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Apparently, within an Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer which is 1,600 metres long, over forty thousand people can fit within it.....

Well, something that is a 1/4 of that size, should probably be able to fit at least a few thousand people.....

But in my own scepticism, I made it roughly about eighty....

Changed it now, though.

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 As I walked to Lord Saza, I walk past the body of a decapitated man, for a second, I stop, I looked at him for a good few seconds, and I continue on. 

The Mandalorians held their guns up to me, but I kept on moving, trying to act tough, I had the face that showed I didn't care. 

Lord Saza then looked at me and said, "Shaange, Jalekyle has arrived, Duav and Prosel have both made a deal of non-interference on this planet."

I asked, "Jalekyle? Non-interference?". 

Lord Saza then began to explain everything, I wish that she didn't. 

Jalekyle was the first apprentice of Lord Duav, and he was rumoured to have killed several Jedi Knights in the attack of Dantooine. 

He got the help of three Mandalorian War Leaders, they were apparently wishing to usurp Mandalore, but they failed, and they decided to go under Jalekyle. 

Additionally, she sided with War Leader Macer, the man who was decapitated, I remember reading a history telegram about him, he was the Winner of a Great Hunt and even slew Darth Nesras for a favour he owed to the now, Dark Council Member, Darth Gertis. 

But, Darth Gertis was despondent for several years now, he left to explore the unknown regions, but his position was fiercely defended by his apprentice, Darth Reklan. 

But, War Leader Macer wasn't the same as he was a few years ago, perhaps Force Users and certain species could live for several decades more than their own and still feel young, but Macer wasn't the same. 

Darth Gertis was two centuries old, but through a terrifying ritual which sacrificed dozens of Jedi, he regained his youthful vigour, and he was a wound in the Force itself.

Though at the same time, Darth Gertis wasn't fully human, rather half Sith Pureblood, and this likely attributed to his long age and youthful vigour. 

War Leader Macer, on the other hand, was about seventy, he was the pinnacle of human achievement, excluding the Force of course. 

Well, he was dead right now, rest in peace, War Leader. 

Also, Aridal and Tarvis were still on the ship, Lord Saza had told them to stay there, and wait. 

She also told me to get the both of them and get ready for any attacks. 

While I did go to the shipyard, I was thinking of the odds of our battle. 

It was 1 to 4. 

There were about two hundred of us and eight hundred of them....

We, however, had the more elite soldiers and artillery, but they had vehicles and the sort, and I even heard some prototype doids. 

When the three Mandalorian War Leaders failed to usurp Mandalore, they were dishonoured and most of their own men left them, only a few remained, and they were the current soldiers going with Jalekyle. 

Lord Duav, however, supplied them, prototype droids to help them against us, as I was thinking, I looked to the shipyard and I saw.......

A giant ship, it dwarfed every other ship, and I see a door opening, I was for a second afraid, but as it opened, I could see Aridal smiling seeing me. 

He leapt towards me, jumping about a few metres......

Tarvis was close behind him, I wondered what they were doing in there, Aridal was just about to talk, but Tarvis cut him off, "My Lord.... I tried to stop him, but he really wanted to look inside this ship."

Aridal then pulled me and said, "Tarvis said there might be bombs in here, but I didn't find a single one! But, I did find some interesting things!". 

I followed Aridal, and as I did, I saw something surprising. 

There were several deactivated droids, I came close and inspected it, this was likely Jalekyle's ship, immediately, I looked at Tarvis and asked, "Can we reprogram these droids?". 

Tarvis hearing this smiled and seemed eager to prove himself, "My Lord, we most definitely can, especially since they aren't on yet."

I replied, "Good, reprogram them immediately". 

Tarvis then used a screwdriver sort of tool and began to open the heads, he took out a chip, but then it immediately turned on and Tarvis jumped back, I immediately chopped its head off with a lightsaber. 

Tarvis then said, "A bit harder than I expected, but I came top of the class for......."

Damn, your good at bragging. 

Tarvis came top of the class for virtually all of his subjects, except physical, where he came second, to which he called the first place, a block-head.

After five minutes, he actually managed to reprogram a droid, and seeing this, I felt fine keeping him with the rest, but I was a bit afraid. 

After an hour or so, he reprogrammed about five of them, there was originally eight, but I found three of them to be "defective". 

I asked Aridal, "Anything else?". 

Aridal replied, "Nope, there aren't any more droids". 

Just in case, "Anything at all?". 

Aridal replied, "Nope, nothing at all". 

Considering his ability to sense the bombs under the electric centre, he was probably telling the truth, and I looked to Tarvis and said, "Stay here, and send the droids, when I tell you". 

Tarvis nodded his head and I and Aridal left the ship and went to Lord Saza. 

There, Lord Saza gave us the battle plan, most of the Imperial soldiers were in turrets and artillery. 

We also had hidden Mandalorians that would act in the last second, as they would provide themselves as a surprise attack against Jalekyle. 

I would also, use the droids against Jalekyle at the last second if need be. 

Jalekyle would likely come with many vehicles, tanks would be considered common, as would speeders and walkers.

There were also some elite Mandalorians with Jalekyle, but most of them with their pride and dignity couldn't bear being under his leadership and left. 

I and Aridal found a position, the people were all in turrets, hiding or before a barricade and waiting for the battle to begin. 

I was in a tower, it was quite tall and made of durasteel unless it was shot several times or by a powerful missile, we would be fine, the area was quite minimal as well. 

There were two ways to attack, it was the front of where I was and the right, the left and the back were virtually impossible as there was a higher build-up of sand there than here. 

In fact, even the right was almost impossible to attack from, who knew if there was some quick-sand or sand people that appeared out of nowhere. 

Only the front was a verified pathway of attack, of course, ships could simply fly above it, and some tanks may go without trouble, but going another way, other than the front, was considered more stupid than recklessly simply attacking from the front. 

As I waited, I could hear shouts. 

"Here they come!". 

"I see three starships from the back, get the missiles ready, now!". 

"Tanks and walkers in front"

"Get the artillery ready!". 

More and more, the battle had begun.....


Third Person

Outside of the Planet of Tatooine, there was a Star Destroyer, within it was about ten thousand personnel, it could fit more, but the truth was that the owner of the Star Destroyer, Moff Yeron couldn't afford to fit more. 

With the length of a thousand metres, it struck fear into the hearts of whatever foe it met, as long as said foe hadn't a bigger Starship.

Though it was only two and a half times bigger than Jalekyle's own Starship, it could fit about twenty thousand people, on the virtue of it having several storeys, capable of holding a few thousand people. 

Moff Yeron had a dismayed expression, he couldn't intervene in this fight, that was why he fled, though with the permission of Lord Saza.

Imperials fought their own inner struggles, and Sith fought their own. 

If he intervened, he feared the retaliation of Darth Alogio and Lord Duav, even though he had the backing of Lord Saza and Darth Deragus, he was still afraid. 

His old Starship was destroyed by the Republic, within it was several tens of thousands of personnel, twice size of what he had now, if he lost what he had now, he would be a Moff without a Star Destroyer. 

Which Moff didn't have a Star Destroyer? 

He only came to Tatooine as he was given a "very generous" sum from the Minister of War to help with his nephew, the Governor of Tatooine. 

In truth, the Minister of War himself was ordered by Darth Deragus, one of the Three Dark Councillors that reigned command over him to give a "little bit" of help to Lord Saza. 

The Minister of War, of course, realizing that his own direct intervention as the head of the Imperial's Military would cause of many waves and controversies opted to instead indirectly help by granting Moff Yeron the sum to help Lord Saza and used the order of helping his nephew as an excuse. 

By this, Moff Yeron was given the sum to purchase a new Star Destroyer and hire all the current personnel on the Star Destroyer. 

He also understood that any movement by him, may be seen as a statement of battle, currently, he could see the Flagships of Lord Prosel and Lord Duav, both were Battlecruisers and the size of about five thousand metres. 

Five times bigger than his own, a single minute of exchange could devastate his ship, and do virtually nothing to the Battlecruiser. 

However, Darth Alogio and Darth Deragus had even greater ships, Darth Alogio had a ship of six thousand metres, whereas Darth Deragus had a ship of seven thousand metres, of course, just because Darth Deragus had a bigger ship, didn't mean it was better.

It had far more weaponry and a greater shield system, however, Darth Alogio's Flagship could travel far quicker using its hyperdrive. 

Another thing was that there was no spaceport capable of holding his Star Destroyer, if he landed it just anywhere, who knew what might happen. 











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