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Just above a thousand words, this chapter is more to go on straight into the fight next chapter. 

As well as to explain some stuff about Mandalorian politics.


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Also, I'm changing the Title Mandalore, to Mand'alor in the third person, but not as the first person, as Frederick (Shaange) doesn't know the native title, as of yet.

As that is the native, and more distinguishable.

Mandalore is now only implied as a planet in the third person.

To me, Councillor and Councilor are the same.




As the strange droids then easily broke through the front, I immediately contacted Tarvis to activate the droids found within Jalekyle's ship.

Hopefully, Jalekyle didn't realize they were sliced and disabled them, but anyway, as long as they didn't help him, it would be beneficial to me.

They were far too quick to be hit by turrets, of course, if they were fighting me, turrets could shoot at them, but potentially, also me.

Though some were hit by our own soldiers, they were more similar to dents or marks left behind.

Within only seconds they were almost in front of me, igniting my lightsaber, I became ready.

It looked strange, it seemed to be a mix of a MagnaGuard, Super Battle Droid and something else, of course, it wasn't actually a combination, but that was simply what it looked like!

It had, very strange arms as if it was skeletal, then, as I was thinking about it, appearing in front of me, was the droid.

It then tried to attack me, not with a weapon, but with its hands!

The hands were full of purple lightning, it was as if an electro staff, but turned into hands.

I still tried to slice the hands, there was a moment of difficulty but after that, I was able to simply chop off the hands, it was likely that this droid was among the first models.

However, at the same time, the hands which I chopped, grabbed my leg, taking me by surprise, I jumped back, to see it.

I quickly took it off, thankfully, it wasn't too strong.

At such a moment like this, Soresu lost most of its efficiency, but I could still anticipate the moves until the droids then began to move crazily....

However, at the same time, due to this, I found it easier to slice them.

Even if I couldn't predict their movements, such crazy moves would end up being their doom.

Other than Soresu, I knew, Niman, or Form VI, the Form of the Rancor.

This was little more than superficial knowledge, it was what I learnt from my instructors, Lord Zavan never saw it to train me, always relegating the duty to my instructors.

He, however, of course, did train my sister, I wonder how she----

Oh, that was close, the strange droid came quite close, as it did, I quickly sliced its arm, and just in case, I stepped on what I just sliced.

With its arm gone, I quickly tried to slice the other, and I just dodged a kick, then slicing off not it's head, but it's chest, as was the core of energy.

I kicked it back, and it exploded. 

There were about five droids now, there was originally ten, I had destroyed one, and Aridal had destroyed another. 

And the Mandalorians had now acted, within seconds, three droids were destroyed by them, however, the other five, came together and made it near impossible to fight them. 

Grenades and guns would have little to no effect, the Mandalorians had destroyed them by stabbing their energy core, with their beskar knives. 

Even lightsabers wouldn't be able to penetrate a thickness of beskar comparable to a sword, much less, these strange droids. 

Though they were together, one Mandalorian attempted to pull one out, however this time, the Mandalorian was actually kicked away with incredible ease. 

At this time, five droids appeared, they looked similar to the strange droids, but they seemed to be perhaps, new models?

As I could see some Mandalorians preparing to shoot them, I shouted out, "Wait". 

Suddenly, the five droids then went to the strange droids, the strange droids all dodged, and that time, I quickly ran to it, as did some other Mandalorians. 

As the droids fought against each other, we picked off the strange droids, but at this time. 

I could see a lightsaber moving through the battlefield, it chopped the heads off several droids, undistinguishing of both the strange droids and found within Jalekyle's ship. 

For a second, I saw a quick shadow, then, I saw the lightsaber grabbed by the shadow as it moved back like a boomerang. 

The same shadows, then moving through and beheading or slicing several Mandalorians, moving towards me, I stood still in fear, then I heard a voice............


Third Person

Up above the atmosphere of Tatooine, was Darth Deragus overlooking the battle. 

Like everyone else, his eye was planted on four people, Aridal, Frederick (Shaange), Jalekyle and Lord Saza. 

They didn't expect the turn of events, but it wasn't surprising, in his youth, Darth Deragus once orchestrated the death of Lord Ivaris by turning his entire council against him. 

As for Darth Alogio? She once tricked an army of several tens of thousands with an army of a thousand, that her force ranged in the millions. 

To them, the turn of events, was only different, to what they normally saw.

He was most of all looking at Aridal, he was quite astonished by the prowess of Aridal, but he knew his own limits. 

At this time, a ship was entering the space above Tatooine. 

This was the Flagship of Mand'alor, it was known as the Spirited Redeemer, at about five thousand metres long, it was the Dreadnaught of the Mandalorians. 

Though House and Clan Leaders would die and become nothing more than a memory, Mand'alor was immortal, he or she was the sole ruler of the Mandalorians.

He or she, that wore the mask of Mand'alor, was Mand'alor, regardless of race, anyone as long as they could prove themselves could be Mand'alor.

For Mand'alor to appear above Tatooine, this was a great surprise to both Darth Alogio and Darth Deragus, as to them, the Mandalorians were an incredible ally, and within the society of Mandalorians. 

There was a group known as the Macer Group, comprised of dozens of Mandalorian veterans, each being famous enough to be known on the Core Worlds and there was even a Grand Champion of the Great Hunt within it. 

They were all past members of Macer's band, and heavily supported the current Mand'alor, if it found out that Macer was slain by Sith, they might turn against the Empire!

Such a force, whilst wouldn't defeat the Empire, would virtually mean the Empire against Mandalore, something that would frighten even Dark Councillors. 

But it seemed that Darth Alogio and Lord Duav had a plan.......






A note from MajesticPurpleMartin
Why didn't they destroy Jalekyle's ship?



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