. 

As the ship was entering the atmosphere of Tatooine, there was an old miraluka. 

He looked to the sky and muttered to himself, "A bad omen....."

Lord Saza felt something move, and she immediately commanded, "All space stations close!". 

Moff Yeron simply did as she demanded, he knew of the fighting between Lord Saza's side and Lord Duav's side. 

He wanted to avoid Sith politics, and as he was a Moff, he had quite the power in affairs, even those Sith Lords were careful of him. 

The Minister of War could only be commanded by the Three Dark Councilors of Defense of the Empire, Military Offense and Military Strategy, and the Emperor. 

Even Verash was incapable of commanding the Minister, in fact, he didn't have the capabilities of ordering the Grand Moff, either.

Though, this was more due to the fame of the Grand Moff of the Empire, who was far more visible and well reputed than most if not all of the Sith. 

For this current time, Moff Yeron decided to simply hide and grant a Colonel, temporary power. 

The Planetary Governor was simply living his life in luxury and was ignorant of what was currently happening. 

As Lord Saza saw the ship coming down, she became ready to intercept it, other than Moff Yeron's Flagship which was a Capital Ship and a Star Destroyer, there were no other ships capable of intercepting it.

Though it was reputed as a Star Destroyer, it was barely one as Moff Yeron was an extremely poor Moff and his old ship which truly deserved the name of a Star Destroyer, was lately destroyed by the Republic. 

Moff Yeron didn't want to use it, and Lord Saza understood that it was likely too big, so she decided to simply wait for the first apprentice to arrive. 

Then the battle would begin, all while Frederick (Shaange) was training.....

















A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Anyone know what to fill in the gaps with?

I want to only add combat when it is necessary, but due to this, I find myself writing a slice of life story or Frederick (Shaange) doing side quests. 




Note: Moffs, Generals and Admirals usually had their own Flagships, which were in most cases Star Destroyers, the only incident they didn't, would be in the case that they were destroyed, somehow out of money or that they were even bigger.


Corvettes: 100-200 metres long. What the Main Character and most people use as a ship, though obviously, Frederick (Shaange) has a better rounded and efficient ship. (Long = Length)

Frigates: 200-400 metres long.  Normally transport and escort ships, or merchant ships. 

Cruisers: 400-600 metres long. Attacking ship. 

Heavy Cruisers: 600-1000 metres long. A heavy attacking ship, basically what Moff Yeron has right now. 

Star Destroyers: 1000-2000 metres long. Big ship, much damage.

Battlecruisers: 2000-5000 metres long. Biggo ship. 

Dreadnaughts: 5000 metres and longer. Even bigger ship. 

Super Star Destroyers: 2000-19000 metres long, but for this, I'll just use bigger than dreadnaughts. 

Super Dreadnaught was also an alternative, I didn't use.





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Nova Void @Nova Void ago

Thanks for the chapter keep up the good work

Grimmvalky @Grimmvalky ago

Thanks for the chapter.... loving this story so far

chazzi @chazzi ago

Thank you for the Chapter :)

Some ideas to fill gaps with....hmmm...

You could have the mc encounter random people that delay his time with something else.

Say a bounty hunter or group of merc's sent to kill or capture him from time to time. Some how get involved in some criminal activity for his own benifit. Maybe a random encounter with a certain homicidal droid...

Maybe investigate force related things, like sith alchemy/sorcery (there are a few references).

You could have his ship get attacked in space and have to crash land somewhere, then spend time trying to survive or escape.

He could get captured by enemies, criminals, slavers who are looking for information, bounties or maybe revenge, etc.