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Welp, I'm a terrible writer on fights.

Well, at least this is better than the first fight, which I say, was absolutely terrible. 

Also, I don't count this as a real fight, as it wasn't full on, unlike the first one, as Jalekyle was heavily restricted by certain things. 

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Also, this chapter may be a bit confusing, so, Post-Chapter Author Note, again.


A shadow that moved, this had to be Jalekyle, who else had such mastery of Ataru that wished to kill me?

But then, I heard the voice of Aridal, he screamed out, "Master, watch out!".

Subconsciously, I moved my lightsaber, and it moved to the point of getting ready to defend, the shadow became slower, and Jalekyle looked towards me.

As if he was about to dodge me and simply go through, I wasn't sure why, but I blocked his way.

He stopped and looked at me with a confused expression and said, "Move out of the way, Saza must die, you, however, can live...."

Though his words sounded like relief, I couldn't trust them, I held up my lightsaber pointing to him, in defiance.

If I ran right now, and Lord Saza won, wouldn't she kill me then?

If I ran and he won, what if he went back on his promise?

This was the most dangerous and safe way.

Jalekyle seeing this smirked and muttered some words I couldn't hear.

Also at this time, Lord Saza at a speed equal to Jalekyle appeared next to me and ignited her own lightsaber.

I moved my hand to signal Aridal to not fight, though his Force powers were quite incredible, he had little to no knowledge of fighting with lightsabers.

Also, Jalekyle's lightsaber actually seemed to be a double-bladed lightsaber.

He seemed to previously only be using one blade, but now he was using both.

Striking Lord Saza heavily, I tried to intervene, but he simply used one part of the blade to obstruct me.

Lord Saza was being quite suppressed, and I kept trying to find a gap, unable to.

I bore my strike heavier and heavier as well, but they were to little avail.

Eventually, Lord Saza managed to parry and attack Jalekyle, to which Jalekyle moved back.

As he was about to attack Lord Saza, who seemed tired, I blocked the attack, and Jalekyle looked at me with bloodshot eyes.

He simply Force pushed me away and began to fight Lord Saza once more.

Lord Saza was gradually momentum and losing, and getting back up, I tried to find more chance to attack.

Unable to find any, Lord Saza was pushed to the floor, however at the time, that he was going to slice her, I tried to attack from the back.

This distracted him as he looked at me, and Lord Saza mustered her strength and rose from the floor and slashed Jalekyle's back.

Jalekyle screamed, it was loud, but he quickly regained his thoughts.

And he immediately kicked me and began to strike Lord Saza.

I could see the slash of Jalekyle's back, it wasn't deep, but it wasn't shallow.

He tore down on Lord Saza even greater now, quickly, Lord Saza was disarmed, and he began to choke her.

At this time, I stood up and tried to save her.

If she died, my death was obvious.

If she lived, then there was at least a chance.

Though I was Force pushed, I wasn't injured heavily and I began to run.

As I did, Jalekyle let go of Lord Saza and looked at me, I froze.

The eyes of a monster and his presence was like a demon.....

The Dark Side as if it was manifested inside of him, though it wasn't as deep as Darth Verash, he was openly expressing it, but Darth Verash wasn't.

I felt, even more, fear, beginning to shake, I closed my eyes, and I thought of the Force.

As if I could feel it go through my body, I remembered the Jundland Wastes and calmed down.

Standing still, I dropped my lightsaber and took a breath.

I could clearly see all the darkness, but the darkness had clouded his mind.

Seeing a dark cloud of darkness running towards me, I opened my eyes.

He jumped towards me, and I couldn't feel my fear anymore.

Memories appeared, everything from my old life to my new life.

From my old family and Sister to Lord Frezan and Aridal.

As if time had stopped, I saw the enraged Jalekyle bore down his lightsaber to slice me.

As if time had resumed, I dodged it, he was far too angry to think.

But, right now for whatever strange reason I could feel some restraint in his actions, as if though he wanted nothing more than to kill, he also tried to avoid killing me for some reason.

I tried to disarm him, by holding his hand with my left and pushing it with my right as quickly as I could.

However, it didn't work, and he began to try and strike me, I dodged with Soresu.

More and more, I dodged and dodged.

Such brutal attacks without elegance, they were quite easy to dodge, but I worried that if this kept on going, that he might regain focus and begin his previous attacks.

As the dodging continued, his bloodshot eyes were now strangely blue, they were previously a mix of yellow and red.

Another thing was that, whilst his thrusts were now elegant, they were without as if intent to kill.

About a few minutes had passed, and he had already regained his focus, he rather looked quite calm for some reason.

Dodging more and more, I wasn't sure why, but he had an almost impossible to notice, smile.

At this time, it was as if he was making his moves predictable for me.

Eventually, I tried to attack him, and as if he let me attack him, and as I tried to disarm him again, I put the lightsaber off, he held it and pulled me in.

He looked at me with clear blue eyes and muttered words I couldn't hear again.

Holding the lightsaber to his chest and my hand, he put the lightsaber on.....

The lightsaber went through his own chest and he fell.......

I wasn't sure of what happened, perhaps it was similar to the second Apprentice?

Third Person

Lord Duav seeing what happened, had a dismayed expression and was quite perplexed as to what happened. 

Though he could see what was happened down there, it wasn't perfect, but he saw that Frederick easily dodged the attacks of Jalekyle and later, slew him with his own lightsaber that Jalekyle was holding.

On the other hand, Darth Deragus seeing the footwork of Frederick was quite surprised, completely silent, but also smiling, he didn't know what to say, as Lord Prosel was next to him, and likewise recognised the footwork. 

Darth Alogio didn't know what to say, it was merely, quite strange, realistically, Jalekyle should've easily killed Frederick, but he didn't!

As for Mand'alor, she simply watched and waited. 










A note from MajesticPurpleMartin

Ok, this chapter is probably extremely confusing. 

So, you can either remain ignorant. 

Or look at these spoilers.

Why was Jalekyle so damn weak against, Frederick?


Confusing chapter?


Also, the words that Frederick didn't hear.


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