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Changing tankers to tanks.


Welp, I'm absolutely terrible at writing about a short fight, let alone, a long fight, but I tried my best.

Also, I'll write a report on the strengths and weaknesses of the key characters at the end of the Tatooine Planetary Arc.


I'll draw a map of what in the world is happening, and add it here, on Tuesday. (Australian)

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The three ships shot at us, however, they were quickly being taken down. 

But, they were likely more of a distraction, as while virtually all of the artillery was concentrated on them, speeders came out of nowhere. 

However, they themselves were shot by the Mandalorian snipers, this was done with a one hundred percent accuracy, even trained Imperial commandos may not have the same ability. 

These Mandalorian snipers were, of course, the most elite of the Mandalorians. 

The speeders then stopped coming and the tanks moved forward. 

The walkers also went to try and shoot the soldiers hiding behind the barricade, but it didn't work quite well for them. 

There were easily taken down, by grenades and only tanks were left.

At this time, the three ships actually fell down already, but at the same time, I could hear shouting, "We're all out of missiles!". 

Wasn't that a bit quick?

At the same time, I could hear Lord Saza asking the Colonel a question. 

"Colonel did the military budget not secure......."

The Colonel was speechless, and before he could even mutter a word, an explosion could be heard. 

The tanks were shooting at our barricades and Lord Saza hearing this simply decided not to take it any longer and commanded, "Colonel, lead your troops". 

The Colonel then went and he himself picked up a gun, and next to him was the veteran who decided to go with him. 

At this time, the Colonel and everyone else was waiting, suddenly the tanks were hit by the artillery. 

There were about eight tanks, and these were like the walkers and speeders, custom tanks. 

To call them the same as normal tanks would be insulting the workmanship of the creator. 

Lord Duav had made these tanks, they were infamous in the Empire for being among the strongest, however, their cost was simply too high for the thought of mass production. 

 A single one of these cost about the same as twenty normal tanks, whilst their defences and power were also far superior, twenty times was not how many times it was better by. 

Additionally, there were always tricks that could apply to both tanks. 

Though the tanks were hit by the artillery, there were virtually unharmed and they kept moving on. 

The artillery kept on going more and more, though this kept on going, the tankers were still with barely any harm done to them. 

At this time, Lord Saza herself then entered, like an assassin, she used her lightsaber to slice through the tanks. 

Not a single bolt of energy touched her, dodging it all, she easily went through the other tanks, and at the same time, the sniper shots became far quicker but still as accurate.

As all the eight tanks were destroyed, Lord Saza then moved back stealthily, however, she had been shot in the right shoulder, but it didn't seem to be that bad, well, at least to what I could tell. 

She slowly moved back and began to heal her wounds. 

At this time, our eyes met, and I realized that I probably shouldn't be staying in this tower. 

I and Aridal quickly left the tower and got ready to fight. 

With the tanks gone, there were only speeders and walkers now, and now it was the battle of the soldiers. 

A barrage of shots came to the speeders, this made it extremely hard for them to advance. 

However, the walkers were resistant to such blasts, I Force pushed the walker to the ground, as did Aridal with the others. 

Seeing the walker actually fall due to me, I was quite surprised, but then I remembered still how weak I was. 

I couldn't rely on the Dark Side for the raw power, nor could I on the Light Side as I didn't see myself as a Jedi or someone like that. 

Aridal was like that as well, but he simply had so much Force-potential (Midi-chlorians) that it didn't matter!

He could Force push as much as he wanted to, but I prevented him, as I felt a bit afraid that he would lose control. 

As the walkers fell to the ground, there was also a pause, the barrage of shots had to stop, as there was a need to reload. 

Speeders once more came, and I drew out my lightsaber, ready to kill. 

It was quite the moral question about killing, but it was either them or me!

This strengthened my resolve, but the thought of their families grieving, still gave me worries. 

Regardless, if I had the chance to not kill them, I would, but if I had to, I would. 

One might say that I was desensitized, but in such a World, it was necessary. 

Hey, wasn't I defenestrated in my past life?

Oh, and I took the person that did so with me!

But anyway, as they arrived, I immediately sliced the speeder and tried to Force push the person on it. 

It was a light push, and it pushed him back a little bit, I tried a bit harder and it did work. 

Then I saw Aridal Force push a group of speeders with their people on. 

The disparity was simply unfair, the people that were Force pushed were eventually shot. 

A few that did come in close, I had to kill, thankfully they were wearing armour, so it wasn't like there was gore or blood. 

This battle kept on continuing until all I was doing was swinging my lightsaber left and right, and Force-pushing any that I could. 

Aridal did the same, but almost as if he was doing so playfully. 

Eventually, as time passed, the waves began to lessen, taking a sneak peak, there were dozens, no hundreds of bodies. 

Though I and Aridal likely killed at most dozens together, our Force pushes were definitely orchestral in the killing as any speeders that would come close would be Force-pushed and walkers would also be taken down. 

A bit shaken by the deaths, I continued on, as for Aridal, once again it was as if he was doing it playfully. 

Continuing on, the battle was honestly getting a boring. 

I wasn't like Serjay Thul, who enjoyed the blood of my enemies, it was very boring. 

There was an intense pack of adrenaline during the beginning, but it slowly died out, as if it was a bit too easy. 

About twenty minutes passed, and even Aridal looked quite bored, at this time, the people finally broke through, 

The entrance was divided into two sides, I was on the left, and the right was just recently destroyed. 

But as long as one of the sides was made an entrance into, the other would be virtually useless, thus, I had to retreat, as I did, I saw the Colonel and asked of the battle progress. 

"My Lord, our estimates state we have killed about five hundred of theirs, whereas we only have eighty-seven, however, we have........"

I wonder why they were using human wave tactics, it was very strange, maybe the Empire might, but for Mandalorians to?

It was indeed strange, but something quite surprised me. 

Using a binocular, in the distance, I could see strange droids coming, there moved strangely, and they instantly jumped over anything, even easily breaking through the first line........


Third Person


As the fight had just begun, Jalekyle and the three Mandalorian War Leader were speaking with each other within the First War Leader's Captain's Room.

An angered War Leader spoke to Jalekyle in protest, "Sith, your tactics are simply human waves! There is no honour, there is no-". 

Before the angered War Leader could continue, Jalekyle refuted him, "Honour? Where is your honour when you tried to usurp your Leader, Mandalorian". 

The War Leader took a step back, and Jalekyle left the room, and the three War Leaders conversed with each other. 

Though they were disgraced and dishonourable, even then, they felt honour bound as a whole. 

They saw Mandalore as a weak leader, and sought to replace her, they agreed that the honour would go to the First War Leader. 

The First War Leader was a female Zabrak, named Rupre, she was the protege of War Leader Macer, however, his refusal to become Mandalore, made Rupre herself wish to become Mandalore and surpass Macer. 

Unfortunately for her, the position was taken, by the Current Mandalore, Sevoo Sai. 

Due to this, they attempted to usurp her, however, they failed and were subsequently dishonoured, despite this, many still criticized Mandalore's actions. 

The three Mandalorian War Leaders were definitely within the top ten Mandalorians in the Galaxy, their removal had lead to a great power gap, though Macer was killed, he was no longer recognised as the same powerhouse, but his fame and reputation were seen through the entire Galaxy even now. 

This lead to many War Leaders that supported the Sevoo Sai, before becoming Mandalore to lash out at the three Mandalorian War Leaders.

Fortunately, Macer's death wasn't announced yet, if it was, it would cause even more controversies and it would be likely that most if not all Mandalorians would work together to destroy the three Mandalorian War Leaders.

The First Mandalorian War Leader spoke to the other two and assured them, "Brother, Sister, we have gone too far, if this Sith is truly as incredible as he says, then we must bow, there is no dishonour in bowing to a worthy opponent."

The Second and Third Mandalorian War Leader grudgingly agreed, they were honour bound to keep their deal, regardless, Jalekyle promised victory and the head of Macer, which for some reason, was something that the First Mandalorian War Leader wanted. 

Nor the Second or Third War Leader knew of why, but only that she wished for it.










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Spoiler: One the reasons why Frederick is so damn weak.



Anyone have any titles, for the current Mandalore?
I was going to use Liberator and Redeemer, but they were already taken, Legitimator was also an option, but I wanted to know, what you thought!


NVM, turns out, they aren't really taken. 

But, titles like, Ultimate and Vindicated were, taken.

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