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NOTE: Most of this chapter is in third person perspective as to build up what is going to happen.....

I really should've split this into two, but..... I can't be bothered....



Third Person

As Jalekyle's ship was coming down, the space station was completely surrounded by soldiers.

As the ship was coming down, there were cannons that were going to shoot it down.

However, just before it could.

A sniper shot was heard!

More and more sniper shots and the soldiers fell unconscious.

After a few waves, they seemed to disappear, and the ship was down, at the same time, the soldiers could hear running.

Lord Saza looked to the Colonel to which Moff Yeron gave temporary power to and demanded to know, what was happening, "What's happening Colonel? I thought War Leader Yonte agreed to a truce?".

The Colonel was silent and all of a sudden, he received a call, it was from a holoprojector.

Lord Saza saw that it was being called, she immediately took it from him and put it on.

As it was on, War Leader Yonte could be seen, he looked dismayed and looked to be full of regret.

Lord Saza immediately asked, "War Leader Yonte, are these your troops?".

War Leader Yonte replied, "They aren't, they are the troops of War Leader Macer".

Lord Saza asked, "War Leader Macer? Wasn't it only one War Leader every few thousand kilometres?".

War Leader Yonte showed a dismayed expression and replied, "Yes..... But, he--"

The holoprojector then suddenly shut down.

At the same time, within the ship, a hologram of an elderly Mandalorian was speaking to the Jalekyle.

"Sith, I have surrounded your enemy, now release him!".

The Jalekyle looked towards him and said, "Very well, but, first, we must defeat Lord Saza".

The Mandalorian had an outraged expression, he was no ordinary War Leader, he outranked Yonte in seniority and was referred to as, Mandalore's Second.

Before Mandalore herself, he was the highest level of authority of the Mandalorians, winning the Great Hunt many decades ago, he refused to become Mandalore as he felt too old.

He was by no means, the same as a few decades ago, physically weaker, however still as energetic, he travelled the Galaxy as a mercenary.

He disbanded his once enormous Band of a few thousand Mandalorians, instead of for a small group of a hundred of the best Mandalorians.

But, most of them were now dead, some of them left to become War Leaders themselves or Commanders, and a very small amount stayed.

One day, he was travelling through space with his band, as he recently recruited some new blood, he sent them all on tasks.

And one of them was caught by a Sith, this Sith wasn't Jalekyle, but rather, an acolyte that travelled with him.

The one caught was a young teenager that demanded a trial by combat, and he fought against a Sith and almost won, but the Sith then cheated and stabbed through the leg of the young teenager.

He was extremely talented, and War Leader Macer saw that, and when he heard this news, he was outraged and immediately demanded the Jalekyle for the young teenager back.

Jalekyle, in return, sent footage of the young teenager, he was being starved and beaten, War Leader Macer seeing this, became even more outraged.

He thought of Mandalorians as a family, he vowed, that as soon as he would get the young teenager back, he would kill the Sith.

But, for now, he had to cooperate, for the young teenager.

Jalekyle was now talking to someone else, it was about three other Mandalorians, they wore armour similar to Yonte and Macer, the first spoke, "Sith, we will not forget our deal, we will help you against the other Sith, but Macer's head will belong to us!".

Jalekyle smiling replied back, "Of course my friends, I will contact you when Macer is taken care of".

Currently, War Leader Macer's Mandalorians were fighting against Lord Saza's soldiers.

The Colonel himself leapt in and shot a few, and even knocked down a veteran of War Leader Macer's band.

However, he was shortly shot after, but surprisingly, not dead, but rather stunned.

Jalekyle's ship then dropped down, it barely fit within the space station, as he left, there were several soldiers and officers walking with him. 

As he walked, he slew anyone that went into his way. 

A Mandalorian even tried to secretly kill him, but he was quickly disposed of. 

The Mandalorians weren't fighting for a single person, they were fighting for their family and their dignity. 

If they allowed a Sith, that wasn't even a Lord to push them, how would they stand up again?

In the glory days of War Leader Macer, even Darth Alogio's Father was well knowing of Macer and his reputation. 

But, alas, after so many years, what was left?

Though other Mandalorians may also subordinate themselves to Sith and be more strict in their members, War Leader Macer saw Mandalorians as a family, didn't he?

Most other Mandalorians wouldn't. 

As the fighting was all happening, Frederick was simply training, and he just kept on doing so. 

Lord Saza decided to retreat or not, however as Jalekyle came closer, suddenly the Mandalorians began shooting to him. 

Jalekyle smiled and said, "How, obvious...."

Suddenly the soldiers took off their gloves, and it revealed robotic hands, all these soldiers were actually robots. 

The officers, however, were still human, and simply stood there, whilst slowly moving back. 

War Leader Macer ran charging to Jalekyle. 

Lord Saza seeing this smiled as if she knew this would happen! She then commanded for all troops to shoot Jalekyle.

War Leader Macer came running and tried to jump on Jalekyle with a knife, but at that moment.....

A head came flying off, but at the same time, a sound could be heard....

It was beeping, and all of a sudden, War Leader Macer's body exploded. 

Jalekyle was flown back into a wall, he laughed slightly whilst muttering, "Looks, that old fool still had some tricks..."

He was surprisingly only lightly damaged, in truth, in a second before, he moved back as quick as he could. 

Lord Saza took this chance and quickly came in, using her lightsaber, she swung at Jalekyle. 

He was disorientated, but he quickly became ready. 

Though he was using two lightsabers and proficient with them, he was on the losing edge, due to the injury.

At that time, he threw something on the floor and ran to press it with his feet. 

Doing so, he ran away, quickly. 

Lord Saza tried to Force pull him back, but he was a bit too far for it to be effective. 

Then, there could be seen three ships coming from space, they immediately entered the atmosphere, these were undoubtedly Mandalorian troops. 

A ship followed them, it was a ship that Frederick that seen before, the very ship that rescued him from Balmorra. 

Lord Prosel had arrived!

But, then another ship arrived, it was the Flagship of Lord Duav. 

Darth Deragus's own ship also arrived, as did Darth Alogio's. 

There was a strange standoff, but they eventually agreed that, whoever won on Tatooine, would be the only one allowed on Tatooine, this was recorded through the entire holonet, therefore making it an agreement, they wouldn't break lightly.

It was simply who would win, Lord Saza and Shaange, or Jalekyle and the Mandalorians. 

Mandalore was silent, and the Empire was waiting for her response. 


Jalekyle ran about a few hundred metres extremely quickly, after running, he was exhausted, and hurt! 

Then there could be seen three ships, as they landed, Jalekyle showed a happy expression. 

But, at the same time, all the soldiers that were shot down by either Lord Saza's soldiers or the Mandalorians, began to stand up. 

Even the Colonel stood up, as did the Veteran. 

With the latter looking to the former and remarking, "Hahaha, do you think we got them?". 

The Veteran said this whilst also looking a bit sad when looking towards the headless body of his Leader....


First Person

Whats with all that noise? 

I was just training!

As I leave the room, I see several dozen bodies on the floor that just got up.....

Oh, it's Lord Saza, I'll ask her what this is about.












A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Well, Frederick (Shaange) was literally just doing nothing this entire chapter.

But, what were Aridal and Tarvis doing?? DUN DUN DUN

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chazzi @chazzi ago

Thank you for the Chapter :)

Grimmvalky @Grimmvalky ago

Does the light saber parts he found at frezan's order has any use? Who is shange's sister? Why am i asking this? Dun Dun Duuun....

Thx for the chapter btw


    MajesticPurpleMartin @MajesticPurpleMartin ago

    It will! (He only has the hilt right now, he has to find the rest of the parts)

    Also, Frederick (Shaange) still has his baton 



    Also, Frederick's (Shaange's) sister will be mentioned in the Tatooine Planetary Arc, but she won't be properly introduced until the next Arc.